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โœ“ Clean and sweet site design
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โœ“ High quality escorts
โœ˜ No language options

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#1. PhotoPrepagos Alternative

ย  ย  If you've been seriously investing in crypto like I have and been lucky enough to make a killing, there's few better place to take your money and relax like Colombia. The climate is excellent, the food superb, the liquor mind-bending, the ladies sublime and the escorts heavenly as sin! And I'm not even going to mention anything about drugs, though I've heard you can buy nose-friendly coke more cheaply than you can buy burgers in the land of the free and home of the brave!

ย  ย  I'm sure you know where all this is going, right? Yeah, I'm reviewing a Colombian escort site today and wondering just why in hell I never bought up millions of Bitcoin back when it was selling for like a penny apiece. If I had, by now, all the escorts in Colombia would be walking around bowlegged like it is a new fashion statement!

ย  ย  Here's my review. It's an escort Colombia site that caters to everyone with enough money and a good appetite for prime Colombian tail. Read this review and go check out your crypto portfolio later with the welfare of your dearly beloved dick in mind!

Pretty Girls For Pretty Money!

ย  ย  If there's a pretty girl in Latin America, there's a good chance that she has a Colombian passport! And that ladies and gents are possibly why escorts Colombia on PhotoPrepagos look like they just came out of a spa treatment up in the Garden of Eden! These girls are prime for the most part and there's enough of them for your sanity to temporarily depart from you!

ย  ย  Where was I? Yes, these escorts Colombia I've been raving about for the past century sadly are not magnanimous enough to spread their legs and let you shoot free cum loads into the tight and wet pieces of heaven they got yawning down there! The average price is around 120,000 COP which works out to about $30 USD for a full hour. Sound too good to be true?ย  Well it gets better.ย  You could also make the argument that escorts Colombia do lots more stuff for a fraction of the price than their North American counterparts and there should be some truth to that.

ย  ย  Anyway, are you by any chance interested in fucking a duo of girls at once? If so, that's exactly the kind of services that Harley and Natasha provide. These ladies live in Bogota, are available for individual action and parties, and are barely 18-years old, with full breasts, pretty faces, and thick builds. You can get the pair for under $50 USD!

ย  ย  Natalia on the other hand is 28-years old and has the body of a high-end escort. She boasts of owning a tight little cunt, is extremely leggy, curvy, and toned, and charges $150,000 COP per hour, which works out to about 38$.ย  That fee gets you anal action, oral XXX, GFE, and the right to ejaculate on any part of her body you see fit.

ย  ย  Like I said before, fees here are literally a fraction of the priceย  that you would pay in the US. That means if you are looking to save money by letting the sluts on PhotoPrepagos take care of your cumming needs, then you just came to the right place.ย 

Sweet Girls Aplenty

ย  ย  There are possibly too many exotic beauties on this escort site Colombia. Sure, not every girl you see here deserves a contract to model for Fenty or Christian Dior, but a large percentage are extremely fine and most are of the thick and curvy kind. I'm talking about the type you can cuddle in a snowstorm while huddled nude on a frozen lake and suffer no ill effects! For sure I assess escort quality here as above average and there's no one in the world who will convince me otherwise!

ย  ย  Now, the site has escort image thumbnails right on the homepage and you don't need to travel up and down looking for them. These thumbnails are extra large and apart from the image of the escort and a small description also lists her location and age. Prices are listed on some of these thumbnails and all have a heart icon that you can bookmark to enable you to more quickly find these escorts by using the bookmark icon atop the page. Some profiles also have green tags that indicate the escorts featured are verified and that is always a nice touch.

ย  ย  Sorting options atop the site homepage permit sorting escorts Colombia by sex and location. With these, you can check out female and trans escorts, as well as escorts in Bogota or Medellin. There's also a couple of search bars atop the page. One of these performs humdrum search functions while the other is meant for digging out escorts that are from 0 to 50 kilometers of wherever in Colombia you happen to be.

ย  ย  So, normally, the PhotoPrepagos homepage hosts like 20 or so escort profiles. But there's a Load More button down the page that once clicked keeps on refreshing the homepage with new escort image thumbnails the more you keep scrolling down.

ย  ย  Escort Colombia profiles here once opened up are of the very detailed type. They have clickable tags, a detailed bio, contact details, and services rendered details, plus multiple average-quality images. A few have videos and reviews left by either satisfied or outraged clients.

ย  ย  Maps are included in all escorts Colombia profile pages and this can be used to see the location of any escort. A couple of buttons near the bottom of each profile page lets you report and remove ads, but the latter is of course possible only if you were the one that posted the escort ad in the first place. One-click browsing from profile to profile is very much possible via left and right arrow buttons.

All The Comforts Of Home

ย  ย  Talk about a good-looking, well-arranged, and enticing homepage and PhotoPrepagos has it and more. There's no complaints where the homepage is concerned and though it follows the standard format it is simply too good to ignore.

ย  ย  Large escort image thumbnails are featured on most of the page. These are sweet enough to plant a seed in your groin that you can harvest a minute later with its full load of cum!

ย  ย  Tags and an About Us are at the homepage bottom, but you need to be fluent in Spanish to read these. Yeah, the default site language is Spanish and there's no language option anywhere, which means you need to dig out Yandex Translate if you are like me and made a point of sleeping or daydreaming all through your high school Spanish language classes. Tags and an About Us can also be found in this region.

ย  ย  So, It's time to zoom, zoom, zoom to the top of this escort Colombia site. At the top right of the homepage is a Post Ad tab that you can only use once you are a site member. Next to this is a bookmark tab and this hosts all the escort profiles that your lustful self bookmarked. This is followed by a menu bar, which lets you post ads, contact the site admins, check out legal stuff, and the like.

ย  ย  The next thing worth mentioning is the existence of a couple of search bars. One of these lets you search escorts Colombia by your distance to them, while the other works just like any other search bar.

ย  ย  Site features are relatively average overall, but at least there are no ads or spam.

What I Think of PhotoPrepagos

ย  ย Photo Prepagos is clearly a serious outfit and it shows. I would put it in the top 3 when it comes to escort sites Colombia and it deserves that kind of praise and more.

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