Rubmaps Review

โœ“ Lots of massage parlor ads
โœ“ Loads of massage parlor reviews
โœ“ Mostly Free
โœ“ No Spam
โœ“ Covers the entire US
โœ“ Has a punchy forum
โœ˜ Very uninspiring site design
โœ˜ Premium membership required to unlock the juicy stuff

Score 66/100





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#1. RubMaps Alternative

A little rub and tug never hurt anybody, though it is sure to get your cock shedding tears of joy at the end! Yeah, I am talking about massage parlors that pound your body and give you a happy ending that makes you feel 9-feet tall. Is that wonderful or not!

It so happens that is a site that hosts myriads of massage parlor ads and reviews of their services. That means you can just make a trip to the site, check out the list of massage parlors in evidence, and book those with the most sterling reviews and the most stunning girls. Do that and you can be assured that your dick and body both are in good hands.
Hereโ€™s my Rubmaps review. Read it and chill!

Better Be Rubbing It Nicely!

If you are in the mood for a happy ending massage here is where I tell you that these cost $60 on average for an hour session. That money gets you an often lackluster body massage, followed by vigorous tugs on your cock by an often nude masseuse that lets your boner know it is time for serious cumming business!!

Of course, if you are lucky, handsome, or charming enough and the lady performing the massage takes a fancy to you, she might let you finger her snatch, caress her butt, and romantic stuff like that. If you are really lucky and a charmer she just might let you put it in her and fuck her till sheโ€™s screeching like the nastiest banshee to ever touch a holy cross dipped in holy water by the holy pontiff!

Anyway, if you are in New York City, the Oriental Oasis 78 accepts cash only and its masseurs are of Asian ethnicity. 30 and 60 minutes there costs $40 and $55 respectively. Fortune Spa in the same location accepts cash only and charges $60 for 60 minutes. Rain Spa is willing to take $55 for 30 minutes and $70 for 60 minutes.

All massage parlor ads on the site feature a map that lets you see where exactly they are located. The number they can be reached on, hours they are open, and driving instructions to their precise address are also provided.

American Massage Parlor Reviews

Remember when I said that Rubmaps is a site -forum actually- that is focused on reviews of American tug and rub joints? Well, that still applies.

Massage parlor reviews are right there on the homepage and are listed in a vertical format. A search bar above this lets you enter particular search terms, while a comprehensive list of states at the left makes it possible to look for such joints by state and city.

So, on these review thumbnails, the distance of the joint from where you are at the moment is listed and the rating of the place, plus the price charged, the provider, location, and date are indicated. Thereโ€™s a problem though in that massage parlor reviews on the site are not free. Yeah, you cannot click on and read a massage parlor review unless you are a premium member. Premium membership costs $19.95 monthly and $149 for 12 months and forking over this money allows unlimited access to everything on the site.

Does this premium membership thingy feel all right to me? Not at all, but money must be made one way or the other! As for the quality of massage parlors on the site, I really cannot say, but most look of average quality and not the kind of place the well-heeled and influential would visit.

Rubmaps In The Flesh

Rubmaps is a very dated site that wouldnโ€™t recognize modernity if it came and bit it on the ass! The site is basically colorless while looking as exciting as cold porridge left out in the rain. Yeah, it urgently needs an update and that better happen today!

Blue is the background color, but it doesnโ€™t do much to liven up the place. At the far left of the page is the site logo and a little way from it is a simple search bar, plus an advanced search bar. The first allows you to search for massage parlors by state, while the second makes it possible to search for them by state, city, name, address, rates, ethnicity of the masseuse, payment options, services rendered, and more.

The Forum, Escort Reviews, and Contacts are the top tabs on the site. There is also a Safe Browsing option that can be toggled on and off. The Contacts tab lets you reach the site admins, the Escort Reviews tab opens a new tab that directs you to Escort Monkey, with the Forum tab doing what it says on the tin. Forum topics vary widely, with almost 16K topics and 200K posts in total. Posts here mostly focus on massage parlor action in the US and all over the world and there is even an off-topic thread with titles like Weirdest Parlor Experience, COVID Vaccine, Hookers on Strike, and Penis Enlargement Surgery.

Where was I? Oh yes! So, massage parlor reviews fill up much of the homepage. But like I said earlier, you canโ€™t check out these reviews unless you first subscribe to a premium membership plan. To the left of these reviews is a list of US states. A single click on any of these states brings up an extensive list of cities found in each and clicking these cities brings you to massage parlor ads within that specific city. The bottom of the homepage has a map, plus a fat list of popular massage parlor search terms like Fresno Massage Parlors, Austin Massage Parlors, and New York City massage parlors.

I would say that Rubmaps has a mediocre range of features and is a site that while easy to browse is too colorless and boring to be anything other than a sleep aid to seniors. Spam is absent.

What I Think of Rubmaps

Well, I can understand the appeal of sites like Rubmaps for those that canโ€™t do without nude girls massaging the stress out of them and the cum out of them! The site is colorless though, doesnโ€™t have much in the way of features, and requires payment before it can be accessed to the limit.
I would recommend it, but only if you have money to waste and want your eyeballs to decay!

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