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โœ“ Different kinds of escorts are available
โœ“ Advanced search functionality present
โœ˜ Ad's
โœ˜ Homepage is too packed

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#1. RelaxChile Alternative

ย  ย  The world is a pretty stressful place and it gets even more so if you don't have rich parents who send you a couple million dollars a month just for breathing. With so much stress floating around its no wonder we look for stress relief the pussy smashing way. I'm talking about sex of course, with hot escorts no less who have pussies that grab at your cock the way sheriffs grab the shirts of nobodies who knock up their daughter!

ย  ย  So, should you happen to be all stressed out, there's an escort site in Chile going by the suggestive name of RelaxChile that might be able to do something about your situation. Here's my review and may it knock down your stress level a little further than your right hand does on the regular!

The Price For Relaxation

ย  ย  Relax Chile has every possible kind of escort. There are those with a VIP tag, as well as trans, masseurs, mature sluts, escort agency babes, and more. Even those who are supposed to be strictly masseurs are dressed in their birthday suits and I'm prepared to bet all the money in my bank that the price you are paying for their services makes you eligible to slip your cock into their wet holes!

ย  ย  Now, rates vary widely here. Some escorts are perfectly happy with getting impaled by your spear of destiny and being paid 60,000 Pesos per hour, while others will take 70,000, 100,000, 200,000 per hour. It all depends on the girl and the kind of services she offers. Massage therapists for example appear to charge the least, with 45,000 to 50,000 Pesos being the typical rate. That translates to $57 and $64 according to the current exchange rate.

ย  ย  Masseurs include Fernandita Massages. Shown on the escort profile is a very lovely girl with a bubble butt who's posing in her undies. She's 25-years old, has long legs and a fit build, and charges 50,000 Chilean Pesos -$64- per hour. For sure, the only massages she will be giving is when you have her legs circling your waist, and your dick so far inside her it sticks out of her butthole, while her hands do their job by kneading your back!

ย  ย  VIP escorts on the other hand include sluts like Lore. She's 18-years old and immensely sweet-faced, has boobs of perfect symmetry and beauty, and even more fantastic bubble butt, plus great skin. She charges just 60,000 Chilean Pesos per hour and that is like $76.

ย  ย  Should you have more money than you know what to do with, you can spend some of that on Francisca, another VIP escort. She charges 200,000 Pesos per hour, which is like $255. This leggy goddess is more like the girl you take out to dinner dates and formal stuff and at 34-years old she sure has seen and done it all.

ย  ย  So, prices here are assuredly less than what you would pay in the states. The average rate is like $60-$70 and even those that charge more appear to be very much worth it. Hell, I would pay a thousand for a night with some of these exotic beauties, though I will certainly do my best to ensure they will never be able to stand on their own two feet for the rest of the month!

Top Quality Cunt Blessings!

ย  ย  Escorts on Relax Chile are almost all stunning to the last inch. It's like they raided a fashion show and kidnapped all those catwalking models or something! The girls here are leggy as sin, sweet as hell, and prime candidates for the cumming heavens. I'm honestly not all that eager to go to bed with them because they all look so sweet I would probably nut the very second I slot my anaconda into their charming little cunts!

ย  ย  So, as I said before, there are all sorts of escorts here and you can use tabs atop the page to pick and choose from the different categories and locations available. There's even a search bar at the top left with advanced search functionality that allows searching for escorts by name, category, physical characteristics, services rendered, skin and hair color, height, age, and rates.

ย  ย  The homepage on Relax Chile is honestly too overpacked with escort profile thumbnails. These have an image and a name, plus hovering your cursor on the profile thumbnails will reveal the contact details, rates, and more of the escort you are looking at. Escort Chile profiles load quickly once clicked on and contain multiple hi-res images that cannot be zoomed or downloaded, as well as a statistics section and a brief but sufficiently detailed bio.

ย  ย  Profiles appear genuine, but I wouldn't swear to that.

Packing It In

ย  ย  The Relax Chile homepage is absolutely packed with escort image thumbnails. It sorta makes me feel uneasy like I got some ants crawling all over me while I'm trying to sleep. Apart from that, the site looks okay and has a reasonable array of features. Language options are present at the bottom of the homepage, but you can leave that alone if you are fluent in Spanish, the default language.

ย  ย  There's no spam here, but there sure are ads and they flash often enough to trigger an epileptic attack in your bowels!

What I Think of RelaxChile

ย  ย  Relax Chile has quality escorts aplenty, plus plentiful sorting options. The two make it easy to ignore stuff you would otherwise feel obliged to bring up.

ย  ย  Yeah, this escorts Chile site is worth bookmarking and its escorts present the perfect opportunity to make use of that stock of Viagra in your basement you have been saving for a big occasion!

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