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Hermano De Leche

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โœ“ Good website
โœ“ Big directory
โœ“ Prices are listed
โœ“ Easy to contact
โœ˜ Can be confusing
โœ˜ No pictures

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Welcome once again, and if this is your first time, welcome to the haven of everything escorts. Weโ€™ve got guides and reviews on escort sites and how to hire escorts in any city. And today, we are looking through and reviewing an escort site in Peru, or rather, an escort forum in Peru known as Hermano de Leche. So keep your dick safe, your eyes open and your cash in the wallet while we go through the one and drop our final verdict.

The Cum brotherhood

I love a community that comes together to support each other in times of thirstโ€”bros that share hoes stay together! Okay, that sounded a bit extreme but you get the point haha. Hermano de Leche is more of a community and a forum than just an escort site, itโ€™s basically where people come and share details of escorts in various cities, dog help dog kind of shit.

The site design looks good and basic, features a normal black background with white fonts and you know, basic design stuff. Just like any other forum out there, there ability to leave comments under a post, which I feel is fair because people can just use the comment section to drop reviews like โ€œoh, sheโ€™s good, she serves the dick wellโ€ and stuff like that.

When it comes to posting the details of escorts, it was detailed as hell. The admin lists every important information from age, breast size, height, and weight to skin color and even explains the shape of the ass in a particular position. Making you dream about the scenario before you even get to experience it. Another good part of this forum is the fact that they post prices on each and every post I came across, and I checked out a lot, so I bet that most of the posts, or around 80% of the posts on this site have rates attached to them.

Speaking of prices and rates, according to the majority of the posts I came across, the basic rate goes from around 50 Sol per hour, and ofcourse you need to pay around 20 Sol for hotel and lodgingโ€”so let's say around 70 Sol per hour is enough to get you laid when you use Hermano de Leche directory to hire escorts in Peru.

The Cons

What has an advantage but doesnโ€™t have a disadvantage? Nice sex on a cold night with 2 escorts that have amazing tits and asses and know how to please a cock till it gets tiredโ€”what possible disadvantage can you get from that? But when it comes to Hermano de Leche, there are a few cons that should be ironed out.

The website or directory can be confusing. If you are skilled or used to using forums and directories, then you wouldn't have a problem navigating this website, since it follows the design of a normal forum. But others who aren't used to forums and just wanna fuck will or might have a hard time.

The use of a detailed bio works well but the fact that these escort ads are not posted by the original escort but by admins and users is a deal-breaker for me. They donโ€™t originally own the posts and it feels weird, and there are no pictures as wellโ€”perhaps the content is hidden and you need to create an account to see the pictures but damn, that's bad.

Is Hermano de Leche a Reliable Escort Site in Peru?

Iโ€™m not so sure about hiring an escort from a third party who is not even an agency or something related. And the fact that an account might be needed along the line, everything just screams spam to meโ€ฆ so I think youโ€™ll be better staying off it and using a more reliable escort site in Peru.

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