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โœ˜ None really, but there does not appear to be very many escorts here

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#1. ScarletBlue Alternative

ย  ย  Scarlet is a kind of red, right? So, I have no idea what red and blue are doing together in the title above. Perhaps the two colors are on a date to Australia or something and aim to get off to sights of emus and kangaroos having sex and giving birth to platypuses!

ย  ย  Now, Australians can seem pretty jolly and in love with beer, but they do like shoving their woodies into accommodating pussies! Thatโ€™s why escorts abound on that continent, as do escort agencies. is an Australian escort site/agency I intend to review today, and so kindly disregard its somewhat suggestive name and tune in with full vigor to this escort Australia site review.

High End And Fully Nasty!

ย  ย  You better have plenty of zeroes to your name or donโ€™t even think of visiting the Scarlet Blue homepage. This escort site Australia deals in premium and high-end escorts and these as to be expected cost a pretty penny, while handing out ball-breaking orgasms like a commandment from God almighty himself!

ย  ย  So, there are VIP escorts and non-VIP escorts on the site, and all to be honest look perfect to the bone. Svetlana Kriviko is a leggy, green-eyed, slim, and exquisite brunette in her twenties. She loves perfumes, black and white movies, and jewelry, and being with her will set you back $1,000 per hour. That is $772 USD if you were wondering.

ย  ย  Jennifer Love from Sydney is very slim and leggy, sultry to the max, hazel-eyed, blonde, and the owner of a very firm pair of jugs. She will do everything, from oral to anal and her charges vary from $550 ($425 USD) for 30 minutes GFE to $1,550 ($1,197 USD) for 1.5 hours of rad pornstar experience. Those are for incalls though and her outcall charges are more expensive. For example, $3,200 ($2,471 USD) is the price for a 4-hour long outcall pornstar experience with this chick.

ย  ย  Marley XO on the other hand is one of the few ebony babes on the site. This chick rocks a fat but firm butt, coconut-sized jugs that gravity has never gotten around to influencing, and is as nasty as a fallen angel let loose in a warehouse full of Viagra! Marley is toned and perfect, just like other girls in this premium escort site. Her charges vary depending on if you are booking for incall or outcall services, with her most expensive service being $2,000 ($1,544 USD) for a swingers club date.

ย  ย  If you are in a hurry and not very flush with cash you can come to her place and do what you want with her for 30 minutes at the cost of $250 ($193 USD). There is nothing that Marley will not agree to if the price is right and sheโ€™s even agreeable to flying to a few Australian cities so that clients in those locales can gorge themselves on her sweet delights.

ย  ย  So, escorts in this escort site Australia are not corner slot sluts. The cheapest will cost from 154 USD to 193 USD and that is for a 20-30 minute booking. Thus, I would suggest hiring escorts from this site only on your birthday or anytime you win a lottery and want your cock to feel as ecstatic as you are feeling!

VIP Escorts Always Deliver!

ย  ย  Scarlet Blue has VIP escorts aplenty and even those escorts on the site without a VIP label to their name look premium enough to be allowed to suck off the pope!

ย  ย  Finding escorts on the site is super-easy and delightful too, with no stress in the least. Bigger-than-normal escort image thumbnails are arranged on the homepage, some with a VIP mark and some without, and you just tap any of these to get your escort-fucking life underway.

ย  ย  The top part of the homepage has an escort of the day, escort of the week, and escort of the month and I am unsure of what they did to deserve that honor. Normally, each escort image thumbnail is bare, but if you hover your cursor on them, a slideshow of the escort and her images will play. Also revealed by this maneuver is the name of the escort, her location, age, dress size, price range, and if she accepts incalls or outcalls, or both.

ย  ย  When you click on any escort image thumbnail you get a page filled with more information than you can absorb! Included in each escort profile are multiple and very large images that can be clicked on and browsed via slideshow, stats, a bio, rates, an about me, and details as to availability. Some escort profiles have videos, while others have testimonials left by fellas that have gone deep in these chicks and broken off their woody in their tight cunts! Contact details are available too and this can include phone numbers, social media handles, emails, or websites.

ย  ย  For sure I have seen a lot of escort profiles and I would put those on Scarlet Blue in the top 3 category for the range of information contained within and how profiles are laid out. Escorts on the site are of the highest possible quality, and look so good you could be convinced they pee honey and shit warm croissants!

The Best Site Of All

ย  ย  Does Scarlet Blue have the best escort site in Australia? I would say so and for real. The homepage is very modern and perfectly laid out and in my opinion, no aspect of it needs change or improvement.

ย  ย  White is the standard homepage background color, though there are black and grey headers at the top and bottom of the page. The top left of the page has a Discreet mode that can be toggled on and off. Engaging this mode removes images from the site, which comes useful when you are browsing Scarlet Blue in polite company or while at work. Next to this is an International tab that lets you find escorts in other locations, mostly in Europe.

ย  ย  Next up is a list of Australian cities. Underneath these cities is a Locations tab that mimics the function of the International tab, plus tabs like Escorts, BDSM, Categories, Advertise, Client Membership, Search, and Login. The Login tab lets you subscribe for free or VIP membership and the latter costs $50.

ย  ย  Also featured near the top of the page is a Menu tab. Most if not all of what is seen here can also be seen at the bottom of the homepage. The menu tab enables easy access to escorts on tour, escort videos and testimonials, blogs, and more.

ย  ย  Thereโ€™s an impressive range of site features here, along with zero spam and ads. Impressive

What I Think of ScarletBlue

ย  ย  Scarlet Blue delivers an A-class performance, both as a site and with the caliber of escorts it hosts. An absolute recommendation it is.

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