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โœ“ Free
โœ“ Easy to navigate site
โœ˜ Few escort ads
โœ˜ Boring and wordy site design
โœ˜ Escort agencies spam the site with ads
โœ˜ Escorts donโ€™t state their prices

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#1. Schloka Alternative

ย  ย  You know how Indian cunts have an affinity for dresses that drape, covering their inner temples of puffy titties, giant-sized curvy asses and wet tight donut holes? Well, my tip is that youโ€™ll need a pretty long schlong to wade through these temple drapes and go clearing the bushes in the supple and wet quarters of this temple. After mounting and banging the wet and creamy shit out of those temples, I doubt those drapes will still fit perfectly!

ย  ย  Well, letโ€™s digress from the cleaning of temples while I write you a review of the Indian escort site called For now, ready your schlongs and jelq them to an extra meter in length if need be while you digest my Schloka review.

Your Phallus, Pussies And Rupeesย ย 

ย  ย  First of all Indians are pretty reserved, and so you shouldnโ€™t be surprised to see escorts clad in gowns and pussies wrapped in draperies. Well-valued confectionaries come in wrappings and those wrappings only fall off at a cost. So just in the same way, the draperies that lead to the wet pussies on this escort site can fall only for Rupees. So, just how much Rupees do these reserved cunts quote as their going rates?

ย  ย  Well, the escorts on this site are not just reserved with flaunting their tasty cunts, it seems they are also reserved with stating what their prices are. After scoring through a large number of the escort profiles on this site, I found no price information given by escorts. Escort profiles here are really scanty by the way.

ย  ย  So what exactly are the going rates for Indian escorts? On average, โ‚น5,000/ 63 USD to โ‚น10,000/ 126USD should suffice for 1 hour with the escorts of average quality on this site. However, you shouldnโ€™t be surprised if you come across high-end escorts that charge even as high as โ‚น20,000 / 252 USD per hour.

ย  ย  Overall, the average going rate for the majority of normal-quality Indian escorts is less than what is charged in the States for the same service.ย 

Telling Your Schlongโ€™s Best Fit

ย  ย  Have you ever searched for bikinis hidden in a pile of gowns, skirts, and bedsheets? Thatโ€™s just exactly how the escort profile thumbnails on this escort site feel like. The Schloka homepage has no escort pussies, but you can easily navigate to a list of escort profile thumbnails by simply selecting from the list of locations presented on the homepage. Well, itโ€™s an Indian escort site, and boobs and pussies are well tucked into escortโ€™s dresses, so most probably, your boner wonโ€™t be smiling at you.

ย  ย  Escort profile thumbnails contain a note by the escort and their phone numbers located to the right. The content of these escortsโ€™ notes vary from escort to escort, follow no defined pattern, and offer no particular information. Again the majority of ads here are not placed by individual escorts but by escort agencies, and this makes the overall feel really shabby.

ย  ย  Escort profile pages begin with a few of the escortโ€™s photos, and to the right side of these photos is the escortโ€™s phone number. Underneath an escortโ€™s photos is a short note describing the escort, and some profiles show a few details like the escortโ€™s height, weight, and age. Really it seems that the content in this space is at the mercy of escortsโ€™ discretion, and the majority of escorts on this site just chose to be unnecessarily discreet or just shabby in their presentation.

ย  ย  In general, escort profiles here are just terrible. Firstly, individual escort ads are actually few, and escort agency ads fill the site. Again, the few individual escort ads here are just there in quality, not exceptional or cum inviting. These escorts are dressed in suits, gowns, and skirts capable of suffocating the life out of every boner. It all really looks like a business staff directory. With this much covering, these snatches had better be good at stripteases!

Indian Homepage Indeed

ย  ย  Where am I please? A site for monks, the temple of Krishna, or a hub of wet and hungry cunts dripping with fountains of wetness? The latter is certainly not the feel youโ€™ll get on arriving at the Schloka homepage. No cunts, no titties, absolutely nothing, not even a half of a butt cheek. The Schloka homepage looks just really plain with the login/register and post ad buttons located at the top right corner of the screen.

ย  ย  Scrolling down the page reveals the popular cities section. This section contains a list of all the cities in india. Well, clicking on any location here should take you to an array of escort profiles. Again, further down at the bottom of the page is a short list of other countries where the Schloka escort service is operational, including Australia, Nepal, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

ย  ย  In general, this escort siteโ€™s homepage is really simple in design, just plain and easy to navigate. However, it doesnโ€™t immediately convey the slightest idea that this site is an escort site. The graphics here could definitely use some tweaks. Give us some escort asses, and titties please!

What I Think About Schloka

ย  ย  Schloka is not where to go for individual escort services, and I donโ€™t recommend it as there are few escort ads, with a large chunk of these belonging to escort agencies and not individual escorts. Everything here is really shabby. And if at all you mean business, then itโ€™s really best if you squeeze your schlong back in your pants and get off Schloka.

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