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โœ“ Hot, sexy escorts
โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ˜ Homepage is Jampacked
โœ˜ Messaging requires sign in

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#1. SleepyBoy Alternative

ย  ย  Perhaps this siteโ€™s owner is a sleepy boy whom escorts have been dreaming of having an entanglement with, or an escort survey says that escorts love the feel of being with a sleepy boy. Whichever way it is, I have a piece of cunt advice for you dude, make sure not to be a sleepy boy and miss out on the fun that you can get from being awake, being sleepy too might turn your boner into a sausage.

ย  ย  Well, letโ€™s check out what sleepy boy has to offer us over here, I just hope itโ€™s not a bunch of sleepy escort girls.

This Bed Seems Good for Sleep

ย  ย  Okay, why does it seem like the popup message of terms and conditions is trying to put me to sleep? I hope the only way it's planning on doing that is after I have satisfied my boner with the looks of the escorts here. Well, letโ€™s proceed.

ย  ย  Oh wow! The homepage of Sleepyboy indeed has dreamy boys splashed all over, from top to bottom, each with their huge cocks waiting to be called upon to be baptized by a dripping cunt or a shit hole. Little wonder what itโ€™s like to be bi, I mean you get to pummel a cunt and an asshole. Well, letโ€™s move on.

ย  ย  This site is quite confusing, because it seems like these boys were locked up for a long time, and upon release, they have been struggling to get hold of space on the homepage of this site, or how else would one explain why there are so many of them scattered everywhere like thereโ€™s a zombie outbreak, sheesh!

ย  ย  Letโ€™s go ahead and check out the features of this site. The top of the page is covered with the profile thumbnails of sleepy escort boys, each showcasing their huge cocks, some the size of a fist and the length of a 10-inch ruler. These profile thumbnails carry their names, age, location, and contact number.

ย  ย  Below this are six control buttons that allow you to freely navigate the homepage. There is the home button, and the join room button where you get to either sign up as an escort or a viewer. So if the sight of huge cocks gives you sexual tension, you might just want to sign up as a viewer. Other buttons when clicked on display the content it carries.

ย  ย  Next up is an introductory message about Sleepyboy, and by the left and right of this message box is a plethora of escort boys, each with a tag of their category as they are either Platinum, Diamond, Silver, or VIP escorts. Below the message box also carries the profiles of these escorts boys, and the latest sleepy boys news.

ย  ย  You also get to see various escort ads as you scroll down. This is pretty much what the homepage of Sleepy Boy offers. Navigation is as simple as sticking your rod in a cunt.

The Bed of The Sleep Boys

ย  ย  Since we have an idea of what the homepage looks like, we might as well check out the profiles of these escort boys. You might first want to know that some of these sleepy boys are bi, exciting yeah? Imagine a threesome with an escort who is bi, phew, I can only imagine.

ย  ย  The profile of these sleepy boys has tons of their photos, judging from the sight of these escort profiles, it seems to be well detailed. They also have a rating which can be quite useful, I mean you get to choose the one thatโ€™s rated above 3 stars. There are also reviews about them, something you rarely get from other escort sites.

ย  ย  Aside from the tons of photos you see upon landing the escortโ€™s homepage, there is another photo collage waiting for you when you click on the photo button that sits next to the review button. You also get to see a video.

ย  ย  Other information you get to see is the age, gender, sexuality, penis size, nationality, eye color, languages spoken, height, waist, weight, etc. there is also contact information, via this, you get to not just call but message them on their social media platforms. Imagine having a quick session on social media without anyone knowing. Such a pleasant feeling.

What is the Bid for the Bed of these Escorts

ย  ย  It is definitely important for escorts to state their rates or prices so I know if to drag my boner around looking for the best deal or drag it out into another site. Well, I guess the escorts here want to stress my boner and also stress some dripping cunts that would be interested in the bi-sexuals by not including their rates.

ย  ย  The profiles of these escorts do not include their rates. Instead what you get to see is โ€œAsk Meโ€ where you are supposed to see the rates. This is very annoying. Looking closer, there is a message that says that escorts are independent of Sleepyboy, and cannot get involved in any financial arrangements. They also recommend that you do not make deposits before any meetings. Does this mean that the escorts here are not trustworthy? Well, be careful.

ย  ย  However, we can judge the rates of these escorts by other escort sites of this region. An estimate would then be $100.

What I think of Sleepyboy

ย  ย  There are tons of escorts here, but they are so jampacked if they were not virtual, Iโ€™m sure they would have felt suffocated. Escort profiles too do not carry rates, so you might just contact them via any contact information.

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