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โœ“ Many regions available
โœ“ Private Massages and Spa
โœ˜ No price information
โœ˜ Navigation isn't easy
โœ˜ Site looks confusing

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#1. SexSMSOglasi Alternative

ย  ย  A place where you get to talk about intimate things and publish ads anonymously is definitely a win for shy people, I guess. Just have a conversation, and if you both share similar interests, then thatโ€™s a bonus. Get to talk and get down while exchanging naughty smiles and talk via horny eyes.

ย  ย  This site promises to give you a wide range of options to explore, so hop on and see what you can find.

The Homepage of Messages

ย  ย  The homepage of this site looks very confusing, and it also looks like it's being bombarded with text and is not allowed to breathe. The homepage of this site is very busy, but letโ€™s see what it has to offer. Just be careful so you donโ€™t trip over text; save the strength so you can trip and fall into a honey pot instead.

ย  ย  The choice of colors here is good, but more is needed to make the site attractive. The logo on the top left side of the page simply reloads the site; there is nothing special about it.

ย  ย  The rates of SMS charges are also displayed on the same row that houses the logo. It's just like how the chest has twin boobs on the right and left side. A practical demonstration of this would have been better.

ย  ย  The next row has several control buttons: there is the home button, cities, orientation, interests, recommendations, etc. and then a little to the other side has a gay site advertisement. The cities button has a list of locations where you can make your choices, and the interests button has a list of different services and offers you might like.

ย  ย  The next thing you see is a big box of information regarding the site. Everything you need to know about the site is written here, and you can also get answers to any questions you might have. It teaches you how to send sex ads.

ย  ย  It also shows you the format of sending these ads and how much it will cost on all networks in Croatia, including the VAT rate. Make sure to take note of all instructions and format so that the love ads you send will be visible on the site so that you get to meet a partner.

ย  ย  Unlike regular escort sites, where you begin to see escort ads after checking out the features of a site, what you begin to see here are sex contact ads of people who have sent in their ads to be published.

ย  ย  There are many of them, just like escort sites, that have many escort ads to choose from. There are a variety of options here. The only difference here is that you have to find advertisements that fit into your category.

ย  ย  There is a long list of them, and at the end of the list is an option to keep loading for more ads. Then there are ads on the right side of this page, too, and other option categories such as cities in Croatia, sexual orientation, interests, live phone sex, the latest information and ads from the blog, and others.

ย  ย  The sexual orientation category is more like a filter button because there is a list of options such as couples, transgender, bi-sexual, he is looking for her and vice versa, etc., so you can click on any of these and head straight to where you can find ads for just that category.

ย  ย  The same thing applies to Interests; you get to choose the kind of services you want, from fetish to massage to domination, etc.

Are There Escorts Here?

ย  ย  I guess itโ€™s already evident that this is not a traditional escort site that your cock is familiar with because of the kind of content it carries. Escorts sites will leave your cocks jubilating for joy because of the juicy asses and boobs that can be seen. Since there are no escorts here, letโ€™s find out what can be found here.

ย  ย  This site isnโ€™t an escort site, but a site where you get to meet horny people looking for other horny cocks or cunts to form a union via text messages. Now, these ads are categorized differently; you can choose the kind of ads you want to see.

ย  ย  Any category you click on, maybe transgender, youโ€™ll see advertisements of people looking for transgender people. In each of these advertisements, there is a description of what the person wants, like age range services. Some include their fetishes, like domination, and then their mobile number.

ย  ย  The date of publication is stated, and there is also an indication that tells whether or not the site has been reviewed. There are also options to emphasize, delete, and report an advertisement. There is a little red caution box that appears under an ad, and this happens only when the user has been reported for abuse.

ย  ย  You need to be careful while searching for a horny partner to suck on your cock, cunt, or juicy boobs.

Do These Users Have a Price Rate?

ย  ย  Unlike escort sites, where you get to see a price rate attached to the profiles of the escorts, there are no price rates tied anywhere on this site. Itโ€™s either there are no rates here, or rates are discussed at meet-up points.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  It is an exciting site with lots of texts that can cause you to have sore eyes, but there are so many ads here to go through and also lots of choices to make. So itโ€™s a must visit site, especially if you do not want to have escorts around.

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