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โœ“ Free
โœ“ Lots of entertaining stuff to see
โœ“ Escort ads from all over Canada
โœ˜ Ads in abundance
โœ˜ Spam in abundance
โœ˜ Overcrowded homepage and escort posts

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For a minute there I thought SP411 might be the name of a Covid-19 vaccine. The kind that gives immunity to the disease of course, instead of one that turns you into a cumming zombie who loves Vaseline-coated dick more than life itself! Anyway, SP411 is actually the name of a Canadian forum site where escorts are free to advertise their services and get clients who want to jump with both feet into their expansive pussies!

Today is the day I will be reviewing this escort site Canada. So tune in to my SP411 review if thereโ€™s a boner in you that needs an orgasmic outlet real soon!

Fully Rad Escorts Canada!

Well, it seems every escorts Canada is here on SP411 CC! You have Saskatchewan escorts, Manitoba escorts, Toronto escorts, and more. It does seem that all regions of the country are covered, which is as it should be. There is even a shemale escort thread for those who like their girls to have big breasts and bigger cocks. Time to find out what these escorts charge for a proper pussy pounding!

To kick things off I began with the Toronto former escort thread. Forget about the name, as just about every escort here are active and eager to get plugged with thick man meat! Now, apart from posts on this thread advertising the services of escorts, there are lots of posts asking about the whereabouts of this and that escorts, plus plenty reviews of escorts left by forum users who have sampled their charms.

Fees charged here are quite moderate by the way. Jaida, a 24-year old petite Asian lady charges 100CAD for fifteen minutes, 160CAD for a half-hour, and 300CAD for an hour. Thatโ€™s $80, $127, and $239 respectively. She does not however entertain black gents, which could be because she fears a mighty black woody might tear her cunt into shreds!

If older women are your thing, then Lynn Ha is a perfect fit. Sheโ€™s old but a nympho for sure and offers thirty minutes of full service for the grand price of 120CAD. For that amount you are free to fuck her as many times as you want and cum as many times as you care for, which is a great deal for $97. I would expect that pretty soon she could get so horny she might start giving it away for free! However, to get your cock in her cunt or asshole you need to be at least 40-years of age and in the mood to fuck a slut like her six ways to Sunday!

You can also book the same girl for forty-five minutes at 160CAD, an hour at 180CAD, ninety minutes at 270CAD, and two hours at 330CAD. Thatโ€™s $127, $143, $215, and $263 respectively, which is mighty cheap.

Like I said, the girls here are cheap. A hundred dollars is liable to get you from forty-five minutes to an hour of fun, which is not all that bad compared to what the girls in most American cities charge. But then, the girls you fuck for this kind of money are not top-grade. Know that and temper your expectations.

Cheap Escorts Canada Needing Toothy Boners!

It is rather incredible the amount of flashing ads on SP411. These are a major distraction and can send an epileptic patient over the edge. But letโ€™s leave that for a while and focus on escort profiles on this escorts Canada forum.

Well, escort profiles here are not about to win any awards for sleekness and beauty. Once you click on an escort profile, you have to scroll down quite a bit to see the profile details, as the top one-third of the page is filled with ads. Escort profiles usually say something about the escort and what sheโ€™s willing to do, and at the left is a little box that contains stuff like the date she joined, where sheโ€™s located, and how many posts she has made so far. Phone numbers are usually provided, as well as email and website links.

Take Kitty Caterina, who has an OnlyFans link on her page and in her pictures look meaty and curvy. Sheโ€™s tattooed as well and promises to make your experience with her unforgettable, but I find it difficult to believe this Ottawa escort!

Another sample escort post is that of Britny Sophia. Her profile contains a 15-second long video of her staring into the camera and shyly grinning and thereโ€™s a naked picture of her on a bed thatโ€™s sure to make you want to wank. Be sure to pre-book if you want to bang her and links to her email, website, Twitter and Instagram are listed.

Now, time to review escort Canada profiles here. See, escorts on SP411 are by and large girl-next-door types. None seem classy and high-end, which could be why they are willing to charge small amounts of money. More, you wonโ€™t be able to glean much information from their posts, as stuff there is sparse. But at least you can look at the images of these babes, check out the links they included, decide if they are the kind of girl you need to suck on your cock, and get in touch with them. Thatโ€™s simple enough.

And lest I forget, on every escort thread, intermingled with posts from escorts are reviews of escorts by members, as well as inquiries related to what this or that escort might be doing now, where she might be, and if sheโ€™s a scam or not. In fact, these sorts of posts appear to be more numerous than actual escort posts, which makes little sense.

The Matter Of The Homepage

Before you set foot into SP411, you will be asked if you are OK with visiting an adult site and your answer better be Yes or you are getting deported to Siberia! Once in, you will find the homepage to be one of the most headache-inducing ever!

For one it is filled with all manner of flashing ads, almost like those you see on the strips of Vegas. The top of this escorts Canada site has login and registration tabs and you can register for free, with this giving you privileges not available to non-members. Also found at the top are tabs that will take you offline to sites like TSescorts, Toronto-Escorts, Camonster, and OhMy.ca.

Just beneath these tabs are other tabs that let you check out the FAQ, see the member list, read the newest posts made on the site, and stuff like that. Further down the homepage are escort threads, plus threads on movies, sports, health, and the like. Near the bottom of the page is a list of currently active members, top posters, and site statistics.

I would say this is possibly the worst escort forum page I have ever visited. It has spam and flashy ads in abundance, the homepage is crowded with what looks like useless stuff and actual escort ads can be hard to come by. And oh, the site could desperately use an update and that better happen real soon!

What I Think of Sp411

Well, I am not an evil man or a glutton for punishment. That is why I cannot in good conscience recommend SP411 to even my worst enemy. Avoid it if you can. And do better to avoid it if you cannot!

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