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ย  ย  Recall how you kept wandering around the streets of pleasure, looking for where to wank and jerk off, holy molly!, the tension built in your balls was one that could not be explained. As the clocked ticked, all you could think of were bootilicious shawtys with round large boobs and erected titties, if only you had a compass for directions to some of these babes in ukraine. Well relax your balls horny brothers as i come bearing good news. Get ready a warm dish of lotion for your joysticks as we explore Sexkompas.org.

ย  ย  Sexkompas.org brings you the finest babes of Ukraine, plenty enough for one to choose from, which a wide range of services rendered, good enough to make your hands not hurt anymore from wanking.

The Home of SexKompas.org

ย  ย  SexKompas.org is home to erotic and mind blowing cunts and boobies. Phew, i feel my joystick singing the praises of these shawtys already, before i get carried away, let's move on.

ย  ย  The homepage of sexkompas.org is a very enticing one, especially when viewed from a desktop view, it could leave you salivating with your magic wand for minutes.

ย  ย  The home page is quite easy to navigate, the top centre page is a horizontal line of photos of escorts, and below this is the profile thumbnail of these hotties arranged in a two vertical grid form, to the left is a list of services rendered by ass bearing laladies, and to the top right is a button with the inscription Photos of prostitutes which when clicked reveals good-looking booties that would appease your royal wand. One could just want to wank while viewing photos of these hotties, a very good feature indeed.

ย  ย  At the top of the page is a questionnaire button, more of a search button because you get to choose your preferred districts,cities, services, etc. On the left hand side of the page is a list of services to choose from, as well as options of meeting points, body type, hair color, etc. Speaking of hair colors, I love me a brunette, makes my wand cheerful for a long time. The bottom of the page entails a blog post about the beautiful prostitutes on the website of sexkompass.org. Overall, iโ€™d say the homepage is of average quality.

The Escortโ€™s Profile

ย  ย  The Profile thumbnail of these escorts needs to be clicked in order to get their full description. Goodness gracious! I can already feel the rage of my Joystick just from seeing the photos of these good-looking asses.

ย  ย  Sexkompas.org has a good number of average quality escorts, so many to choose from that would make you yearn for company when you get tired of wanking. Escorts profile thumbnails offers a sneak peek of an escorts information. This includes; the escorts name, contact number, charge, age, location, height, weight and chest size. Now this a more like a tip of the ice berg, lets checkout a profile and begin wanking!

ย  ย  Opening a profile thumbnail reveals the full information of an escort, it is stated out in a very simple way that is easy to understand, there's a telephone number, bust size, age restrictions, nationality, clothing size, etc., and a short personal description of the escort's hourly rate inclusive as well as services rendered. Escorts here have detailed info, and can do more than pat a boner!

A Companyโ€™s Rate

ย  ย  Shawtys love a dude who is eager to smear and warm them up with money, Just what will it cost to have a company of beautiful women? Let's click open some profiles and find out. Their charges are somewhat pricey, but judging by the urge to sit in the company of these beautiful ladies, I think it's worth a shot, brothers!

ย  ย  Meet Angelica, a 23 years years old large ass blonde who offers services such as stripteases, cunnilingus, and massages. Angelica charges 2000UAH per hour, 4000UAH for 2 hours, and 14000UAH for a night, which is $54 per hour, $108 for 2 hours, and $379 for a night. Well, if Angelica does not seem pleasing enough, Caroline is a blonde 20years old belle with an appealing bust size and weight, she charges 800UAH per hour, 1600UAH for 2 hours, and 4000UAH for a night 2000UAH which is $21/hour, $43 for 2 hours, and $108 for a night when converted. Her convenient time for calls is around the clock, such good news, brothers!

What I think of Sexkompass.org

ย  ย  Some rates are a little bit pricey, there is no language option which makes navigation difficult, the homepage looks unorganized, untidy and rather confusing, but judging by the cunts and titties, it is worth a trial.

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