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#1. SecretHostess UK Alternative

ย  ย  What comes to your mind when you come across an escort site named SecretHostess? Perhaps the site owner wishes for you to know that escorts here can be very discreet while being professional.

ย  ย  Or maybe it means that escorts here do not like to make too much noise on what they can do, instead, they would love to be secretive about it and want to experience it instead. If this is the case, then their motto should be Actions, not Words.

ย  ย  Itโ€™s time to pat your boners on the head and calm it down. If possible, do it with some warm lotion so it gets to ease the tension thatโ€™s already building up from anxiety so it allows you to go through this secrethostess review without missing a thing.

Do The Secret Hostess Live Underground?

ย  ย  These hostesses might be secretive, but they sure need to have a home because staying underground is going to be bad for business. Hitting the siteโ€™s URL in your browser directs you to a shabby looking page, with the first view of low quality escort ads and photos. I bet your dick went from a hundred to zero because of that view.

ย  ย  What you find next is a waiting list of countries in alphabetical order, waiting on your click call to display amazing and jaw dropping secret hostesses. If you have so many questions about what this secrethostess site is like, the kind of services these escorts render, and if you want to read blog posts and articles, then the bottom of this page is for you.

ย  ย  Did I forget to mention that at the top of the page is where you find a search button that allows you to search for cities and suburbs, a menu bar that has a list of options, and then the juicy control buttons that would leave your cock in ecstasy; the meet and fuck, hook up now, local sex and sugar baby buttons.

ย  ย  I guess these escorts have an entirely different home of theirs. Maybe thatโ€™s why they are indeed called secret hostesses. Soon enough, tha will be sorted out. Meanwhile, the homepage of this site looked very shabby and old-fashioned, but it is very easy to navigate.

The Home Of The Secret Hostesses

ย  ย  These escorts sure do love to stress my cock; what they should be doing now is taking up every inch of my hard erected shaft into their mouth and giving it a good massage like theyโ€™re savoring their favorite flavor of ice cream. Since these escorts arenโ€™t displayed on the homepage of this site, tracing them to their hideout wonโ€™t be a bad idea.

ย  ย  Click on any location you want to view these escorts and allow your cock to control your next move. There is a brief introduction about escorts in that region and the kind of services they offer. After that, make your selection on how you would want to view these escort thumbnails.

ย  ย  There are quite a good number of profile thumbnails here, each revealing the escortโ€™s photo, age, and a write-up about them. Escort profile pages will surely hold more information. These thumbnails, when clicked on, display escort information like personal data, travel rates, and conditions, and then a brief introduction about the escort.

ย  ย  In general, escorts here are of good quality, and about half of these escorts do not have a defined profile.

Are These Escorts Here Genuine?

ย  ย  It can be so hard to tell real escorts from fake ones apart because of the insane level of boobs, asses, and cunts you come across on their pages, one would think they fell straight from heaven or they were carved out of something. To think that any beautiful lady out there can put up an ad to deceive people.

ย  ย  Well, first of all, it would be absurd to say that all escort profiles or photos are real because, judging from experience, most of these escorts impersonate other people for reasons best known to them. What you can just do is to be careful when dealing with these escorts.

Escort Rates

ย  ย  Since these escorts are secretive, you might want to also be secretive when tipping them for a job well done. So, letโ€™s dive into their profiles and see what can be found.

ย  ย  Meet Cici, an Asian escort in London who is 23 and bisexual. She charges 200 GBP per hour for outcalls and 180 GBP for Incalls. When converted to USD, its estimate is $255 and $299 per hour, respectively.

ย  ย  Maybe you donโ€™t need an Asian beauty; how about 23-year-old Delilah in Manchester? She is new in town and independent too. She claims to be real, and she charges 150 EURO per hour for outcalls. This converted to USD equals $164.

ย  ย  If the above escort rates are too high, then why not check out 26-year-old Gaby, who is a Latina beauty in London? She charges 120 EURO per hour, and this equates to $131.

ย  ย  Not all escorts have their rates attached to their profiles, and that is about half of them but have in mind that escort rates on average here is about $150 and on the low end, less than $100. On the high end your budget will need to be around $200.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  The site is easy to navigate, and escorts here are not just of good quality, but this site also has a good number of them in different states and cities. Best believe these secret hostesses are just what youโ€™re looking for because, from their profiles, they sure do know how to handle a raging cock.

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