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#1. Slumi Alternative

ย  ย  Hola Como Estas or should I say Cumo estas? Haha, fuck that, welcome to the site where we talk about escorts and escort sites in different countries, and today, we have come to talk about an escort site we sure know you are interested in. While we will be getting to the Slumi review in a minute, gear up and get ready to see what we think about this site, as well as the high-quality escorts and cum collectors that we think might be flocking Slumi escort site.

Escorts and whores in Spain

ย  ย  I didnโ€™t type that, I visited Slumi escort site and the first thing I saw was โ€œEscorts and whores in Spainโ€ and when you see things like this, you know you are in the fucking right place lmao. The website design looks good to me, I noticed how you can simply search for cities and even set a radius around youโ€”giving off that tinder feeling for real. And when you look at the contents of the homepage, all you see are lists of posts by different escorts in different cities in the present day, and you can even scroll down to the end of the page, click More, and enjoy more of those views.

ย  ย  It is also easy to hire escorts on Slumi, just search for the city you want and go through the numerous list of escort posts in that city, choose one and simply contact them through the contact number or whatever contact method listed on their posts.

Verified Hoes for the Cummunity

ย  ย  What did the pussy say to the dick when they come in contact? Well, I donโ€™t know but what I do know is that the escorts on Slumi know what language sex speaks and they speak it so well. These escorts are built like they are made to please your cock and make it thank its stars for keeping up with other low-quality escorts you have been feeding it. On Slumi, there are escorts of different sizes, shapes, and colors, so if you love some options, this escort site might be what you should be looking at.ย 

ย  ย  The best part about Slumi is them taking their time to verify these escort profiles, and when you see an escort that has been verifiedโ€”you know they are real. Thatโ€™s not just the good thing about them, they have their rates and prices listed as well, and being a high-end site for high-end verified cum collectors, the average price Iโ€™m seeing is around 140 Euros per hour.

ย  ย  Another good thing about this escort site is the availability of a review sectionโ€”if only you know how long I have been preaching the benefits of having one on an escort site, this Slumi understood the assignment. Before we go ahead and discuss one or two escorts I found, it is also worth knowing that this site is full of chicks that donโ€™t care about putting their pussy and tits out there, so focus and hire who you want to hire.

ย  ย  Karol is a verified Brazilian escort listed on Slumi, and in her words, she has a body that can give you a heart attackโ€”better not be in the literal sense but oh well. Sheโ€™s got firm tits that look silicon but who cares, with puffy pussy and a plump ass, she charges โ‚ฌ150 per hour and the reviews about her are just crazy. Oh, and from her pictures and video, it seems she is a nude stripperโ€ฆ hereโ€™s your chance to bang a hot one.ย 

ย  ย  I can go on and on about the quality of escorts and even discuss 100s of escorts without getting tired but you would lose your vibe before you even get to hire those hoes and fuck those holes, so just get on your toes and go explore and find your type, who knows, you might be able to land a hotter one than the ones I saw.

Is Slumi a Reliable Escort Site in Spain?

ย  ย  You bet it isโ€”nothing is more reliable than a site that has verification and reviews embedded, that said, Slumi is a reliable escort site in Spain and it is worth checking them out. Just go hire some pretty looking one and let her do the sex talks with your dick, you deserved to be worshipped!

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