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#1. SexFire Alternative

ย  ย  Like a raging flame of fire, my cock desires to burn every inch of a cunt with every thrust made; like a volcano, my cock would love to erupt and spill all his cum inside the walls of the pussy and make her walls tremble. The same effect my cock wishes the breasts on her chest to experience, via fondling the breasts and handling it like she would handle my cock with her soft, greased palm; yeah, I love it rough like that.

ย  ย  Sexfire1 wants to teach your cock what it is like to experience burning sex with their fire or rather hot escorts, so sit tight and letโ€™s see if these escorts are worth our time.

The Fire Homepage

ย  ย  I expect to see flames as the background of this site and colors of flames, both blue and yellow, as the choice of colors for this site. I also hope escorts here are like fire itself that is capable of burning my cock with pleasure via blowjobs. I hear some girls chew on mint sweets before engulfing a cock, and that the feeling is incredible. Well, if it gives off a burning sensation, I would want to experience it, too.

ย  ย  Guess what? I didnโ€™t get disappointed. The site name on this homepage, which is also the logo of this site that sits on the top left side of the page, has a flame design, and likewise, the hot sex inscription at the center of the page also has a flame sign.

ย  ย  Options such as discreet apartments, erotic massage, escort girls' real photos, escort boys, etc., can be seen on one side of the page, neatly arranged like they are waiting to be sentenced to one year with the cock. Below is a welcome message stating that you can get escort girls, discreet apartments, and erotic massages in Israel.

ย  ย  Next up are categories of escorts. There is discreet apartments, sex blog, escort girls, and escort girls in real photos. Each of these categories has escorts that befit the category under them. There is also a box of articles on this site on the right side of the page, and then the bottom of the page carries the categories on this site and locations where you can find escort girls, erotic massages, and discreet apartments.

ย  ย  The homepage of this site isnโ€™t a fancy one, and it does not hold so much.

The Hot Escorts of The Fire Site

ย  ย  Since the features of the site already represent the site name by having flames of fire, the escorts within should look nothing less than hot in the sense that their bodies should be banging, with giant asses, big round titties with, erect nipples that would not stop screaming my name until I become a superhero to the rescue.

ย  ย  The photos of these escorts are already displayed on the homepage of the site via their profile thumbnail. A VIP tag also exists, and now Iโ€™m sure you would want to choose just the VIP escorts. Their locations are also in view, as well as their contact information and a short description of these escorts.

ย  ย  I would love to hear these escorts moan my name while sucking on my giant cock like it's her favorite flavor of lollipop, or better still, a 69 so that the cunt gets to feel refreshed after a while of not experiencing any fun down there. I would eat, suck and make sure to lick every drop of honey dripping from this honey pot because they are not meant to be wasted.

ย  ย  Before you begin to wank and get carried away, letโ€™s check out the profiles of these escorts. There is nothing so special about the profiles of these escorts because there is nothing hidden within except for more photos of the escorts, which are intriguing because you get to see different angles of these escorts, but there is nothing fun here.

ย  ย  Unlike other escort sites that would make sure to describe the escorts and tell you so much, even going as far as listing their services, this site does not belong to such a team. Just photos and a brief introduction, and that's all. Very disappointing.

ย  ย  Well, the rest of the profile page of these escorts is covered with other escort ads, and that is all that there is to this page.

The Rates Of These Escorts

ย  ย  Shawtys love daddies with large cocks that can satisfy them all around, but they also love daddies that have issues with their spending habits. They love to be spoilt with dollars, and of course, they need pampering because they are delicate creatures.

ย  ย  It wonโ€™t be fair to have them keep you company, and then they go back without having anything to smile about. So letโ€™s see if these escorts already have something in mind or if you should work according to your generosity.

ย  ย  Too bad these escorts do not have a price rate attached to their profiles; maybe they want you to act according to your generosity. Before that, you might want to know that you can judge the rates here with other escort sites in Israel. So escort rates shouldnโ€™t be below $100 because these shawtys deserve the best.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  If you fancy good pictures, then you just might want to stop by here and feed your eyes with the photos of these escorts on their profiles. Escorts here are very few, and do not have a detailed profile.

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