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โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ˜ Homepage looks confusing
โœ˜ No Price Rate

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#1. SumoSearch Alternative

ย  ย  This site name sounds like a magic word to me, I mean, all you have to do is say sumosearch with the โ€˜chโ€™ being silent then attach the word you want to search for. Letโ€™s say sumosearch escort, sounds crazy yeah? Is it similar to the crazy feeling you get when you poke the ass hole instead of the cunt? I bet it is.

ย  ย  So I heard of a site that could help you search for escorts easily yeah, and that is sumosearch. I hope this isnโ€™t fluff and indeed I can get a blonde escort with round boobs, large hips, and a pretty cunt. Hop on this search train, letโ€™s find out together.

Learn To Use the Magic Words

ย  ย  The homepage of this site looks somewhat official, unlike other escort sites where you get to see cunts and boobs glaring at you in the face screaming come get me sumosearch has a calm interface with no photos in sight. At first look, it doesnโ€™t look like an escort site, until you begin tapping on buttons.

ย  ย  I wonder if the designer was an employee at a search engine company because it is built like one. Well, letโ€™s dig in and find out if there are golds to be mined.

ย  ย  Just as your cock has to be positioned in the center of a widely spread legs, just right inside the cunt, every feature on this site sits pretty at the center of the page. The homepage is covered in white color and isnโ€™t bombarded with texts.

ย  ย  At the top you see the logo of the site, right under is a search button that shows different locations in the world. A click on any location displays the category for that country, such as; escorts, male escorts, female escorts, trans and she male escorts, etc.

ย  ย  Next up is a little write-up, sounds boring because Iโ€™m here to wank not to read so many texts. Below the boring texts is a search bar that allows you to search for webpages with just numbers. Quite an interesting feature.

ย  ย  Well, in as much as this site has useful features, my cock is only interested in getting satisfied by the alluring images of escorts teasing me in their lingerie by showing off their resources.

ย  ย  The bottom of the page simply carries these buttons; Terms, FAQ, and Contact. Thatโ€™s all there is to the home page, a very boring and confusing one.

Where are The Escorts?

ย  ย  I am glad I didnโ€™t have to search for so long before finding out the whereabouts of these escorts, they are somewhere hidden in the set location button. All we have to do is click on a location and then view the category for it.

ย  ย  Clicking on the escort category of a location takes you to a page that is filled with profile thumbnails of male and female escorts. This is more of a distraction because I only want to see ass and boobs not boners like mine! So letโ€™s check out the female escort category.

ย  ย  The landing page of the female escort category looks like what my boner wants to see, lots of goodies, pillow-like boobs and balloon asses. Compared to the homepage of sumosearch, the homepage where these escorts dwell looks more interesting and less confusing. The logo button, search button and menu sits pretty on the first row like a cunt waiting to be eaten, next row houses two filter buttons that allow you to choose your preferred location and also filter the kind of escort you need. Uber horny, live sex, and hookup now buttons are what you see right below the two filter buttons. These arenโ€™t hard to navigate at all, as long as you are capable of finding whatโ€™s below the belly button of a lady.

ย  ย  Think of something that could disrupt your intimate time with a good-looking pussy, pubic hair yeah, how annoying can that be. Well, thatโ€™s the same feeling youโ€™ll get realizing that just before you get to settle your curiosity about escorts from this site youโ€™ll come across an ad. So annoying.

ย  ย  Now that the ad is out of the way, we get to view the escorts without hassle. There are lots of escort profile thumbnails, and there is even a load more button right when you exhaust the ones youโ€™ve seen. The bottom of the page holds nothing but ads.

ย  ย  Now onto the tea, the profile thumbnails of these escorts display their location, contact number, and last seen. Clicking on any thumbnail takes you to the profile of that escort where you get to see information about the escort. Unfortunately, escorts here do not have a detailed profile. You only get to see a little bio, their age, location, and contact information.

Escort Wages

ย  ย  Every escort deserves a tip but seems like the escorts here donโ€™t want one because why else would they not include price rates on their profiles? I have dragged my cock around looking for an escort profile which price rates, but have found none. Nevertheless, there is good news as we can judge the price rate of escorts here using other escort sites in this region.

ย  ย  The average price rate of escort here should be around $100 per hour. Quite fair if you ask me.

What I Think of

ย  ย  If you are the type who lacks patience, you might just pass by this site like you would bypass the navel from the boobs to get to the pussy. Escort profiles here are of good quality but their profiles are not well detailed.

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