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Skokka Uruguay Review

โœ“ Its all free
โœ“ Nice selection of escorts
โœ“ Has trans, female, and male escorts to suit all tastes
โœ˜ Escorts not verified in any way
โœ˜ Ad's
โœ˜ Site design not exactly inspiring

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#1. Skokka Uruguay Alternative

You guys know me well enough by now to guess that open pussies are my main weakness. I mean, I can never resist a girl whenever she spreads her legs and invites me to do my worst to that puffy cream cake thatโ€™s busily oozing cream and juice! At such times I am lost and the trumpet could sound and I wouldnโ€™t be aware of the fact, nor would I care till I had put both my tongue and thrusting tomahawk to full use!

But of course, I donโ€™t think you all are here to hear me wax lyrical about pussies that open for my benefit. Oh, are you? Letโ€™s leave that topic for a while and focus on a review of one of the many Uruguayan escort websites that I know of. I am referring to Skokka Uruguay and if I had my way I would get the fellas behind the name to line up on a football field and be constantly bowled over by herds of charging bulls! Yeah, I am not a fan of the name, as it makes Skokka sound like a website where you can find and buy heavy machinery. I mean, escort sites are supposed to have sweet and erotic names, but thereโ€™s clearly nothing sweet and erotic about Skokka Uruguay.

Anyway, hereโ€™s my Skokka Uruguay review. Read it and better be impressed!

Cheap Pussies For The Taking In Uruguay!

Escorts are usually females who are quite willing to spend hours or days with you and fuck you every which way as long as you can get it up. They generally are not the type to let you fillet them with your sharp woody for free. If you are a nice guy, you would endeavor to fuck them in all the ways listed in the Kamasutra and get them cumming like a mighty tsunami out in the Indian ocean!

But whether you give them pleasing sex and orgasm or not, you will still have to pay for seeing the girls nude and putting it in as deep as you like. Yeah, working for free is not in their job description, and with that being the case better join me as I go finding out how much escorts at Skokka Uruguay charge on the regular.

It could be that escorts on this Uruguayan escort site were threatened with death and disfigurement if they ever listed prices they charge for services rendered! That could help explain why so few of them take the trouble to put up their prices. Of course, escort profiles come with phone numbers and a Whatsapp link for chatting and inquiring about prices, but having prices you can see and know if you can afford or not before talking with these chicks would have made a lot more sense. Damn

Anyway, prices ARE listed on escort profiles here. But looking for these specific escort profiles is a very time-consuming gig. After some minutes of fruitless searching, I stumbled across the profile of a chick called Valentina. Sheโ€™s supposedly 21-years old, offers the boyfriend treatment, and is smack down in Montevideo. Anyway, this Montevideo escort charges $1,800 for an hour of happiness and $1,000 for 30 minutes of happiness. We are talking Uruguayan pesos, not American dollars of course. Converted to USD, the fees work out to $23.48 and $42.27. That seems rather fair and I would gladly pay such a low price to get acquainted with Valentinaโ€™s pussy juices!

Another 21-year old escorts Montevideo called Catalina charges 1,800 pesos per hour and 1,500 pesos per half hour. If you want to fuck her in the ass you need to pay another 1,500 pesos. Suppose you hire her for a half-hour and want to trawl through her butthole, you will be paying 70.45 USD in total at the latest exchange rate. All I can say is that her asshole better be lined with silk or I am gonna complain to the authorities that this escort in Montevideo cheated me of my life savings!

Then thereโ€™s a meaty but toned 26-year old escort called Inanna who charges 1,500 pesos for an hour and 2,000 pesos for what she calls domination hour. Did I mention that sheโ€™s meaty? Well, if the domination hour involves her tying me up and sitting on my face who am I to complain or not to book her for at least 5 consecutive hours? Inanna seems like the kind of chick I am gonna do crazy things with once my magic flying carpet lands in Uruguay and I can get my dick powered up and angry enough to bite through steel and the like!

So, fees charged on the site will vary, but not by much. Add to that the fact that I can take several minutes of browsing before you see an escort ad with the price for services offered listed. Overall though, whatโ€™s charged is usually low and quite affordable for fellas in the states, and for less than a single hundred dollar bill, you can easily spend 2-4 hours with some of the hottest chicks with the hottest asses and pussies a cock has ever slipped through and greased!

Get profiled and fucked on Skokka

Skokka Uruguay makes use of no less than 3 separate types of escort profiles. The first is the Top, the second is the Top Premium and the third is the ordinary one. You can easily see the category each escort falls under by looking for the Top or Top Premium label at the top right of her homepage profile. The common type of escort profiles has no such label. Even worse, thereโ€™s no image on such homepage ads, and if you want to see images you have to first click on such ads.

