Sehirfirsati Review

โœ“ Spam Free
โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ“ Simple site design
โœ“ Lots of escort ads
โœ˜ No language option
โœ˜ No filtering options
โœ˜ Fewer site features
โœ˜ Some escorts do not state their going rates

Score 80/100





Quality Of Escorts


Spam Free




#1. Sehirfirsati Alternative

ย  ย  The site is home to some of Turkey's finest escorts. For trips? They make the best travel companions. For events? They are perfect for red carpet shenanigans, and if you need one for show-offs then my oh my, search no more, now back to what I was saying before I got distracted by a Turkish thot that just walked past, I know I know, guilty as charged, you can't blame me though we all love to see baddies in lingerie.

ย  ย  As I was saying, Sehirfirsati!! ring a bell? I'll just save you the stress, as I see you are already stressed from having to walk about with your balls as blue as a pool of ice. Okay okay enough of the jokes, I'll get right to it, Sehirfirsati translates to โ€œcity dealโ€ in Turkish, now you get me fellow pervert, I canโ€™t help but wonder, what kind of deal will you be cutting yourself and in what city? Guess we'll be finding that out at the end of this Sehirfirsati review.

Giving Latina Women Their Flowers: Turkish Pussies To Be Precise

ย  ย  Itโ€™s okay to want to explore your options especially when itโ€™s a different country or a new environment, we all get like that sometimes and that's what makes us humans, if you are new to Turkey, nice food, beautiful cultural differences, but take this from me, you cannot afford to leave without having a taste of their women, imagine having a Turkish escort for dessert and that's after dinner of course smiles, the theory of eating after eating you are so nasty, and I'm sure with a mind as dirty as yours you do not need me to throw more light on that.

ย  ย  Asuman of 25 is a Maltepe female escort partner, petite and cute, with sexy unclad photos of herself on her profile, all for your viewing pleasure, tits so perky they canโ€™t bend and a body bad enough to take your boner away, you'd fuck and want no more, says she plans on giving you unlimited pleasure and is ready to live out all your sexual fantasies. Her services include sex without a condom, blowjobs, deep throats, and belly dancing, she has all this penned down on her profile worth 2 minutes of reading time, quite lengthy and filled with all the nasty lineup of events she has planned out for you, you are in for a lot of trouble my friend. Asuman charges 6,733 TL / 250 USD per hour.

ย  ย  Dilara of 23 is a slim-thick Tuzla escort, blonde and cute, a classic definition of hot, she has inviting photos of herself in her full glory to satisfy your cravings with, legs so long and elastic they can spread as wide as you want them to, says by the time she is done with you, you'd ask for an extension of her service time. She charges 1000 TL / 37 USD per hour. Now, those are some going rates I must say.

Fleeting Moments On Sehirfirsati

ย  ย  Entering the URL on your browser leads you directly to the sites home page, where they have on display beautiful Turkish escort ads for you to pick from, the site looks pretty simple and easy to use, comes in an all-white background and a dash of black at the top to go with.

ย  ย  On clicking on the ad details button, you are met with 2 minutes worth of reading time information about the escort, same applies to all the escort profiles, they taunt in their write-ups about how they cannot wait to deal with you and at the same time be dealt with by you.

ย  ย  On the top left side of the home page lies the drag-in column where you'll find the search button, assuming you had an escort in mind and know her name then this button is for you, following immediately is the list of available cities in Turkey that the Sehirfirsati site covers, they have available escorts in Gebze, Istanbul, Tuzla, Suadiye and other cities.

ย  ย  If upon scrolling further you are yet to find a befitting escort that suits your taste, then that's when the โ€œNext pageโ€ button comes into play and your search continues, the โ€œprevious pageโ€ option is also available for use thereby making the site easier to navigate.

ย  ย  The no filtering option is one con I cannot afford to omit on this Sehirfirsati review as I find it unavailable on the home page, even on the escort profiles page as well, hopefully, your already impatient sledgehammer would be able to persevere further while you search manually for a good nightโ€™s deal to strike.

ย  ย  Sorry guys, adding to that there are no language options in here as the page is all written in Turkish, it is time for your translators to get busy, and contribute to helping you find that energy-draining escort of your choice as I have done my part on this Sehirfirsati review

What I Think About Sehirfirsati

ย  ย  The site looks pretty legit and the added advantage of video calling escorts to be sure they are exactly who/what is being uploaded on their profiles is a nice one, no better way to satisfy your doubt. I definitely do recommend the Sehirfirsati site and I'm sure for certain you'd find an escort in here hot enough to turn your blue balls red.

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