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SimpleEscorts Colombia

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โœ“ Lots of escorts
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โœ“ Nice layout/design
โœ˜ Ad's
โœ˜ No language options
โœ˜ Escort Prices are not stated

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#1. SimpleEscorts Colombia Alternative

ย  ย  Colombia is a country in South America, named after the great Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus. Megadiverse and bordered by Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, the Caribbean sea and Peru. Columbia was a former colony of Spain and hence the use of Spanish as their official language. They have a mixed race of Africans, Indians and Spanish descendants in their origin which makes their cultures diverse, and well you guess it right if I should suppose so. Thereโ€™s also a wide variety of escorts on the menu for choosing. Basically, about 49 million people live in this Latino region of the world. Now, if that ainโ€™t an interesting statistic, I wonder what is. Famous for their colorful carnivals, beautiful beaches, dense forests of the Amazon basin, as well as deserts.

ย  ย  Colombia is the second most populated Spanish speaking country in the world and the 5th largest economy in Latin America. Well, blah, blah, blah, you could say and well, Wikipedia could tell you the rest, but much as always, itโ€™s time to look at what the Colombian soil has to offer to us cunt-wise. And yeah, my focus is on the site called Letโ€™s find out if itโ€™s any easier for us to navigate to getting pussies here than it was for Christopher sailing the many seas he did in this Simpleescorts review.

Simple Donโ€™t Mean Itโ€™s That Simple

ย  ย  A wallet with some cash, thatโ€™s always the drill. Yeah, thatโ€™s it. Did Columbus carry cash with him to bribe the Mermaids for a good time since maybe there were no women on board? I donโ€™t know, and I canโ€™t say for certain if that guy was celibate or with a sack that needed good clearing every now and then. Well, chances are we are in the same ship if youโ€™ve read up until this point and that only means escortsโ€™ asses are the priority so it all really begins with how much these escort babes charge.

ย  ย  So what do the babes on Simpleescorts charge as their going rates? Well, while there are a good deal of beautiful and really stunning escort asses on this site, itโ€™s interesting that they donโ€™t state their going rates. Now, that only means youโ€™ll be needing my opinion on this. So yeah, it is the wild wild Colombia with a lot of diversity. On average, escorts here charge 120,000 COP/ 30 USD for an hour. On the lower end, there are those escorts that charge a half of this rate. If you ask me, thatโ€™s a pretty good deal.

What's It Like In A Colombian Home??

ย  ย doesn't give you escorts in Colombia alone, it also has other country options on their homepage but we're focusing on Colombia today. To begin with, the site design is pretty impressive and one that is really easy to navigate. After hitting the siteโ€™s URL in your browser, what comes up is a page with a list of the countries this escort service site covers. Navigating to any country on the list is really as easy as spewing your juices on an escortโ€™s butt after putting in all the hard work into clearing some escort bushes. Again, clicking on Colombia reveals a list of cities in the country. Now, I really had my thumbs up for the neatness of this site and the ease of navigation. Pretty top notch I must say. But then, there was this little challenge. So yeah, everything goes pretty well, until you select Colombia. The home page has English as its default language but on navigating to the Colombian section of the site, the language changes to Spanish. Well, this wouldnโ€™t be a problem if the site had language options, but then there really isnโ€™t any such feature on the site. However, thanks to our Google best friend, using a Google translator solves this issue.

Whatโ€™s With The 20 Year Olds?

ย  ย  So whatโ€™s on the Colombian pussy menu on Simpleescorts? In the city of Acacia is hot latina babe by name Valerie. 25 years of age written in her profile, she offers sex in all poses, strip shows, kisses, caresses, virtual sex, lesbian sex, threesomes etc. Just to the right corner of the screen are the whatsapp and phone buttons where you could easily reach her through. This girl is quite blessed in the behind and beautiful, so there's every reason to want her.

ย  ย  Another cunt to look out for in Acacias is Daniela. Daniela is thick and hippy, inked with tattoos and long haired. 24 years and open for virtual sex chats, as well as oral sex, and couple deals she lives in a private apartment and so your pussy-hungry phallus has an abode you donโ€™t even know of yet. Will you shag or pass? Shag to bits everytime is my own answer Penis friends!

ย  ย  These babes are just two stunning examples from the many on Simpleescorts. The babes here are of really good quality I must say. No amateur-type, forest-for-a-vagina babes are here. Their pussies all look as clean as the polar ice caps of the Arctic.

ย  ย  Interestingly, literally nine out of every ten escorts on the site fall in their twenties. Now, Iโ€™m forced to think that these asses were recruited and very thoroughly selected. Well, while I want to think so, thereโ€™s no hardcore proof of any such verification process as the escorts here are not verified. Sadly also, the escort profiles here are not as detailed as I would have hoped for. Escorts include their contact details in their profiles and a sparse amount of personal information and thatโ€™s really all there is to the escort profiles here.

What I Think Of Simpleescorts

ย  ย  Yes, you'd find top class babes to shag on this site, but are you willing to wade through the priceless profiles hitting up these babes to find out their going rates yourself? I doubt Iโ€™d do that, especially considering that the profiles here arenโ€™t verified in any way. Simpleescorts delivers on the basics we all need to hit up an escort and shag her clits till sheโ€™s red in the face but I wonโ€™t recommend this site with my full chest.

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