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Skokka Ecuador Review

โœ“ Good, clean, and familiar site design
โœ“ Easy to use
โœ“ Has lots of escorts of all sex
โœ“ Escort profiles filled with racy hi-res images
โœ˜ Spam
โœ˜ Average site features
โœ˜ No advanced search options

Score 66/100






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#1. Skokka Ecuador Alternative


ย  ย  Skokka is as common and familiar in the escort business as tea, with scones and shortbread would be to the typical Englishman. It is kind of like a franchise, with Skokka branches in almost every country offering much the same services to anyone horny enough to require cumming release in an escort of any sex. Yeah, there are male, female, and trans escorts on Skokka, and which you end up with will probably influence your ability to sit down for the next few weeks!

ย  ย  Hereโ€™s my review. Read it and weep while having an orgasm!

Hitting The Money Train

ย  ย  For sure, the escorts on Skokka Ecuador are peachy as sin, but finding out how much these beauties charge to let you explore their tight holes is not an easy matter. Yeah, it seems like Skokka has signed a pact with the devil and his minions not to list the prices of its escorts and thatโ€™s always frustrating.

ย  ย  But let me tell you about a very hot 20-year old escort who lives in Ambato. This oval-faced chick with waist-length hair is a beauty with a bubble butt and what seems to be fake tits. She does anal, BJs, squirt games, and practically everything else and unlike her peers is considerate enough to list her prices and for that I canโ€™t praise her too highly! Her rates are $400 for an all-night fuckathon, $50 for an hour $30 for a half-hour

ย  ย  I would say escort prices here should be around $40-$50 per hour on average. Yeah, I am mostly confident that with around 50 bucks you can hire an escort here for an hour of high-grade fun and thatโ€™s cheaper than in the states. Just donโ€™t put the escort you hire in a wheelchair, or the rest of us will be denied her services for too long!

Skokka Escorts On Rampage

ย  ย  Right from the Skokka Ecuador homepage you are allowed to choose the kind of escorts you desire getting freaky with. Male, female, and trans escorts are available, as well as girls for casual encounters and video chat sluts. The casual encounter girls apparently do not pretend to be escorts and are just there to offer their pussies, gullets, and assholes for epic banging sessions that break a few limbs and shift a few organs!

ย  ย  So, if you want to see some handsome dudes with pretty long cocks, you could head over to the male escort section. Or if your taste runs to chicks with huge jugs, big asses, and penises long enough to compete with the trunk of an adult elephant, then you could opt to sashay to the trans section. As for me, I did what I always do and made a beeline for female escorts in the female section of this escorts Ecuador site.

ย  ย  There are 50+ female escort pages here and browsing from page to page is tedious. That is because you can only click Next and Previous to go from page to page, and cannot leapfrog from the first page or the last.

ย  ย  At the top of the female escort page and all pages on this site are options that let you look for male and trans escorts, as well as casual encounter girls, and this option is also available on the bottom of the page. Also featured atop all pages is a pull-down menu that enables escort search by locality, for example, Quito, Loja, Cuenca, and Salinas. There is also a search bar there that lets you search for escorts Ecuador by name.

ย  ย  Now, escort profile thumbnails on Skokka Ecuador are arranged horizontally by date and feature a title, a small amount of text, the age, and location of the escort, and direct links to her Whatsapp and phone number. Those with a Top Premium or Top mark have a slideshow of images playing on their profiles, while those without this have a profile thumbnail without visible images. You have to click on these profiles to see the images they contain and read stuff about the escort they belong to.

ย  ย  For some reason, escorts on the site mostly do not use names. Their profiles are detailed enough and contain information as to what they do, plus multiple hi-res images that leave little to the imagination. But the profile arrangement could be better done. Worth noting is that all escorts on this escort Ecuador site have a unique alphanumeric ID and are thus easily identifiable with this.

ย  ย  One profile was of big booty and no-name 21-year old lady. Sheโ€™s quite pretty and openly confesses her willingness to deepthroat you, do threesomes, fulfill your fantasies and let you fuck her raw if you are clean. Another is of a 27-year old from Quito who calls herself Katte. Sheโ€™s educated and classy and is of the slim and curvy type.

ย  ย  I would say that escort quality here is above average and there are a few repeat profiles. Most escorts on the site look like models, talk dirty like they mean to eat you alive and appear over eager to fuck every itty bitty drop of jism out of your cock!

Doing It the ec.Skokka Way

ย  ย  ย All Skokka escort sites use the same format and Skokka Ecuador is no different. It features a well-designed homepage with a white background color and to get started you simply choose from any of the four colorful image thumbnails on the site advertising male, female and trans escorts, as well as casual encounters. Options at the top of the site homepage also let you search for escorts of all sex and in different locations.

ย  ย  You can register here by clicking the relevant tab at the top right of all pages on this escort Ecuador site. Registration is free and requires just an email and a password, with an activation link being sent to your mail. But there is little point in registering if you donโ€™t live in the country and canโ€™t speak the language. Yeah, I must have forgotten to mention it, but Spanish is the default and only language here. Plus to complete your registration you will need to input your Ecuadorian phone number and other stuff, which I am sure most of you do not have.

ย  ย  Now, site features on Skokka Ecuador are adequate. There are no ads and we give thanks for that. But there sure are some spam, and this is most evident in escort profiles that do not fall into the Top Premium or Top category.

What I Think of Skokka Ecuador

ย  ย  Well, Skokka Ecudor has no standout feature and is for the most part average. Even its girls while great for the purpose are not the sort you give your life for and whether these escorts are verified is open to debate.

ย  ย  I can see myself recommending this Ecuadorian escort site if you live in the country and know its ways. Otherwise, just keep clear and renew your acquaintance with your slick right hand!

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