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#1. SexKompas Russia Alternative is just the compass you need to explore some of Russia’s finest escort girls who are willing to take you to the moon and back with the way they perform their expertise. You can be very sure to get unforgettable moments of pleasure with these girls, as long as you’re ready to comply with their terms and fetishes, perhaps.

This review will take you through the ups and downs of this site, and you had better make sure not even to skip a line so you don’t mess up your dick’s weekend appointments.

Navigation Made Easy

Thanks to’s compass, navigation through the homepage has been made easy. Several control buttons at the top of the page help you filter escorts, such as verified, with videos, reviews, and others. Below this is a row of escort profile photos, and clicking on any of them takes you to an escort profile page.

Feel free to zoom in if you find it difficult to view these photos because there are so many mouth-watering boobs hidden there, and you just can’t miss it. When you’re done feeding your eyes with those beauties, then you can proceed to behold the main business of the day. At this point, you may want to relax and sip wine because you need to savor what comes next slowly.

If you guessed the escort’s profile thumbnails come next, then you guessed right. These thumbnails are a sight to behold because they will all leave you starstruck in awe. The titties would make you wish you could make them appear right in front of you so you get to feel them. Goodness gracious, squeezing softly on those pillow-like boobs would sure feel like paradise.

There is a long list of these thumbnails, and when you successfully get to the end, there is a button to load more, and you know what that means, Premium enjoyment for your eyes and cock. The bottom of this page simply carries reasons why is the best option for when you need escort services.

Time To Move South!

Since you’re done with the North part of, which is the homepage, it is time to move South, which is the home of these escort girls, without any delay. Fortunately, the homepage of already houses the profile thumbnails of these escorts, so you don’t need to stress your cock by searching every nook and cranny.

Each profile thumbnail contains a photo of the escort, her name, phone number, location, personal details like age, price rate, and duration, and also a WhatsApp icon, but not all escorts have this. For those who have a video attached to their profiles, there is a video icon by the side, and there is also a verified tag for those who fall into the category.

So, a click on any of these thumbnails would take you to the escort’s home, where you get to see the skeletons in her closet. Just kidding. What you find here are important details about the escorts. Oh wow! Escort profiles are very on point. The arrangements, details, and design are all superb.

Each escort has her contact details stated, alongside her personal information, the date the ad was created and updated, a brief description of what she’s like and what she wants, her price rates and duration, and, above all, the services she renders. There is also a review box at the bottom of the page, but it is only open to members. They’ve got a photo gallery, too.

Are These Escorts Real?

There’s a huge chance that most of these escorts might be real, and that’s because a large percentage of these escorts carry the verified stamp of The few that do not have a verified stamp can be said to be fake, and a big reason is that on the review box, there are comments like “she’s not real" on some of them.

The fact that keeps comments like that should tell you that there is no room for fake activities here. Too bad only authorized users can post comments here, so if you meet an escort from and you have any experience, be it good or bad, make sure to become a member and post a review for other blokes to see, read, and learn.

Also, most of these escorts have their faces blurred, and from experience, they do this because they do not wish to be recognized or have their photos stolen. All the same, make sure only to engage escorts that have the verified stamp of

Bills For Boobies

You might need to fund the lifestyle of these escort girls so that you can milk those boobies with ease. Why not check out their profiles and find out what it will take to make this happen? After all, you’re not lactose intolerant, if you understand what I mean.

Meet Nastya. She’s 22. She says she’s well-groomed, energetic, and, above all, has a fine-ass body. She offers a wide range of services and charges $54 for incalls and $65 for outcalls. These rates are hourly.

Meanwhile, for escorts rates in the region, on average, you’ll get a rate of $100/hr, on the low end, $25/hr, and on the high end, from $500 and above.

What I Think Of

The site may look so simple, but trust me when I say it delivers and beats your expectations. Escorts here are of excellent quality, with a well-detailed profile. Rates are fair, too, so make sure to stop by if you need to ease tension.

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