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โœ“ Different Categories Available
โœ“ Easy to contact
โœ˜ Bad website color
โœ˜ No review section
โœ˜ No price and rates listed

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#1. Redvelvet Alternative

ย  ย  Someone said African chicks are the best and the most erotic chicks God created, and of course, I support that motion. But letโ€™s keep that discussion for another day, today we are gathered here to talk about another escort site in South Africa and the qualities of the chicks on the siteโ€”the Red velvet escort site review. The Redvelvet review will consist of the pros and cons, as well my own verdict, basically, if it is worth using or notโ€”well anyways, letโ€™s jump right in.

Escorts are Red, Pussies are pink

ย  ย  Okay calm down for a minuteโ€”why does this front page hurt my eyes soo muchโ€ฆ Iโ€™m sure this is not just me because that red is bright as fuck! The combinations of the red and the light font color just made it hard to read, honestly speaking, I would have left the page if not for you guys, damn! Anyways I managed to get past the front page and arrived at the homepage, and yo! Getting past that front page was worth it because all I keep seeing are big asses and titsโ€”I mean what else do you expect from the South Africans yea?

ย  ย  Unlike the crazy use of color, the navigation was something to write aboutโ€”it is easy to do anything, hire escorts, or even find escorts in different cities across S.A. Another thing Redvelvet did well on the site was clearly listing out the different categories on the sidebar and the categories include the different types of escorts you can find in any city.

ย  ย  When it comes to prices and rates of the escorts on Redvelvet, I couldnโ€™t find anything on themโ€”which I found to be a bummer because knowing the rates of these escorts before contacting them makes the hiring process smooth as fuck, but since they donโ€™t have it listed, you are left with contacting them and negotiating prices.

How sexy are the escorts on Redvelvet?

ย  ย  The first thing I noticed about the chicks on Redvelvet are their big ass and plump bodies and round tits, in summaryโ€”I noticed their sexy and erotic body that can pull you in and want to make you pay for their service right away. There are numerous options available for you, any reasonable combination you can think of, is it ebony chicks with an athletic body or sexy milfs with a thick body? Red velvet got you covered with these options and I bet you won't be able to get enough of these hoes.

ย  ย  Indian codi is an escort listed on Redvelvet, she has a thick body, you knowโ€”those that come with thick thighs, big tits, and a fat ass to complete the package. Sheโ€™s open to giving different types of services like erotic massage, dress-up, fetish, and so on. A good profile, but loads of things are missing, and one of them is basically a good post or profile descriptionโ€”all she had was โ€œcall me for a merry Christmasโ€, okay Santa.

ย  ย  Yea there are options to the escorts on Redvelvet, but there are loads of cons from this escort site that just made me want to close my eyes to the big tits and fat asses Iโ€™m seeing, minus the weird-looking front page and the lack of escort ratesโ€ฆ another thing thatย  I found to be a let down was the absence of a reliable review sectionโ€”we got beautiful hoes that promise to make you feel better with their holes but there are nothing from those that pumped those pussiesโ€ฆ sad.

Is Redvelvet a Reliable escort site in South Africa?

ย  ย  When you say red velvet, I straight away think about the delicious cake, but are the chicks on this site as sweet as that cake? Maybe, do I trust this vendor for that cake? Quite. I mean, more than 800k South Africans make use of Redvelvet monthly, and who am I to say it isn't reliableโ€”but what I can say is that Redvelvet doesnโ€™t worth your time, it is lacking a good review section, the escorts have a lacking profile description, and the web design look so tacky. There are better escort sites out there that even your cock will appreciate the effort, and we have some of them reviewed on this platform, check them out.

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