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โœ“ Adult dating & classified services
โœ“ Escort services & call girl ads
โœ“ 100% genuine profiles
โœ“ Different regions in India
โœ˜ No visible profiles
โœ˜ Same pictures in every region
โœ˜ Incomplete contacts

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#1. SysqoIndia Alternative

ย  ย  After so much sojourning, I think letting your hair down in one of the many cities in India is the perfect ending to your numerous movements. Being that the country is ever vibrant and beautiful, the people ever sweet and receptive, there is no going wrong with them when it comes to having a great relaxing moment.

ย  ย  As a visitor, there is of course a guarantee that there will be escorts and call girls in specific locations in whatever region you find yourself in India. There is also a wide range of services these lots will offer as well. If you need sensual massages, a girlfriend for different reasons, or you have particular sexual fantasies that need to be met, itโ€™s all available at the tip of your fingers.

ย  ย  On that note, a platform like comes to mind. They boast about being a trusted site for real escort services and independent call girl ads. They provide VIP escort services, erotic services and aim to satisfy all your sexual desires. Whether or not they are credible would depend on the succeeding subheadings. So, hang in there for the life of your boner. Here's my Sysqoindia review.

Are Escorts Ever Really Quiet About Their Rates?

ย  ย  Well, maybe online, but never in reality. However, the escorts on Sysqoindia don't even have profile pages and so they don't state their rates which is not at all surprising for a site that looks like half the reason for everything wrong in the world. So here's what escorts in India charge on average: 10,000 INR/ 120 USD. That's really on average, and the escorts here look like they'll charge way less than this.

How Accessible Is Sysqoindia?

ย  ย  Sysqoindia is indeed pretty accessible. There are no incessant pop ups or ads when you arrive at the homepage of this website. The layout of the site is quite simple and welcoming, if I might add. Just after the welcome heading, you will find written in text a brief description of the site and what they offer to their visitors. This will familiarize you with what to expect from the platform.

ย  ย  Right after that is a list of Indian cities in grid format. Itโ€™s probably not all the cities, but just about enough. You might be in any one of them, or be situated somewhere close to any of them. These listed locations should lead you to a host of profiles or some guide to where and how you can cop these services for yourself.

ย  ย  Below these locations listed, the site owners were keen enough to suggest another platform where you can find sexy videos. This suggestion comes with a direct link to the website where sexy videos are supposedly posted.

Can We Bank Our Boners On This?

ย  ย  From the Sysqoindia homepage, there is no doubt the show runners give you no reason to doubt their capabilities and delivery range for whatever services it is you may be in need of. They promise real escort services and call girl ads with 100% genuine profiles as well. Now, where I find a bit of a pickle is when I click on any of the listed locations on the homepage.

ย  ย  Naturally, I would expect a long list of profiles containing contact details of escorts and call girls to pick from. But this is not the case. What I find is pictures of call girls, their names, incomplete call numbers, and an overbearingly long article on what services are available in said region, how to contact them (without any active link or icons), and the categories of services available.

ย  ย  This is what basically shows up on every location you click on the site. The same pictures, names, numbers, and the same long write up. It evidently does not look good. Not sure what the show runners of this site are playing at, but it quite looks like a dead end from all angles. They might have to wrap it up and move on with their lives, because this is not it.

What About The Suggested Sexy Videos Website?

ย  ย  Well, to be honest, I thought that would have been a saving grace as well, considering the rest of the show has gone to shit. But it seems there is no limit to how much one can be let down. You think you have found a low, but it only gets lower. The suggested video link does carry an alluring name, but that too is deceiving.

ย  ย  Upon clicking the link, the page that opens is just as bland. Like seriously, if I was looking for a guide on how download videos from YouTube or Instagram, I would not have to come all the way to a fucking escort site now, would I? But these blokes seem to think they are doing a noble duty of spelling out word for word how you can download any regular video from your everyday video applications.

ย  ย  So, there are in fact, no sexy videos on the other side of that suggested link on the websiteโ€™s homepage. Might as well just visit your favorite porn sites and jack off to the contents you find on there. This endeavor could very well be an absolute waste of your time.

What I Think About Sysqoindia

ย  ย  There are no good words to put out there for this platform. So much is wrong with it that you hardly notice it from the onset. All it really has to its name is that fact that there are no incessant pop up ads on the homepage. But even at that, the expected erotic ads and profiles are still nowhere to be found.

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