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โœ“ Erotic ads
โœ“ Hot, sexy Bulgarian whores
โœ“ Simple to navigate
โœ“ No sign up required
โœ˜ Not much regions specified
โœ˜ No language options

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#1. SamoSEX Alternative


Have you ever Sumo-wrestled? Well, I haven't and frankly I don't hope to. Those dudes could weigh up to a hundred kilograms in their pelvic regions alone and definitely wear pants that could compete favorably with the Mississippi in length or that could at least swallow a petite-sized bitch whole! Well, the site I'll be reviewing today sounds like its name was crafted from the word Sumo. And for a while I thought I was going to find extra-large sized bitches on the site I'll be writing about today. But no, while is not exclusively built for sumo-sized bitches you can be sure as hell that the bitches here won't mind you engaging in waist wrestling with them.

So what's up for grabs on this site? Trust me, you don't want to go dancing the tango with these babes without my Samo review. So shove your boner to the side and digest my take on this site.

Paying For A Samo Wrestling Bout

You would most definitely not pay to get your face pounded by an opponent who weighs half a ton and wears the Earth's hemisphere for panties. But when things get switched up and the Sumo becomes Samo, you sure as hell want to carry so spare cash in the bag.
So what do the girls on Samo charge? To begin with, picking an opponent to wrestle has never been more fun and budget-friendly. These babes are simply lit and modest with their rates!

So there's Sofia, a 25 year old blonde, who's curves are more curvaceous than the bend the equator makes around the center of the earth. Sofia charges 80 BGN/ 45 USD for 1 hour.

There's also Varna. Her name sure sounds like vanity. And yeah, she looks like a demigoddess of fantasy and vanity. Varna is a tall blonde with every right curve just in place and rightly proportioned. She charges 130 BGN/ 73 USD for 1 hour.

What Looks Like

The website homepage is straight up simple. No distractions at all, except a pop up asking to confirm youโ€™re at least 18+. No irrelevant advertisements or complex designs that will stress you out while trying to figure out the features on the site. The site language is in Bulgarian, so you will have to enable auto-translate on your device browser to be able to read anything on the site.

Once the URL opens, youโ€™ll find a the name of the site written at the top in a very simple and nice looking font style. After which you will find a list of ads for sex. No dull moments at all. What you will find on the homepage is a bunch of ads with photos of hot, sexy whores either nude or in lingerie, showing off their god given assets, and I mean boobs, ass and even clits! You know how it is on these streets, why beat around the bush when you could always just get right to it? To hell with all that modesty.

The ads are quite well presented. Attached to the photos is the name, location, age and also the token each escort charges for their services. You can take your time and scroll through all the sexy and mouth watering ads of these bitches before eventually deciding on which one to click on. Thereโ€™s really no pressure with it.

At the bottom of the homepage, you will find a subheading tagged โ€œlistings by rubricโ€. This basically means listings of ads based on category. And under it you will see a list of different categories including escorts, erotic massages, gay men, transgender, sex toys, et cetera. These categories give you more options to choose from and also narrow down your ad of interest.

Putting The Sex In Samo

Itโ€™s clear that Samo offers you ads for your sex hookups. From the homepage it is clearly written: โ€œAds for sexโ€. The owners must have really had a desperate brother who is horngry for some cat to devour in mind when they set up this genius of a website. Everything on the homepage already seems satisfactory to the mind, let alone you begin making the move to secure your life changing moment. Oh, thereโ€™s quite nothing like it.

When you proceed to clicking on the ad of your choice, you will first find a photo of the escort on the ad you clicked on. They usually post between 3โ€“5 pictures at most. To see more, all you need do is click on the photo and swipe. The photos become more hotter on each swipe. This way you get to see first hand what you will be dealing with when you finally meet. Iโ€™dike to assume these photos are verified, otherwise, they wouldnโ€™t be featured on the website.

Under the pictures are basic information like age and exact location where the escort is situated. Below it, is the time frame in which they would be available to satisfy your ever dire needs. Next up is a detailed profile description on the escort, which includes information like age, height, hair color, breast size, tattoos, et cetera. Just next to all that info is a very brief information penned by the escorts themselves, do take your time to read it.

After consuming all these information, you would have been satisfied and certain about your choice by now. The next step would be to make the connection and try to establish a contact. And Samo does not make it hard at all. You will find a contact number at the bottom of every escortโ€™s ad you open. Clicking on the icon and number takes you directly to your dial log to make the call, if you are accessing the website with your mobile phone or tab.

What I Think About Samo

We all love a website that does not redirect incessantly and is straight to the point. Samo is simple and easy to navigate. Totally would recommend for desperate times if you are in Bulgaria.

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