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#1. Sex-tjejer Alternative

ย  ย  To the newcomers, welcome to, and to those that have been here once or twice, welcome back and we are glad to have you backโ€”and to everyone, what have you been feeding your manhood? Better be a nice-looking chick with a body to kill for, good pair of milk factories, and a heavenly booty to go with itโ€ฆ but whatever, that is not the focus for today, our focus is the Sex-tjejer review and I will be going over that in a minute, we will be discussing the basic pros and cons, as well as my verdict and what I think about the escort site, so stick with me till the end.

Swede chicks over Swedish cars

ย  ย  How do you love your cars? Fast? Heavy? Economical? Or Luxurious? Now how do you love your girls? Think about it, what do your cars and girls have in commonโ€ฆ well, what I think they have in common is they require to you pump them before they can move, ha! Back to Sex-tjejer, the first thing you notice when you visit their official website is the massive display of featured escorts. Displayed in cards are grids of different escorts all around different cities in Sweden, those with clothes, without clothes, or even half-nakedโ€ฆ with this, you know for sure you are in the right place and even your cock is impressed.

ย  ย  Getting down to the navigation, the Sex-tjejer escort site is so easy to navigate, with no distractions or unneeded actions on your way to hiring the chicks that can clean up your manhood. From the homepage, you can filter the results for cities, or basically click on one of the escorts shown on the front page. And if you are interested in reading the blogs, knock yourself out, there are no limits to the things you can do on Sex-tjejer, a well-planned website.

ย  ย  The quality of the escorts? 8 out of 10 stars for meโ€”they are good-looking, and they have that erotic vibe around them that makes you want to just pick up your phone and call them right away! There are literally loads of choices among the listings, talking about variations in size, shapes, heights, weights, skin color, boobs size, waist size, and so on, you can literally build your ideal hoe on Sex-tjejer and still get them to come over and hop on the dick like a bicycle.

ย  ย  And when it comes to the escortsโ€™ profiles, they make sure to explain things out, the things you need to make a decision, things like how they are going to fuck you hard, or how they are so good at ridingโ€ฆ basically things like that. Not forgetting their services and their rates. Services include anal, 69, threesome, deepthroat, facesitting, and so on.

ย  ย  Speaking of prices, the escorts on โ€‹โ€‹Sex-tjejer did well to have their rates listed on their profile, they cherish time and they donโ€™t want you wasting precious time they could spend sucking you on negotiations. And how much do they charge? Depends on whatย  you want. If you want a quickie, then you should be ready to pay around 1000kr but if you want a standard session where you can get all dirty with your fantasies, then be ready to pay as low as 2500kr per hour.

Reviews on steroids

ย  ย  Gotta love how Sex-tjejer makes use of reviews and looking at it, they cherish their reviews as much as they cherish their clients. They show it to your face thatย  โ€œyo this escort is amazing according to 15 previous horny men that have fucked herโ€… fucking good idea.ย 

Is Sex-tjejer a Reliable escort site in Sweden?

ย  ย  I believe Sex-tjejer is a reliable escort in Sweden, especially with the high number of escorts and verified profiles, coupled with the review section and how good their profile descriptions areโ€”I donโ€™t think anything will be able to top this for now, and if anything tops itโ€” well good for us, more hoes!

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