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Very detailed profile pages
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#1. RelaxKiev Alternative

    Frankly all your body really needs most times to keep your woody hanging in place are the relaxing rubs and scrubs of escorts’ cunts. And while relaxing may not be the easiest thing to do especially when you have a raging boner tugging violently against your zippers, a well organized escort site like the one I’ll be reviewing today will help you keep the wank creams away and get to plugging some holes in the most relaxed way possible. is the escort site I’m referring to and well, who doesn’t want to relax and be taken care of in the best dick salvaging ways? So I’m penning down a Relaxkiev review, and well, just maybe you’ll find this site suitable enough to relax your testicles on when they are sore driven to madness by waves of fuck energy. For now, relax and feed your lusty eyes to my review already, you horny head!

Rates before Relaxation

    Going rates are an essential part of the escort services game and well, this is where I Italk about what relaxing your boners here cost.

    So there’s the 18 year old Liza, who’s sexily hung on a slender chassis with supple tits and really soft butt cheeks. Liza’s services include anals, blowjobs, facesittings, sex toys, erotic massages, classical massages, etc. She charges 3000 UAH/ 83 USD for 1 hour.

    Marina is heavily blessed with an onion booty and has tits like the tower of Babel. Her services include erotic massages, sensual dominations, relaxing massages, and blowjobs. Marina has her rates set at 3300 UAH/ 91 USD for 30 minutes and 3500 UAH/ 97 USD for 1 hour.

    Now, these rates are for sure lower than what escorts charge in the States, so you definitely want to smack your cock and take it for a tour already.

Profiles That’ll Relax Your Beefy Rod

    Firstly, I think Russian speaking cunts have a thing for being sleeky, slender, sexy and so silk skinned that sperm cells quiver at the sight of these babes. And well, you can be sure as hell that the babes here are no different. These queens are spanking hot in quality and whether your schlong has a preference for age old milf cunts or for trimmed tight teeny bodies, you’ll find just what you want right here.

    Also navigating to escorts’ asses is not something your testicles will have to grow wrinkles over since escort profile thumbnails have these babes spreading their cunts in your face right from the homepage. Thumbnails are well sized for easy perusing and are arranged in rows of fours. Now, thumbnails are really detailed and you’ll find escorts’ names, ages, heights, weights, prices, and verification statuses in them. Speaking of verified escort profiles, not all the profiles here are verified but then the pictures here look pretty genuine and not as though they were yanked off some site.

    Does smacking a clit alone take you to your big O? Chances are your stubborn and savage cock won’t spew cumshots for just on the surface kinda pussy stuffing. In the same vein, perusing the escort profile thumbnails here alone will most likely not give your rod enough to wank to. So what about escort profile pages, just how do they look?

    The Relaxkiev escort profile pages will definitely take away all the stress locked up in your balls and give your pecker good enough reasons to relax here. I have come across a large number of escort sites and while most have profiles that provide just enough information for reaching out to escorts, others are as scantily dressed as the hairs on the butt hole of a shaved snatch. Well, the escort profiles here are among the most detailed I have come across and frankly you should have no hitch reaching out to the escorts here.

    Escorts’ profile pages are arranged very neatly and have escorts’ photos and videos on the left side of the screen and contact details, prices, bios, and a list of escorts’ services on the right. Again these guys feel your schlong shouldn’t wait so long to be met with other escort asses and so there is a list of similar escorts at the bottom of profile pages. Well, if you ask what my take is on the escort profiles here, I’d say these guys sure have a good grasp of what running an escort site is all about.

You’re Home And You Sure Want To Relax That Boner

    Now, you might just have to say no to your wank rod a million and one times and still not have it convinced enough to desist from jumping off your pelvis and going to fuck the shit holes of the bitches on the Relaxkiev homepage. And well that’s because the babes right here on the homepage are spanking hot and of dick aweing quality.

    The Relaxkiev homepage is very simply and neatly designed and your testicles won’t need spectacles to notice this. The design here is pretty straightforward and this makes navigation easy. The default language is set to Russian but this can be changed using the language options button at the extreme top right corner of the screen. There is also a row of buttons to the top left including the all, new, cheap, elite, verified, and video buttons. And well, if you’re a little spicier in your sack and would go for shemales, then you’ll find this button on the right side of the screen alongside the agencies, register, and login buttons.

    Again, easy navigation is a point every good escort site lays emphasis on because boners like mine are generally not friendly and navigation hitches will definitely be a turnoff. So, Relaxkiev really has their game plan hitting the nail right in its head, and just so your schlong doesn’t get bored with scrolling, there are search and filter options at the top right under the first set of buttons. There are options for filtering your cunt searches by price, location, parameters, services, independents, and even reviews. And if your balls want to be more target specific, there is also a dropdown menu bar to the right that allows you to rank escorts according to the assets’ sizes. This feature right here is simply excellent and just shows that these guys have for sure put in quite some effort into relaxing your schlong. Well, you could probably guess what comes next and if you haven’t already, I’lll spill it. What follows is the sexily posed cunts, well spread clits and alluring tits of escorts. Escort ads run all the way down to the end on the homepage and the page ends with some info about Relaxkiev.

    Now I'd say this is by far one of the most organized and detailed escort sites I have come across. The homepage here is really just a case study in excellence and I have my hard penile shaft giving a standing ovation to this homepage.

What I Think About Relaxkiev

    Do you really want to relax and have your pecker carefully guided to some sweet escort asses? Then hoist your massive mast of a penis here and make Relaxkiev your cunthunt spot. I definitely recommend this site anytime and any day.

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