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โœ“ A free site
โœ“ A lot of escort Vancouver ads
โœ“ Active user community busy discussing various issues
โœ˜ Ad's
โœ˜ Site design is not the best
โœ˜ Gets overwhelming at times

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#1. Perb Alternative

Here you are on and for sure you didnโ€™t wander in because you forgot your wallet down at the motel! Yeah, you are here to read up on my latest Canadian escort site review, right? Well, donโ€™t be too scared to say that aloud and in the hearing of your parents no less!

Now, the escorts Canada site thatโ€™s up for review today goes by the name of Perb.CC. It sounds like the name of a cheap beer brand for sure, but whatโ€™s my business with that! Buckled in tight are you and ready to jerk off to this escort Canada site? Well, then get to reading this sweet Perb CC review of mine!

Hip To The Perb!

Perb is a forum cum escort site that caters to escorts in Vancouver looking to snatch up clients. Only Vancouver escort ads can be found there, and most of these ladies do look like they need a dick in them rather urgently! Better get ready to oblige!

Perb is apparently the sister company of Terb, with both sites having identical looks and features. The difference is that both focus on escort ads from different Canadian regions. Now, time to learn what escorts on Perb CC will agree to take so that horny fellas can excavate their holes with any big cock in their possession!

Ysabellna Khan is available all days of the week, with her charges ranging from 400CAD for 60 minutes, 600CAD for 90 minutes, 800CAD for 120 minutes, and 1,200 CAD for 200 minutes. This translates to $317, $478, $634, and $952 respectively, which is on the very high side. Be that as it may, the chick looks like a VIP escort, with a thin body and watermelon breasts.

Harley Fox, a university grad with a tight, toned, and ultra-sexy body is happy to charge 320 CAD for an hour of fun, 520 CAD for one and a half hours, and 640 CAD for two hours. Thatโ€™s $254, $412, and $507 American dollars respectively, which is very cheap for a girl who looks like a supermodel in need of a dick of great length that can rinse out all the stress and pressure accumulating in her snatch!

Then thereโ€™s Krystal Kleer, who charges 200 CAD for a half-hour, 300 CAD for an hour, 600 CAD for two hours, 800 CAD for three hours, and 1,100 CAD for four hours. Thatโ€™s $158, $238, $476, $634 and $872 respectively at the latest currency conversion rates. Thatโ€™s not too bad really, given the quality of the girl in question.

Now, most escorts Vancouver on Perb list their prices, but you will regularly come in contact with those that do not. Their loss. I would say that the fees charged by the escorts on this site are well in keeping with whatโ€™s obtainable on American escort sites. You can expect to pay a ton of money if an escort on Perb considers herself high class and prices herself accordingly, though you can easily get a quality girl for like $200 an hour. Or even less.

Sexy Profiles In Spades!

Just like on Terb, the escort profiles on Perb are vertically arranged. Each escort thread includes the name of the escort plus whatever she might want to say, like how beautiful and sexy she is. To the right of the page that hosts these escort ads you can see the number of replies and views per thread, as well as who made the last comment and when. There is a search bar and filter tab at the top of all escort threads, but neither of these appears functional. And lest I forget, there are a total of twenty-seven pages full of threads of escorts Vancouver advertising their cumming services.

Once you click on any Vancouver escort thread and you can see what each escort has to say about herself. Escort ads on each escort thread follow the same format found on Terb and include images and/or a video, plus details as to what the escort is willing to do with any fella that will pony up the money sheโ€™s asking for. Included are links to where you can reach them, like their phone number, email, website URL, and the like. Some escort ads also have reviews that you can check out, but how genuine these reviews are I cannot say.

One of the escort ads on the site that made a very favorable impression on yours truly was that for Zaara Khan. Sheโ€™s East Indian, petite, and perfect as far as I could see, with a peach of a bottom and firm boobs that will win any duel with gravity. Zaara doesnโ€™t show her face, but you canโ€™t look at her body without wanting to coat your boner in Vaseline and tug at this till it is sore as sin! I really need to go to Canada and see if my woody will fit her snatch just fine!

Irina Dasha is another. Sheโ€™s a meaty but toned MILF who speaks multiple languages, which will no doubt come in useful once sheโ€™s seated atop your face and chewing on your cock like it is responsible for all the pain and suffering in this world! This over 40-year old Vancouver escort is very curvy and voluptuous, tattooed, busty and the owner of the finest bubble butt I have ever seen on a lady her age!

Now, time to analyze escort profiles on this escort Canada site. First, most are detailed, though a few are mostly empty. Nearly all have professionally taken images and escort quality appears to be above-average. More, browsing through escort profiles is easy given that there are Next and Previous buttons at the top of each escort ad, with these two buttons calling forth the next or previous escort on the list.

Also, do note that most escorts here will refuse a booking unless you provide some personal information, or are not referred to them by someone they know. Some will also refuse a booking unless you pay a small sum in advance that you will forfeit if you fail to show up for your arranged meet.

Home Alone With Escorts!

If you have ever visited the Terb homepage, then you have visited Perb as well. Yeah, the two are very much identical, as I have said a few times before.

Enter the site details and you get to a page with a flashy city night shot in the background. You are prompted to click on the Enter Forum button, but asked not to do that unless you are at least eighteen years of age and feel comfortable with adult content. Clicking the button takes you to the site itself, which is a forum with threads devoted to discussions of all kinds, plus sex-related topics of all kinds.

Just like on Terb, you can log in or register by utilizing the buttons at the top right of the page, and becoming a member is both free and necessary if you want to be an active participant on the site and be able to join discussions. There are some flashy non-escort ads on the homepage though, though spam is on the small side. The homepage design is good, though it could use some tweaks to make it more intuitive.

What I Think of Perb

Well, Perb. CC seems to know what itโ€™s doing and deserves some applause. Sure there are niggles here and there, but I would say this site and its escorts deserve your time. So be a dear and take a trip to Perb if you are a horny perv with a curvy dick!

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