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โœ“ Easy to navigate the site
โœ“ Verified escorts
โœ“ No Spam
โœ“ Prices listed
โœ˜ No pictures of their face
โœ˜ The price is on the high side
โœ˜ No reviews

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#1. SgVIPEscorts Alternative

ย  ย  Thereโ€™s always room for some nice pump action, I mean, have you seen how hot these bitches are? When you think youโ€™re done fucking the hottest of them, another hottie pops out of nowhere and you, the gift that wonโ€™t stop giving (or taking as the case may be). As a fellow pleasure seeker, I totally support and agree with you!

ย  ย  On that note, weโ€™re going to take a bit of a waltz around the site called Iโ€™m going to be sharing my experience with it and my honest thoughts. Nothing deep, just everything you need to know, letโ€™s jump into this SG VIP Escorts review.

Bucks for The Buck

ย  ย  First off, the homepage has a few pictures of beautiful women. Nothing too out of place. The photo gallery section is where it does get interesting because you see a lineup of more pictures and when you click on any picture you fancy, you find the escortโ€™s name, age, rates, and other extra information. You also find a number you can contact (spoiler: itโ€™s not the escortโ€™s personal line).

ย  ย  Prices generally range from 800 Singaporean dollars to about 1200 Singaporean dollars for one hour with an escort of your choice. Letโ€™s check out some of the escorts on SgVIPEscorts.

ย  ย  Ruby, 23, is one of my favorite escorts on the site. A mixed-race beauty (yes my tastes are exotic) with a hot figure, sheโ€™s ready to give you the nastiest time of your life for just S$1200 an hour. Iโ€™d have gone into more details but that might take away some of the allure.

ย  ย  29-year-old Eva is a Chinese escort with a natural flair for pleasure. Her hands, mouth, and cunt can do things thatโ€™d make you confess all your sins whilst committing new ones. She manages to pull all of this off for just S$1100 an hour.

Let your guard down

ย  ย  The escorts on SG VIP Escorts honestly escort you can relate to and let your guard down around, right before they make you scream out profanities in pleasure. The women are beautiful, however, some of them have the kind of beauty that grows on you.
On the site, you can find the FAQs, the photo gallery, and the ways you can contact the agency and thatโ€™s about it. Every other discourse such as verification and booking is done by email, phone or WhatsApp directly with the agency.

My Turnoff

ย  ย  There are no reviews on the SGVIPEscorts, itโ€™s quite sad but then again, you canโ€™t blame them. Another deal breaker for me is the headless pictures and the hiked pricesโ€ฆ yikes. Although a lot of people make use of this agency to hire escorts in Singapore, you might be able to hit one off, if you try your luck.

What I think of

ย  ย  The services provided by the escorts on the site are exceptional but I believe the agency can do better by adding a lot more escorts to the number available so that there is a wider variety to choose from. Overall itโ€™s an okay site but Iโ€™ll keep my thumbs to myself for nowโ€ฆ there are loads of escort sites in SG reviewed on this platform,, check them out.

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