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โœ“ Free
โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ“ Good number of escort
โœ“ Good site design
โœ˜ Price information
โœ˜ No language option

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#1. Seznamka69 Alternative

ย  ย  One would think that the inspiration behind this site name is stemmed from a good 69 sexual experience the site owner had, and I canโ€™t blame him. Have you tried an all nude sexual party before? Iโ€™ll tell you something for free. Trying to scream help when your tongue is stucked in the cunt of that shawty is just going to be useless, just eat that pussy and shut the hell up.

ย  ย  Itโ€™s a two way thing yeah, you get to eat and be eaten. How cool is that? Well, Iโ€™m sure your cock is overdue for a treat. Well, that aside, I am glad I did not miss the numbers class of pleasure lesson 101; how would I have understood what 69 meant?

ย  ย  Well, let me do you a favour by introducing you cock to seznamka69. Hop on, and hold your balls tight, it's going to be a humpy ride. Stay glued to your screen so you donโ€™t miss a thing.

Sezy Homepage

ย  ย  Before viewing anything, you will find a pop-up notification which is just for confirmation that you are above the age of 18, after which you will not be bothered by any more pop-up notifications and since the website is not in English, you will have to enable auto-translate on your device browser app in order to make sense of the pop-up notification.

ย  ย  The 69 which sits close to seznamka on the top left side of the homepage is quite fascinating, as well as other homepage features. The center page has the advertisements, catalog of erotic sites, login and contact button which all have their specific function, but the catalog of erotic sites is a page to behold as there are more escort sites there.

ย  ย  There's a menu icon at the top left where you can filter the category of ads you want to see, ranging from massages, escorts, swingers, etc; there is also the option to select the kind of services you want to see, and how you prefer those services, ranging from she seeks him, of he seeks her, or he seeks him, and lots more. Below this is a list of the newest girls on the website.

ย  ย  There is also a search button at the center of the page that allows you to choose your preferred region, and right next to this is a search button that allows you to search immediately for anything as long as it is within the walls of seznamka69. Below this is an array of sexy face blurred ladies with beautiful endowments, good enough to appease the deities of your boners.

Sezy Profiles

ย  ย  Hitting a profile thumbnail directs you to an escort's profile page, which reveals some information about the escort. You get to read a short bio or info about the escort, and some escorts actually divulge their services. So, basically, seznamka69 does not entertain long-ass profiles and bio descriptions.

ย  ย  Already, from the homepage, the ads being displayed have a brief preview of the escorts' bio, which would contain their names, ages, kinds of services they offer, and in some, you will find the name of the town in which they are currently in. You might not find the same information on the VIP ads, though. Those ones only carry the location of the escort being advertised.

ย  ย  Back to contacting, and like I said, you donโ€™t have to dwell for so long on the profiles of these ladies when you open any of the ads. You will find a very brief write-up that is supposed to convince you to contact them, with a fuller view of their photo right next to it.

ย  ย  I think connecting with the escort of your choice does not get any easier and instant than that. You will also find the region where these escorts operate and exactly which town they are in. Of course, when you make the call, you must let them know where you got their contact information. Don't be a creep.

Are These Escorts Real?

ย  ย  It would be hard to decipher whether or not these escorts are real, because there are just so many assumptions going on, but from experience ,escorts who are whose faces are blurred or cropped out are likely to be more real than fake.

ย  ย  In all of this, you just have to take precaution and donโ€™t let those big booties and large titties fool you because some of these escorts donโ€™t use their own photos.

Sezy Charges

ย  ย  The escorts of this site would definitely need some bucks spoiling after keping you company, so let's find out if they have a request on their profiles.

ย  ย  Hey horny blokes, I am sorry to break the bad news to you; there are no charges stated here; it's pretty disheartening; well, you could place a call to find out what the charge would be for the services you need to be rendered.

ย  ย  We could also have an estimate; since no charge is stated, we might as well estimate the rate judging from other escort sites in the region and that would between 800 to 1200 CZK per hour on average, and when converted to USD, it will equate to $35 and $52 respectively. On high ends, $200 upwards can solve the mystery.

What I Think of

ย  ย  You can already tell from the simplicity of the web design and its all-around navigation that they do got something good going. Escorts here are of average quality though.

ย  ย  Also, the easy contacting of escorts is definitely checking them out, but they do not have a charge rate, which makes the rating drop. Imagine calling every girl to find out which rate best suits your budget; too bad!

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