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โœ“ Free
โœ“ Easy to access
โœ“ Escort profiles typically have lots of images and often videos
โœ˜ Average site design
โœ˜ Not that many escorts
โœ˜ Unimpressive site features
โœ˜ Poor language options

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#1. SexoSur Alternative

ย  ย  It's okay to be in the news every day for one reason or the other. I mean that's how people get famous, get endorsements and get the moolah in spades. The country of Chile and its people on the other hand appears to be very news/publicity-averse. I mean, you have to try hard and dig deep to hear this country and its people mentioned anywhere and that freaks me out a little bit.

ย  ย  Got a map? Well, Chile is in South America and is a long and narrow strip of land that looks like an appendix that was cut out of the bowels of Zeus himself. Hail that fella and praise the great Kratos from the God of War series for giving him an uppercut to remember or something like that!

ย  ย  Now, I'm actually here to review a Chilean escort site. Yes, there are escorts in that country and yes, people do have sex there although that never makes the news! Here's my review and be sure to read it and prosper.

Rated Safe For Pussy Demolition!

ย  ย  Welcome to this review section. Kindly take your seat while I run my mouth on matters related to escort rates. I'm very sure that's what y'all want to hear first, right?

ย  ย  Well, better prepare for some disappointment. The reason for this is that prices are simply not listed on the many escort profiles that I was privileged to investigate on this escorts Chile website.

ย  ย  Anyway, pussy is always cheap in South America. So, escorts on the site should charge like 40,000 to 180,000 Chilean Pesos per hour, and that in greenbacks is $51 to $229. Of course, the rate will be much less if you are booking pussy for less than an hour.

ย  ย  I doubt you can see an escort in the states who will agree to subject herself to a barrage by your cannon for a measly $51. So, expect to pay roughly half of what you normally shell out for escorts in the states. That's not too bad.

All Kinds For All Fucking Stuff

ย  ย  There's all kinds of action on SexoSur. Trans, males, chicks, mature, and girls are all available and you can use the filter option atop each page to see the profiles of all of these, or the particular sex you want to get entangled with. Also atop each page is a good list of Chilean cities and a click on any of these takes you to the escorts in these places. But not all cities have escorts.

ย  ย  Now, escort image thumbnails are on the small side and come equipped with the name of the escort, her age, and location. There are VIP escorts too and these can be readily identified by the tags on their profile thumbnails. A few escort thumbnails have their images replaced with a GIF and these can be readily mistaken for ads.

ย  ย  Escort profiles here are notable for containing a lot of low-quality images and occasionally a video or two. These images are viewable in slideshow format, but this can't compensate for the fact that less attention is paid to crafting informative bios. Thus, you can readily see what an escort looks like and judge how her ass might bounce on your dick, but be unable to learn the kind of girl she is unless you chat her up by phone or Whatsapp.

ย  ย  However, even those escort Chile profiles with deficient bios still attach details as to the kind of services they are prepared to render, their age, weight, height, and overall measurement. That should be enough for most of us. Take Deva Rivaronny for example. She's a 26-year old escort with 27 images and 3 videos on her profile, plus an extremely brief bio that has very few personal details. Still, tags on her profile page let you know she's available for travel and up for anal XXX, plus sex and oral action with a condom.

ย  ย  Maite VIP on the other hand is a 27-year old VIP escort who's so proud of being in the VIP category that she incorporated it into her username. Her business. Anyway, this babe is slightly more talkative than Deva and in her bio mentions that she's a lovely woman and an excellent companion who's willing to perform GFE, 69, and most other kinds of sexual services. Maite is too shy to reveal her face, but has a lithe and toned body, very long legs, small but pert tits, and the most perfectly rounded derriere on Sexo Sur!

ย  ย  Now, let's get to the serious stuff- quality. Escorts Chile quality is slightly above average. These girls look and act like pros and it would be a thing of great joy to get down and dirty with most of them.

The SexoSur Experience

ย  ย  Sexo Sur tries for the delicate and enticing look, but doesn't quite succeed. The site looks good, with a black background color and images of its girls artfully obscured therein. A registration tab is at the top right of the homepage and you can register for free if you have an email.

ย  ย  To start off your escort discovering and booking career, you merely have to take a good look at the list of towns in the middle of the homepage and click on any of these. Doing that will take you to a new page filled with escorts from the city/town you just clicked on, and content options are available on this page to sort these escorts by sex and sexual orientation. You can as well use these sorting options to look for profiles with videos, as well as mature escorts. For some reason, there are links to old escort-related blogs on the right side of each escort page and I can't see their utility.

ย  ย  Overall, the site looks good, but there's lots of room for improvement, Site features are average at best and there are neither ads nor spam. There don't seem to be that many escort profiles and the update frequency is something I'm very unsure of. Spanish is the default and only language and shucks to you if you can't speak it without tying your tongue in knots!

What I Think of SexoSur

ย  ย  SexoSur does nothing to impress. It has some good girls, but the site could do with a refresh. Have a look at it, but don't be surprised if you don't want to stay for long.

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