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    Hey hi, welcome to another day of escorts and making worship your cock, and what do we have in store for you today? Not much… just the Sextrader review that brought you here. I will be going through the basic things that you need to know, things like the pros and cons of the Sex trader escort site, the qualities of the escorts on the platform, and ending things with my own verdict, it’s nothing much… I will be breezing through this Sextrader review, so stay with me till the end!

Sextrader Review

    How long does it take you to decide on an escort? I meant like when you see her, you like her, you message her, and you hire her… how long does it take? Keep that in mind. Sextrader has a pretty basic website, the front page is a disclaimer you might want to read, and below it is a button to enter the site. When you get to Sextrader’s homepage, you are presented with different escort directories based on the major cities in South Africa, and when you click on a city, there you have it… posts of different escorts that you might be interested in hiring, let’s leave the escort discussions for later and talk about the Sextrader website.

    The navigation isn’t impressive nor is it bad, it’s just there, existing without issue. It is pretty easy to get to the escorts’ post page without any issue, as long as you ignore anything that might want to sway your attention. The post page is a list of escort posts and all you have to do is click on the “Show Tel No” box on each post to get the escort’s number… pretty basic right?

Are the Pussies good?

    Honestly, I can’t even say… there is no way to say if the pussies on Sextrader are good or not, I mean from the pictures, they look good and ready to be fucked but there isn’t even enough information to be able to say rate the escorts. The pictures are not erotic or enticing enough, they have their heads cut off or damn… let’s get off this. The only thing nice about sextrader is that they have that “available now” badge that shows which escort is online.

    There are loads of functionalities lacking on Sextrader and trust me if I start to list them I would spend the whole day and I won't be done listing. But let’s talk about a few… Sextrader is missing a proper profile, they might be trying to make the website fast and easy for you to hire escorts but this is just pathetic, the short description is not even enough to help me, or you make a choice on whether to hire these escorts or not.

    And not just the brief write-ups, the descriptions are lacking in every possible way! There are prices or rates or any tangible information on how much they charge, the pictures are also looking like something that was pulled out of someone’s profile. I mean, someone’s description is literally “super hot sexy Asian flower for your pleasure”… bruh we gardeners now lmaoo.

    To cap these off, there is no review section. Well, what was I expecting from a site that literally forgets to have the basic things an escort site needs on its platform. Perhaps an escort review might have been able to shed some light on whether these escorts are real or not, or whether they are some of those escorts that let their pussy do the talking rather than their posts… but well, there’s no way of knowing that.

Is Sextrader a Reliable escort site in South Africa?

    Nahhh… sextrader isn’t a reliable site to hire escorts in South Africa, well to me at least. It might be okay to some people in the horny community and they might have found success using it but I just don’t feel it is worth your time, the website is in shambles and I don’t even know why it is still out there, online, functioning. We got more reliable escort sites in SA reviewed on our platform, check them out.

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