Rosszlanyok Review

โœ“ Decent Hungarian escorts and masseuses
โœ“ Has trans, BDSM, male and female escorts
โœ“ A nice assortment of filtering options
โœ“ Has ratings and reviews of escorts
โœ˜ The site is not very user friendly
โœ˜ Not too many sexy escorts

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#1. Rosszlanyok Alternative

ย  ย  ย Once in middle school, we had a Hungarian exchange student. She was one good-looking piece of ass. I was lucky enough to even talk to her. We tried to teach each other slang in each other's languages. Guess itโ€™s my fault I never paid attention to her teaching me Hungarian and instead was trying to get into her pants the whole time. Now I read Rosszlanyok and I think Rosses and Yolk. Which sounds like the name of a rom-com about a romantic bodybuilder and his girlfriend who likes roses.

ย  ย  Well in reality Rosszlanyok is a Hungarian escort site. It has enough escorts that will make your woody so happy that taking the time to go get them a rose wouldnโ€™t seem like such a bother. Enough chitchat, If youโ€™re currently in Hungary and looking for some companionship, Then keep reading! Hereโ€™s my review.

Rosszlanyok. Rosy Or Gross!

ย  ย  Well, Rosszlanyok is a bit of both. It appears to have some beautiful escorts with pink flowers underneath their see-through panties as well as some gross features thatโ€™ll remind you of your dry spell when you were about to do it with a fat chick!

ย  ย  One gross feature about this escort site is that the site fancies itself to be a high-end escort site and so the escorts do not mention their rates. Just think about how desperate and gross youโ€™d feel spending hours negotiating prices with an escort just so you could get your dick to go down.

ย  ย  If asked, Iโ€™d say that the escorts charge you about USD100-150 per hour. Youโ€™d think oh thatโ€™s pretty affordable, but wait till you see the escorts. Then youโ€™ll know how affordable they truly are!

Fucking On A Bed Of Roses!

ย  ย  The number of escorts on this Hungarian escort site is so huge that no matter who you are, youโ€™ll probably find someone youโ€™d want to bang if you looked long enough. You can find Masseuses, Escorts, Male Escorts, Trans escorts, Dominas as well as a section of the best-looking profiles. Just book whichever escort makes you glad to pull out your wallet as well as your dick!

ย  ย  On the home page, youโ€™ll find multiple options of service/Escort types (massage, trans, etc), and under that, youโ€™ll find all the cities where they give these services. You can choose whichever city under whichever heading you want. This will show you escorts/service ads only for what you chose.

ย  ย  After that, youโ€™ll be redirected to the escort listings page where you will find all the ads that fit your search filter. You will also see a message board about the search filter. These messages are left behind by other users of the website as well as the escorts.

ย  ย  The focus here is mainly on female masseuses and female escorts. So I guess itโ€™s pretty obvious that their profiles would have the sexiest, tastiest, most seductive photos and thumbnails that let you know that she is ready for you, all you need to do is call up!

ย  ย  They also tell you whether a profile has verified pictures or not. This can help you make a decision when booking an escort. Obviously, the unverified profiles are unreliable so you should always go for a verified profile unless you have no other option.

ย  ย  I also noticed that the profiles mention very detailed information about the escort. Firstly they mention all the physical attributes of the escort as well as her sexual preferences. They also mention what all services the escort is willing to offer. This is a godsend as you wonโ€™t have to waste time chatting her up only to find out that the only naughty thing you wanted, she wonโ€™t do.

ย  ย  One amazing thing about this website is that you can switch languages using the top right flags on the homepage. Just select the UK Flag to set it to English.

ย  ย  Escort profiles also have a section where past customers have left ratings on place, physique, attitude, Technique, and overall ratings. You can also scroll down to read the reviews all though the reviews do not get translated when you view the website in another language. You could set the site back to Hungary and then use google translate to read the reviews if you want to know more about the escort.

ย  ย  ย Overall, the escort quality on Rosszlanyok has average escorts for an average rate. There are some classier and better escorts, but theyโ€™re tough to find.

A RoseBush Thorn In My Side

ย  ย  Rosszlanyok for all its rosy goodness cannot be described as easy to use. First of all, there are so many headings everywhere that itโ€™s hard to figure out where to look. The default font size on the site is too small so you either have to squint or you have to zoom in through your browser.

ย  ย  Another big complaint I have is that the prettiest women on this site are actually masseuses who are willing to give you an erotic massage but thatโ€™s it. They specifically mention that FYI no penetration with me. They will mention it if they are willing to such your dick or only hands, but no fucking. I opened about 10 of the prettiest profiles I could find in another tab and it pained me to realize that ALL OF THEM are masseuses. I then searched for escort only and I only found one fuckable escort.

ย  ย  The site has average features and a whole batch of ads on the left side.

What I Think of Rosszlanyok

ย  ย  I would say that so long as you keep your expectations in check, then Rosszlanyok could provide an excellent assortment of pussies, cocks, and assholes for your dick to cum in! I would still recommend you to check out other sites as well if you are only looking to fuck. However, if an erotic massage also interests you, then this is definitely the right place to be.

ย  ย  Go on and try it out. But be careful as not all the profiles are verified and be sure to check whether the escort youโ€™re about to book offers the service you are looking for or not.

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