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Skokka Singapore

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Free to use
Has trans, female, and male escorts to suit all tastes
It has quite a lot of listings
The escorts are not verified
No review section

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#1. Skokka Singapore Alternative

    As a country that’s popular for Hawker centers, landmarks, skyscrapers, and cultural diversity—There's no denying that Singapore packs a lot of surprises, even with its laws! Oh more surprises lie in its selection and quality of escorts that are pink from head to tiddies, through the thighs, and to their toes.

    Okay let’s take a step back for a minute haha, we are gathered here today to talk about one of the escort sites for hiring escorts in Singapore and it’s known as Skokka Sg. Is it as good as the Vagina Bay Sands? Or just a couple of craps slapped together? Stay till the end of this article and you’ll know what I think about

May the god of Pleasure smile on Us

    You know when you’re scrolling on the street and some chick psst psst at you, signaling some ride action in exchange for cash… yea, good old days haha, anyways, you can’t really do that here in Singapore since public solicitation is illegal. This is why most people just use the Singaporean escort sites available.

    That’s a side piece of information if you’re new around here… but let’s get down to the main points of the day—how good is Skokka for hiring escorts in Singapore?

    The first thing you’d notice when you land on is the plain and tasteless homepage with grid options of the type of escorts you might be interested in… it’s not really bad and to be fair, it’s straightforward, but would have preferred a freaky and crazy type of frontpage to keep the arousal secured and prepared haha.

    And when you click on a section, you get taken to a page of a long list of escorts and you can just scroll through and make a selection. Pretty good, but at least some city filtering functions would have been a good choice to make things easier for us, rather than just searching.

    As for the options, the list is freaking long and I'm not even joking, you might end up scrolling for an eternity and you’ll still find loads of tiddies and slim thick ass cheeks on the next page… I can never get tired of these faces smiling and telling me they wanna suck on my wood for a few hundred bucks haha.

    Now these chicks charge a buck… to suck the soul out of you, they gonna bill your ass around $S300 – $S500 per hour and there’s nothing you can do about it haha. They’re always in demand by the tourists and rich uncles tryna get a few girls to the casino for a fun time, so the room for negotiation is often tight.

    There’s this pretty Japanese chick on Skokka that charges around $S300 per hour for services like anal, BDSM, GFE, erotic massage, and so on. Now she might not look like the best one out of the bunch, but think about the things she can do with that petite body… dude, she’ll rock your world.

    Ashley is another escort on Skokka Singapore with nice tits and a nicer ass… but this time, she charges $S500 per hour. She calls herself a goddess on the sheets and knows how to use her mouth to call out the soul through your shaft like an exorcist. She loves domination and would do anything for you as long as you got that big bag of money ready to go haha.

A Ring of Fire and Pleasure

    When it comes to escort sites in Singapore or other parts of the world, the quality of the chicks is what we give a flying shit about, not the front page or the list, and Skokka Sg is no exception to that golden need.

    I’ll be straight with you, I don’t think the quality on this site is marvelous… You might say there are some good posts of chicks with beautiful pictures and good bio ready to rock your world, but I’ll say that’s all about it and that’s what scares me the most.

    Some of these chicks look too good to be true, there’s no review section for the past people who have hired these chicks, and getting in touch with them is quite difficult. Oh and the biggest deal breaker of them all, there isn’t any form of verification done on the escorts on Skokka Singapore. So this means there’s a very high chance you’re talking to a catfish who has stolen an escort’s pictures from a different site.

What I think about this Singaporean Escort Site might have a lot of eye-catchy profiles and chicks that make you wanna drop that cash, thinking you are gonna smack some ass tonight… word of advice? Don’t do it. These profiles are likely to be fake and you might get ripped off real bad if you fall for it.

    I’d rather use other reliable escort sites in Singapore to hire chicks all around and be in the safe zone… oh, we got some of them reviewed on, so check em out and do your shaft a favor. Have fun out there buddy.

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