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โœ“ Erotic ads
โœ“ Hot, sexy whores
โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ˜ Registration needed
โœ˜ Not enough regions covered

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#1. PlanculX Alternative

Well, Iโ€™d begin by saying, save yourself the trauma of 21st century hookup search and visit, and all your hookup worries might just be done and over with. It might interest you to know, โ€œplan culโ€ translates to โ€œass planโ€ in English. And that, my friend, without any benefit of a doubt, is exactly what you need in your life. I mean, excuse the literality, but you canโ€™t deny itโ€™s got a nice ring to it. The โ€œXโ€ added to it just lets you know that this zone is marked red, and might likely interest your schlong in more ways than one.

So what's up for smashing on this site? Here's my Planculx review to answer just this.

Average Babes Average Rates

Now it's pretty obvious these babes won't go stating rates on a site that fronts more of the dating end than getting down to smash the shut out of your senses. But these girls refer to themselves as escorts, so yeah, you could read the handwriting on the wall. Well, if you still can't I'll give you a hint.

Belgium escorts charge an average of 150 EUR/ USD for an hour and really these babes could even charge lower since most of them are really just average-looking. And of course there are those blessed girls here who are just looking to hookup as much as you and who are just interested in leaving with as much happiness in the nether regions as you. Well, that's the best offer if you ask me.

Crazy With A Cherry Ontop

Regular dating apps can be overbearing sometimes. Especially if you are not exactly looking for something long term. It could take a lot of swiping before you find someone with a profile that gives a notion or idea that they might be a little open minded. But overall, the entire process is a trial and error stint. It can go on and on and on. Most of these meetings when eventually set donโ€™t even make it past the table. Bit frustrating, isnโ€™t it? Yeah, really frustrating for an already contracted penile shaft that's not interested in all the hypocritical formality and that just simply wants to get to digging deep inside some pussy.

You could go on at it for months. In the end, youโ€™d just resolve to the fact that maybe dating is really not meant for you. This is the kind of shit that ruins self esteem. Especially if you have been desperate for quite a while. This is the kind of shit that lands you on a couch, ten centimeters opposite a therapist. Because now you got to figure out if something is wrong with you.

A Cool Plan To Save Our Sorry Fuck-Loving Souls

There arenโ€™t many hookup sites with a cool ass design and interface, but this one sure makes the list. The landing page is obviously not in English, so you will need to enable auto-translate on your device browser app to make the site legible for you. Hopefully, you can get to that before you get carried away by the gorgeous photos of sexy women being advertised on the homepage of the website.

But before that, letโ€™s talk about the options on the top of the homepage. If you are accessing this with your laptop, you will find a list of options lined up in linear order at the top of the homepage. These options include: all listings, regions, blogs and others. The โ€œall listingsโ€ option will carry even more ads, and youโ€™ll know this because right under the last af on the homepage, youโ€™ll find a โ€œnext pageโ€ icon in form of numbers, which indicates the number of other pages with more ads being advertised on them. Then under the โ€œregionsโ€ option, you will first find a list of major regions and what services are available under them, before you meet tons of ads being grouped by the major regions available on the site.

After these options, is a brief guide on how to secure your โ€œass planโ€. I like that they centralize this guide at the top of the homepage. That way, you get the memo quickly before proceeding towards anything else on the site. Right under this brief guide are ads of whores with their names and a brief preview of their bio. The photos on some of these ads are explicit and erotic, which I presume is the very thing you want to see.

Registration is free on the site. Should you intend to become a member, all you need do is register with a valid email address and you are good to go. This registration allows you certain features like messaging the sexy escort you are interested in on the site.

That โ€œAss Planโ€

Of course, after surfing through so many ads and getting your full of erotic energy and vibes, you will have to finally pick one out of the many. Pretty tough decision it might be, considering all the whores on are fucking hot and sexy, especially the ones that already have themselves advertised in their birthday suits. Hehe.

Well, whichever ad you eventually click on will have a catchy header on the top and below it a photo of themselves along with basic information like their names, age and exact location where the girl is situated. You will also find the number of likes each girl has attached as well.

Remember when I mentioned you would have to register to access certain features? Well, itโ€™s going to come in handy here. There is an icon under the bio description of the escortโ€™s profile youโ€™ve clicked on, tagged โ€œGet in touch with..โ€ followed by the name of the escort. You can only access this feature if you are registered. Registration doesnโ€™t need more than your valid email address and you are good to go.

At the right side of every ad you open are photos of different escorts lined up. At first, I thought there were photos of the particular escortโ€™s profile I was viewing. But upon clicking one of those photos, it showed a different name and a different profile. So, there's even more options for you to choose. Cool plan? You can yell that at your boners over and again.

What I Think Of Planculx

I think we have ourselves a cool ass website, with an even cooler name when translated. Itโ€™s easy to navigate, and only requires a valid email address to sign up. So, sign the fuck up and grab that ass plan!

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