PunterNet Review

โœ“ Amazing forum for escorts
โœ“ Different categories available
โœ“ Prices of escorts are listed
โœ˜ Not the easiest website to navigate
โœ˜ Accounts look fake
โœ˜ Lots of spam

Score 48/100





Quality Of Escorts


Spam Free




#1. PunterNet Alternative


ย  ย  Ever wondered what the intestines see when you push in a 6-inch cock into a few-inch deep pussy? Well neither have I and we don't have toโ€”but if you donโ€™t mind thinking about it, donโ€™t put the blame on me. Now that I have your attention and you have my time, I know PunterNet review brought you here and we will be getting into it in a minute, we will be going through the pros and cons of the website, as well as the homepage and the navigation, how easy it is to use and the qualities of the escorts you can find on this site, so stick with me till the end!

A Netizen Haven for sex?

ย  ย  Nothing better than a nympho getting the best sex at the best time, but of course, being a nympho means they gotta get that suck session frequently and some of these escorts are ladies that are nymphos, and if they can get paid to do what they love, then so be it to them I guess. But that aside, PunterNet tags itself as one of those erotic forums in the UK where you can get those hoes and nymphos to do the bidding of your cock. Does it live up to that expectation? Well, let's start from the front page.

ย  ย  PunterNet is an escort review and directory forum in the United Kingdom, they got loads of numbers on monthly users and even more on the escort reviews. But before that, how good is the website? Well, it is not that bad, I find the design plain and basic, and the front page of the PunterNet website is full of options whether you want to read reviews or you want to go straight into hiring escorts. But what I did find to be a letdown was the navigation and usability. Straight up, this is not the easiest forum to navigateโ€”and I know there are complex forums out there but at least they show summary and different threads without even searching, but PunterNet falls short. You have to search and there is even a limit, so you gotta refine your search to the smallest bitโ€ฆ gosh!

ย  ย  But after finding your way around the navigation, you are left with a couple of categories that you can find in any forum out there. Something like reviews, webcammers, and things on that line. It is also worth knowing that in any category you visit, you gotta search for what you want to see, there isnโ€™t anything like an already populated result or shit like that.

ย  ย  The reviews? Detailed. I feel like the first thing that caught my attention on PunterNet after almost losing my shit are the reviews. I went through some writeups and dude, they are detailed as fuck. The reviews are broken down into sections like the escortโ€™s name, the price, recommended or nah, duration of visit, type of visit, the story, explanation of the escort herself, and every other thing that adds juicy info to an erotic review.

The escortsโ€ฆ or the Agencies?

ย  ย  Honestly speaking, I was disappointed. Not only was it already hard to be able to locate the escorts present in the city, but it was also hard for me to sort out the agencies from the real escorts whilst watching out for spam accounts. I got stressed out because I went in, expecting nice-looking escorts but all I saw were different escort agencies trying to advertise their business, I did few a favor of visiting the website linked to their posts and shit doesnโ€™t even workโ€”the website doesnโ€™t exist, screams spam to me.

ย  ย  I knew it felt weird when it is already hard to get things done on PunterNet, shit shouldnโ€™t be this difficult, we not trying to hide Theresa Mayโ€™s nudes in there.ย 

Is PunterNet a Reliable escort site in the UK?

ย  ย  PunterNet is a reliable forum to check for escort reviews and stories on different escorts in the UK, as a matter of fact, I think Iโ€™m gonna continue reading those reviews because they are funny as fuckโ€”someone tried to scam a roadman fam! But when it comes to hiring escorts, PunterNet isnโ€™t reliable and you should save yourself time by looking at other amazing options out there, we have some of them reviewed on this platform, check it out!

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