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โœ“ Amazing front page
โœ˜ Canโ€™t sort for cities
โœ˜ No prices listed
โœ˜ No reviews on escorts
โœ˜ Spam profiles

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#1. Papim Alternative

ย  ย  Welcome to another glorious day where a brother learns one or two about the Papim escort site in Turkey, but before that, How do you feel right now? Or picture this, you wake up in the morning and you feel this tingling sensation and the urge to drill one down into a hole, a super good-looking turk hole with soft tits and bouncy ass cheeks, what is the site you run to for your unending desires to be fulfilled? Well now that you are here, we can move ahead with the Papim review and discuss the pros and cons of the website and see if the hoes on the site are worthy of offering you their holes.

Papim with the Pumpin catalogs

ย  ย  I have a question, I wonโ€™t laughโ€ฆ tell me what are you gonna do with the escort with the nice boobs, puffy pussy, and a big fat butt? Make it wiggle in a doggy-style position my friend. But before we get there, Iโ€™m going to do things my way and start this review from the top to the bottom. Speaking of the top, Iโ€™m talking about the homepage down to the part where you get to hire escorts.

ย  ย  The homepage is not like every other homepage I have seen on Turkish escort sites, Papim took their shit to the next level broโ€”the homepage is full of images of different escorts they have listed on their platform. No words, nothing, just results of escorts in pictures and name, quite badass if you ask me. But what is not badass is the lack of navigation, yea we want the big titty escorts and those that can please us well but how are we going to sort for escorts in Istanbul? It is just useless as there is no way to filter and sort for escorts in different cities, perhaps they thought just a front page choked with escorts is enough to run through the day? Sad.

ย  ย  But leaving that aside, maybe the escorts might be willing to come over to you and you guys just have to discuss the price, so if you can get past thatโ€”you are surely certain to be greeted by tons of posts of escorts in Turkey. Papim posts are literally on the extreme side, they leave it all open for you to see, loads of tits and asses, some Hijabis to even go with the kinkiness and you can literally scroll till eternity trying to find the special one and all you will be getting are hundreds of special one.

ย  ย  I did find the escorts pretty, hot, and erotic, for example, Maria is a 23-year-old escort on Papim, who in her own words, places importance on the fantasies of her customers and clients, she provides an elite level of service and is available to be contacted anytime any day. Dila is a hijabi with a nice smile and a petite body with pointy tits and portable ass, according to her profile, she says she places importanceโ€ฆ wait a minute, bloody hell, why do they all have the same descriptions? Word for word, statement for statement, same punctuations going along with itโ€”what the actual heck.

ย  ย  It is safe to assume or conclude that the loads of escort profiles that I was excited about, the tits and ass are all fakeโ€ฆ i checked the numbers on the profiles and most of them are the same number. Even if these posts are not spam, copying and using the same bio write-up as other escorts is just wrong and most of the mare doing it? Perhaps it is a placeholder and it is suggested by Papim?ย ย ย 

Is Papim a Reliable escort site in Turkey?

ย  ย  No, it might be but I donโ€™t rate Papim to be a reliable escort site in Turkey, it has so many red flags that made me want to just close the site and never open it again, it is full of spam posts and there is a lot of functionality missing.

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