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โœ“ Free
โœ“ Little to no spam
โœ˜ Unverified escorts
โœ˜ Site layout is terrible
โœ˜ Blurred out escort photos
โœ˜ Average site features
โœ˜ No language support for non-german speakers.

Score 46/100





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Spam Free




#1. Sexmagazin Alternative

ย  ย  Yikes! Who knew it would be this hard finding vile german speaking pussy to talk to my cock! I thought the high alps made Austrian smarter but this little excuse for a site has almost ruined my appetite for wet Austrian cunts.

ย  ย  Your dutifully simple-minded pussy starved fella was searching for a simple and I repeat a simple escort site to find loose Austrian women for some good old pounding and viola I found but to my short-lived delight my boner got wasted. You say wasted how? Well, this review will tell you how!!

Sexy on the Front, Hard on the Rear

ย  ย  I have saved a lot of sweet goodness from my balls for quite a while now because I believed I was headed to Austria, where the holy seeds from my cock would find women so beautiful that my cock would start spilling them uncontrollably and I would ream and screw relentlessly. But finding ruined everything because, for the life of my dear cock, I almost choked seeing how the site was.

ย  ย  This is Europe where everything is easy, especially screwing pussy, so why was this so hard and not the good kind of hard? I had hoped with two clicks bam, Iโ€™d be releasing loads of cum on the most wonderful sweet pussy, but alas, that was not the case. So sad!!!

Hard-Hitting Cock on the Prowl

ย  ย  Did I add that is in all German with no option to switch to another language? Unfortunately, yes, there is no option to translate the site to other popular languages, but the hunt for sweet creamy pussy made us find a workaround. Even so, itโ€™s not good, so not good. Now deciding where to get nubile sweet pussy is so hard with the crazy site layout, but after luckily finding the small sex guide bar and further finding the escort section, you meet another level of drab selection of tits and pussy with unverified escorts with little images and sometimes blurred out faces. Let's take the sexy Andrea, for example, boy oh boy is she the sexy damsel with the shapely bubbly ass, but that is where the fun ends because it is just an ass pic and no face, and just three measly photos too. Then you think, “Okay, maybe it's just Andrea being shy.โ€ย  You click on another, hmm yummy Nicole, and you are hit with the same thing, no face, just three photos with our lovely Nicole facing back in all.

ย  ย  For fucksake, why are they starving hungry noblemen like us from seeing what we have longed for? You claim to be an escort site. Hmm, what a joke!

Loaded Sexy Faulty Receiving Cum Machines From Austria!

ย  ย  Sexmagazin puts to shame the legendary reputation of Austria as an easy pussyland for sex-craving men like me. Yes, you read that right! Ah! Finding pussy on this site is something that would so frustrate you that you might end up forgetting why you even got there in the first place. First, the girls are so stale my hard cock almost turned limp because when you open an escort site you want to see escorts who blow your mind right away not gals who are dressed in so many clothes youโ€™d think you are in a clothing store.

ย  ย  This is already making me really sad. Then you add the lack of reviews, no rates on the model descriptions, and just a few pictures, and yours truly has finally reached his tipping point. This is what happens when amateurs are in charge of site designs. They severely let down humble gentlemen like us. What do excellent sites have that Sexmagazin lack, you may ask? Well, for starters, an easy site layout with bold labels for escorts, photos, lots and lots of photos, then verified escorts please, with adding a section for reviews. Thank you.

ย  ย  So no way of knowing the rate for escorts as they are not listed, except you call the number on the escorts' profile, no site translation, little descriptions from the escorts, bad sorting, and no reviews. Yikes!

So What Do I Think of Sexmagazine

ย  ย  Well, my disappointment level hasn't been crossed this high in a while. Maybe because I was super pumped going into this because I felt my raw shaft would find a sweet slick pussy with ease. This site could use a whole lot of redesign, from adding other languages to making it easy to navigate, so horny monsters like us would regularly call this place home.

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