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#1. Rusdosug Alternative

ย  ย  What is the difference between a cougar and a milf? A milf is a chick with kids and would fuck you dry with her years of experience while a cougar is basically a milf without the kid, so sheโ€™s older, will fuck and suck you dry and there would be no kids to disturb or mistakenly bump into the room. That said, this article will be focused on an escort site where it is possible to hire milfs and cougars for some fuck session,ย  we will be discussing the Rusdosug review and we will be going through the pros and cons of the website, the qualities of the escorts on Rusdosug and then ending it with my own advice. So look forward to it!

Suck on these nuts

ย  ย  Everyone or at least I love an escort site with a good and enticing front page, a homepage that basically tells you that you are in the right place looking for the right people, using things like escort pictures and good navigation. And when it comes to the rusdosug escort site, it does this perfectly. The website is cleanly built and the homepage is simple and lovely, it has different results on escort in different cities like Saint-Petersburg and Moscow and all you have to do is use the filter options at the top of the page to select your city.

ย  ย  Speaking of navigations, selecting a city or category or even hiring an escort on Rusdosug is so easy to do, there are loads of clear and concise options on the front page, from categories to a quick search feature, and the sorting list is endless. The categories include services like sex, striptease and strip clubs, masseuse, and BDSM. and ofcourse, there are loads of subcategories under the categories listed, like gangbang, anal sex, deep throating, and so onโ€”just pick what you like and you will be presented with results of who can satisfy that fantasy of yours.

These Hoes charge Euros

ย  ย  Before I get into the quality of the escorts and things they can do, it is good to have a basic view of the prices the escorts chargeโ€”the prices are very different and a wide range exists between these escorts, so Iโ€™m guessing we can group these escorts into low and high-end escorts. The low-to-mid range escorts can charge as low as โ‚ฌ40 per hour and if you want them for the whole night, expect to pay at least โ‚ฌ150. The high-end escorts on rusdosug charge more and they go for as low as โ‚ฌ100 per hour for the day and to โ‚ฌ1000 for the whole nightโ€”I guess itโ€™s expensive to keep a premium escort in your bed for 8 hours.

ย  ย  How good are these escorts to charge the prices they are charging? I say very good, the escorts on rusdosug are very good and they look like they know how to make a shaft soft from a long and sweet fuck session. And these are not my own words, these are the words of the past customers that hired the escorts and loved every inch of the sexโ€”yes, those are from the reviews. Understandable if you ask me, I mean these escorts have detailed profile descriptions and are thorough on the services they offer, good stuff.

ย  ย  For example, Alina is a good-looking escort in Saint-Petersburg, she has an average-sized body with portable tits that can fit in one hand and a soft and jiggly as that can make a doggy style position feel heavenly.ย  She charges as low as 100 euros per hour and she offers services which include rimming, using of toys, and so on. If you want add-ons like anal sex and oral sex without condoms, then you gotta pay moreโ€”and she charges 80 euros for that extra service. Her reviews? They love her, they love the services she offers as they rate her highly and they look like they will be coming for more!

Is Rusdosug a Reliable escort site in Russia?

ย  ย  There are Russians and others that love rusdosug and use it to hire escorts, and with the quality of the escorts on the site, I believe rusdosug is a reliable escort site in Russia and you can knock yourself out with the high number of escorts on the platform. But ofcourse, there is the downside of rusdosug being available in just 2 cities across Russia, so if you are in a different cityโ€”we got other reliable escort sites in Russia reviewed on our platform, so do well to check them out.

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