Purelovers Review

โœ“ Good website design
โœ“ Good profile description
โœ“ Lots of high-quality escorts listed
โœ“ Has review section
โœ“ Prices are listed
โœ˜ Navigation can be a pain for non-Japanese speakers

Score 84/100





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#1. Purelovers Alternative


ย  ย  Ohayo Minna-san, you can call me sensei for the day because we are here to talk about another bubbly and jiggy escort site in Japan. Heard itโ€™s one of the most used in the country and itโ€™s full of Jap babes that are capable of pulling a JAV move on you leaving you and your cock satisfied and wanting more of those goodies at the same timeโ€”hop on the ride!

To Henta(i) or not to Henta(i)

ย  ย  Look, thereโ€™s nothing I love more on an escort site than an erotic homepage that makes your cock feel like itโ€™s at the right placeโ€”you know, no distractions, no pussy blockers or cock softeners, just escorts, exotics ones. And when it comes to Purelovers, they do it so perfectly, the front page is so full of chicks, that one would think it is human poultry. Although the use of Japanese characters and Kanji in the graphics might be a downer for some, a simple auto-translate plugin can do the rest of the job. So yea, the website design is a good one, gotta give it to them.

ย  ย  To the main dishโ€”the escorts of Purelovers and what they have. Honestly, Iโ€™m trying too hard to contain this excitement but it keeps blowing out like a cum from a 7-inch cock massaged by an escort in Japan hired from Purelovers. The escorts are amazing! We all know Japanese girls are beautiful yea? Now imagine how crazy the escorts are. You can get different types of escorts from different age groups, either married or not, just imagine fucking a milf right in her own bed, dude!ย 

ย  ย  Tsubaki is a BBW escort in Shinjuku with tits as big as Mount Fiji and skin as flawless as the streets of Tokyo. Sheโ€™s 23 and she looks like one to die for! The reviews on her profile are just too amazing, see this, โ€œFace is insanely cute and K cup Explosive breasts, and even big hips away from Japanese people! … I've never seen such an ass honestly !!โ€. Tsubaki-san charges around 8,500 yen to 15,000 yen per hour, depending on your preference and what you want.

ย  ย  Speaking of prices, after breezing through the cities and checking different escorts, I can tell you the prices are different and depend on the cities. For example, the price of escorts in Tokyo is around 8,500 yen to 15,000 yen per hour on the low side, and on the high side, it can go from 16,000 yen to 75,000 yen. The prices of escorts in Osaka Prefecture on the other hand are 11,000 yen to 26,400 yen.

ย  ย  At this point, I am sold, by the quality of escorts, the quality of their description, and what the reviews are sayingโ€”Kami take the wheel! Aside from escorts, there are verified escort shops listed on the platform where you can call them up and they will send you catalogs of babes in all sizes, damn, Nihon Saikyo.

Is Purelovers a Reliable Escort Site in Japan?

ย  ย  Other than having good-looking and high-class and quality escorts, I did further research into what people have to say and also how many people are using it and it is safe to say that Purelovers is a reliable escort site in Japan. Visit the site and youโ€™ll get blown away by the skills of the escorts listed on the site! As long as you live to tell the tale.

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