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โœ“ Good navigation
โœ“ Review section available
โœ“ Different categories available
โœ˜ No prices listed
โœ˜ No phone numbers listed

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#1. Secme Alternative

ย  ย  Letโ€™s take a minute to think about it, who was the first escort to let everything loose? Well we wonโ€™t know but what I know is that the escorts in Turkey are capable of making you wish you can spend a lifetime with them, they are beautiful, hot and their skills are mad crazy. I know you are here for the Secme review which we will be getting into in a minute, we will be going through the basic pros and cons of the site and how good the chicks areโ€”basically, everything you need to trust Secme and hire an escort through them.

Secme or Sexme? Same thing

ย  ย  An escort site with a good homepage deserves recognition when it has all the elements to keep your boner alive till you hire an escort. Iโ€™m talking about a homepage with tits and ass as well as navigations that are easy to use. When it comes to Secme, the front page is basic, kind of like some of the escort sites I have seen in Turkey but a bit better actually. The front page is populated with escort posts in different cities and to the right-hand side are recent posts of escorts. Scrolling down the page brings you to the different categories present on the Secme escort site, and below the categories are tags and groups that can be used to filter escorts.

ย  ย  The navigation is basic and easy to use, Secmeโ€™s website must have been built to focus on important things and leave out disturbances and I gotta commend them for that, speaking of categories, the categories listed on Secme include Anatolian Side Escorts, European side escort, Bahcelievler Escorts, General, Halkali Escorts, Istanbul Escorts, and Sirinevler Escorts. So if your preferences fall in one of these categories, go ahead and knock yourself out!

ย  ย  Rating the escorts shouldnโ€™t be hard, since they are so easy to see and check out, but the ones on Secme take a solid 5 from meโ€ฆ did I hurt your feelings? Well, Iโ€™m sorry and we will be getting into why they are only a 5 from me. Yes, they are good-looking from the one or two pictures on their post but that is not even enough to make a judgment, there are literally pictures of these escorts that make it feel like Iโ€™m on Instagram or somethingโ€ฆ no vibe to it, and certainly no ass or tits.

ย  ย  And still, on the escorts, I did find a few things to be lackingโ€”although they have a freaking long bio and write-ups on their post, it felt unneeded. Escorts talking about โ€œI make my bedโ€ bruh who cares about that, leave the bed alone and come make this dick go gaga. At least we can give it to Secme for having a review section but nothing can be found, no reviews, just replies of people asking for phone numbers to call, and guess what? No single reply to them.

ย  ย  Speaking of phone numbers, how can you have a detailed and long-ass post but not even put a freaking phone number in there? How the fuck are these guys going to call you and hire you? Not just phone numbers, call it a planned work or some shit like that but I bet you won't find an escort on Secme with their prices and rates listedโ€ฆ i bet you canโ€™t.

ย  ย  I mean, if you have an escort site with chicks listed and these chicks have some hefty ass bio but then that is where it ends, no price, no phone numbers to call, Iโ€™m calling dibs on this one, to me it sounded like a spam thing and I better stay off it and I believe that should be the case for anyone reading this right now.

Is Secme a Reliable escort site in Turkey?

ย  ย  Honestly, my friend, you are better off staying off this site, I donโ€™t think Secme is a reliable escort site in Turkey and I donโ€™t even think it should be usedโ€”why is it even still online, someone please take this down. We have perfect alternatives, do well to check them out.

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