Also, the Top and Top Premium homepage escort ads all have clickable phone numbers and Whatsapp links that the common sort lack. Like you can just click on the Whatsapp link on the homepage ads of these escorts and get right to chatting with them.

Thereโ€™s another difference I should go ahead and mention. Now, once you click on the profile of the common types of escorts, her images, and other information can be seen, but there are also related escort profiles filling half to two-thirds of the page. In contrast, the ads of the Top and Top Premium escorts, all have their profile information filling the entirety of their page, with no other escort ad showing up.

I am not all that sure what actually marks the three different types of escorts from each other. Still, escort profiles that fit in the common category appear to be less professional. But that could be just my impression.

Generally, all profiles list the name and location, plus the age of the escorts in Uruguay concerned. Pictures and occasionally videos are present too, though in most the ladies take the trouble to blur their faces. A bio and detailed description of services rendered is usual, though how much detail these go into will vary widely.

An example is the profile of Luna, an escort in Montevideo who has enough meat on her to sate my appetite for the rest of the year! You can book her for an hour or half an hour and she will give you a BJ without a condom and even swallow your babies if your jism tastes nice. Good girl! She also permits the taking of nude pictures and videos, but will not agree to double penetrations or stuff involving sadism. I do want to fuck this Montevideo escort in the ass while fisting her, but it is like that's gonna happen. Woe is me!

Thereโ€™s also Ashley- 21-years old, sweet, and slightly tattooed. Her profile says sheโ€™s available all day, can take on the role of your boyfriend or lover, and loves to both give and receive oral sex. Girl, you sound like my favorite cup of tea, and between your legs is my home for all of this life!

Whatever you go to Skokka Uruguay to do better watch your back. See, this escort site in Uruguay takes no responsibility for anything at all if you hire a chick and she turns out to be a thief who robs you blind and the like, nor does it verify its escorts. All these and more are stated in a cover-your-ass message at the very bottom of each escort profile on the site.

So better read this to the fullest and be aware that you might be getting into more than you can comfortably chew and digest if you allow your cock to do your thinking for you and fail to perform due diligence before paying for XXX services on the site.

A Starkly Sweet Tale It Is For Skokka Uruguay!

I have talked about escort ads and escort profiles on this Uruguayan escort site. It is time to talk about the site design and features. To start with, the site design is stark and utilitarian and could never in a million years be accused of being beautiful. A standard homepage with a white background does duty here and all we can hope is that it soon goes AWOL so that a more colorful alternative will make an appearance!

The first time of logging into the site, you will be asked to choose from escorts, male escorts, trans escorts, sex cams, and casual encounters. The latter seems to be the headquarters of lonely guys and couples looking for cute girls they can take home for free and fuck the intestine out of. So, donโ€™t go there if your internals mean something to you!

The Sex Cams section once clicks opens a new tab for Yonicam, which doesnโ€™t really have nothing you havenโ€™t seen before or since. The Trans, Male Escort and Escorts section all have clickable tags beneath them that lets you go directly to escorts, male fuckers, and trans chicks in three cities- Montevideo, Maldonado, and Punta Del Este. Nice!

The Escorts section was where I spent my time, as this had all the female escorts I cared to see. And talking about female escorts, I do feel that this section was mislabeled. It would have been best to advertise it as the Female Escorts section, rather than to tag it simply as Escorts, attach a picture of a hot chick and hope folks understand thatโ€™s where female escorts can be found. Not nice!

Clicking the Escorts category took me to a new page, one filled with a vertically arranged list of female escorts. There are a trio of search bars at the top that lets you hunt for male, female and trans escorts in Montevideo, Punta Del Este, and Maldonado.

Registration options are available too, plus options to post ads for free. I would assess the site design and site features here to be average at best and mediocre at worst. Navigation is average too. There are a few ads on the homepage too, but nothing you or anyone else canโ€™t ignore.

What I think of this Uruguayan escort site

Well, if I was in Uruguay and had an epic itch in my pants, I would rather go look for an anthill to fuck than hire an escort on two from Skokka Uruguay. I hate the site design, the way stuff is arranged, the way pages look, and the fact that escort profiles that do not fall into the Top and Premium category have images that you must click on the profiles to see. That doesnโ€™t make much sense to me.

Also, maths was never my strong point, but I donโ€™t think there are all that many escorts on this escorts Uruguay site and the fact that Skokka makes no move to verify those who call the site home, nor will it take responsibility for anything that goes wrong does not sit well by me.

I do not recommend it. Better go looking for anthills tonight!

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