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#1. Photokines Alternative

ย  ย  Peruvian vibes on a cold night with escorts to go with the mood and make things mellowโ€”you know what it is. In this article, we will be talking about a different escort site today, called Photokines. Iโ€™ve heard quite a number of news on this site and I believe itโ€™s worth bringing my verdict to the cumloaders and the staff bearers of the Peru horny community.

Hot chicks on a cold night

ย  ย  When you visit their official website, the first thing you notice is the overload display of tits and ass, the grid catalog full of different types of escorts of different sizes and shapes you can find in Peru. The results are sorted based on when they were posted, like 30 minutes ago or 1 hour ago. The navigation might just be one of the best Iโ€™ve seen in a while, it is easy to search and sort for escorts in different cities, and you can even use your exact location and set a maximum radius around youโ€”like a fishing net to catch some hoes.

ย  ย  Are the escorts good enough for the boys? That was what came to my mind as I went through cities like Cusco and Lima, in search of high-quality pussies to grip some dicks, and trust meโ€”there are! First of all, it is worth noting that these escorts are not called escorts, they are called kinesiologists. A fancy name for a fancy website, but I canโ€™t help but think of something more ridiculousโ€”kumsiologists.

ย  ย  Alondra is a beautiful blonde Peruvian girl in Cusco with a white sexy body, and in her words, sheโ€™s willing to do anything for youโ€”well for the right price and she charges 200 Sol per hour of service. Sheโ€™s got the information you need to get started listed on her description, her schedule times as well as how sheโ€™s going to rock your world. Lisa Ann is another quality escort mature listed on Photokines, sheโ€™s got huge tits that can make you bit your lips, and just like Alondra, she charges 200 Sol per hour.ย  So with these, it is safe to say that the average price of the escorts, or rather, the kumsiologists listed on Photokines is around 200 Sol per hour.

ย  ย  The escorts on the platform are also easy to contact, as they have their contact details spelled out on their bio. And I must admit, the use of the WhatsApp icon where you can directly message escorts without even needing to save their numbers is perfect and a job well done by Photokines.ย  It is also worth noting that these escorts are charged by Photokines before they can post ads on the platform, therefore, it is safe to assume that 90% of the escorts you see here are not spams, and they also have quite a number of people that make use of photokines.

The Cons

ย  ย  Of course, Iโ€™d be lying if I say everything is perfect, which in the real senseโ€”it isn't. As much as I love what I see on this site and how it displays the escorts, I feel a bit disappointed with the fact that there is no review section dedicated to Photokines. I mean, a review section to let users or future customers know what they are hiring wouldโ€™ve been helpful, but oh well.

Is Photokines a Reliable Escort Site in Peru?

ย  ย  Final verdict? Photokines is a reliable escort site in Peru and it looks like it has some of the best escorts that are best suited to suck your nuts dry and then go ahead to refill it with some energyโ€”so check them out. I rest my case.

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