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โœ“ Navigation Is Easy
โœ˜ There Is No Language option

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#1. SuperAcompanhantes Alternative

ย  ย literally means super escorts, but I guess it doesn’t include these girls having muscles and looking all manly. It would be so absurd to have manly-looking escorts ride cock like it’s no man’s business. I want to believe it just means that they are beyond superb. is a Brazilian escort site aimed at satisfying your viewing pleasure.

ย  ย  Missing a sentence or even a word from this review might be disastrous because you’ll be missing something super. Stay focused, and learn a thing or more.

Super Home

ย  ย  Since these girls are super, calling the home where they might likely abide super isn’t a bad idea. I hope not to be surprised by superpowers, though. The homepage of is designed with white and purple colors, and this makes it look calm yet alluring. This homepage doesn’t seem busy, and it’s just perfect.

ย  ย  At the top of the page, you can choose from different escort categories, such as male, female, and trans, and there is a filter option to filter escorts based on personal preferences. You can also choose to log in if you’re an existing user or create an account if you wish to. A search bar can be found below. Feel free to use it to search for escorts in any location.

ย  ย  Scroll further, and you’ll find a list of the most accessed cities and different states where you can get these escorts. When you click on the cities, you’ll immediately see the profile thumbnails of escorts, but when you choose to use the long route by going through the states first, it would seem like you’re about to cross seven seas and mountains.

ย  ย  What you see next is just the management of bragging about how perfect the site is and giving you reasons as to why you should be a client, such as that they have the best escorts. They are such proud people. Well, you are in a place to decide whether or not this site is good and has some of the best escorts in Brazil.

Super Girls

ย  ย  Navigating these super escort girls might prove to be a little difficult because of where they are situated, but trust me, it gets better. Go through the list of the most accessed cities. If you find one that resonates with you, then click on it. This action will take you to a page that has profile thumbnails of the escorts, and you can continue from there.

ย  ย  If you do not find a city of your choice there, then you’ll have to cross the Seven Seas to view these escorts. First, click on any of the states; doing this takes you to a page containing a long list of various cities with the number of escorts in them attached to the side. Find yours, click on it, and there you have it, your super girls.

ย  ย  The thumbnails of these escorts’ profiles include an escort’s name, age, gender, location, price rate, and a concise write-up. All these are accompanied by an erotic photo of the escort. Let’s take a bold step and move to the profile pages of these girls. Personally, big booties do the magic for me, so I’ll be choosing a bootilicious baby girl.

ย  ย  There is an introduction to the escort, and it is finely written. What follows this is the information the escorts. Details like her age, city, weight, hair and eye color, ethnicity, etc., and their price rates are also attached, alongside the services the escort renders. Oh, and yes, a good show of the escorts’ photos.

Are The Super Girls Real?

ย  ย  It might sound offensive to question the authenticity of these super girls, but I guess with recent happenings, like escorts turning out to be scammers, etc., it is only right that this be looked at to reduce victimization. Look around for something fishy about these girls. If you find one, then no problem, but if you don’t, make sure to spread the gospel of

ย  ย  First, at the bottom of the page, you’ll find a statement saying that all models have consented to be 18 years of age. This means that you’ve got nothing to worry about concerning legality. It also means that these escorts must have gone through other verification stages to prove their authenticity, not just their age.

ย  ย  On the profile pages of these girls, where you have their introduction, what looks like a menu button holds the different grounds on which you should report an escort if they are found wanting, such as wrong information, abusive, inactive, fraudulent, and others. This should prevent these escorts from running wild.

Rate The Super Girls

ย  ย  You can rate these girls by greasing their palms; just make sure to do it respectfully. Now, let’s find out who needs to be spoilt with the finest luxury.

ย  ย  Erica Novak is a big, booty 28-year-old blonde escort with brown eyes. She’s got a banging body, and she charges $29 for her services. Erica offers lots of services. She’s in for outcalls and even does overnights.

ย  ย  Meanwhile, since escort rates differ not just on this site but in the region, let’s check out other rates. On the low end, you’ll find rates as low as $40 per hour, and on the average end, rates are bound to be around $100. On the high end, you’ll find rates between $150 and $200.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  Luxury for less, that’s what I’ll tag So, I recommend it.

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