Szexkapcsolat Review

Quality escorts
Has trans, BDSM, male and female escorts
Has many search filters for your specific needs
Has a simplistic and clean design
Very easy and intuitive to use
The site has a lot of ads
Site is only available in Hungarian
Google translate works unreliably

Score 70/100





Quality Of Escorts


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#1. Szexkapcsolat Alternative

    I kept staring at this name much longer than I should have. I don’t know why but it does give me sex-related website vibes. It’s probably because I have a particularly dirty mind, so whenever a word has all the three letters in ‘Sex’, I'm going to think it is sex-related. Of course, people like you and I can’t think of doing anything else except think of nude women deepthroating us will we put our hands on their throats and feel it, no matter where we go. That dirty habit of ours is even harder to control when you’re talking about the ravenous Hungarian escorts!

    So, if you plan to stay in Hungary, whatever your agenda is I don’t care. If you’re interested in manifesting your fantasy fucks then keep on reading! I’m about to tell you about a Hungarian escort site that could help you in having the fuck of your life! Here’s my review.

Gotta Sex Up Szexkapcsolat. Or Screw it!

    Well, Szexkapcsolat is a bit confusing that way. It certainly has a few amazing features that’ll make you so grateful to Szexkapcsolat that you’ll want to sex it up, but at the same time it has some annoying features that’ll make you quit in frustration saying, “Screw It!”
When you click on escort profile here you are redirected to the escort profile on webpage. Rosszlanyok is another Hungarian escort site. The annoying thing about this is that Rosszlanyok escorts do not list the rates along with the services they offer. To find out about the services you have to message the escort and negotiate with her. Imagine how frustrating this will be, you having to waste time talking rates with your dick throbbing in your pants ready to fuck at a moment’s notice. The sheer agony from this can be a major turn-off.

    The rates of escorts found through this website at Rosszlanyok range from USD100 to 150 per hour of company. Not Bad I'd say!

Sexy And They Know It

    One thing about this site is that it’s essentially just a site with extra search filters and an easier-to-navigate design which has partnered up with, another Hungarian escort site. So, when you click on the ads on this site, you’re redirected to the escort profile on Rosszlanyok’s webpage. So, you should also check out our review. There I have reviewed rosszlanyok’s website in greater detail.

    The best thing about this site is that it has a much cleaner and classier website design. Rosszlanyok has an extremely cluttered website design that makes it hard to concentrate. The site has very simple and intuitive features too. When you land on the home page of this website after verifying that you’re over 18, you’ll find that there are multiple types of escorts you can book. There are search filters for Female Escorts, Massage Girls, Dominas, Couples, Boys, Trans escorts, and erotic massages. Just click on whichever type of escort you’re looking for and you’ll find all the ad search results. Just book whichever escort turns you on the most!

    You’ll also find other Pull-down menus based on Cities, Age, Height, Weight, Name (in alphabetical order), and the services she loves to do. Now I might be wrong because google translates failed to translate a few words, so I searched what the words meant in English. So don’t blame me, blame the internet. But even if you don’t understand the Hungarian words, looking at the pull-down options, you’ll not find it that hard to understand what it’s about.

      You can also click on a few checkboxes to further refine your search results. The options are Now he gets it (I’m just as confused as you are about this), Face, Now Online, and SOS Blowjob. These options are a lot more confusing so I suggest you don’t use them unless you know what you’re doing.

     You can find some truly amazing escorts on Rosszlanyok, and now with the search filters at Szexkapcsolat you can find one even faster! Without this site, combing through the massive number of ad listings at rosszlanyok and its cluttered website to find a decent escort would be borderline torture.

     The site is originally in Hungarian but google translate does a decent enough job. You should still be able to navigate the site without much trouble.

     Escort Quality on Rosszlanyok is above average and many of its flaws are solved by Szexkapcsolat. I’ll still recommend you to read the review for Rosszlanyok, there’s a lot more you should know!

Have Solo Sex Instead

     Despite its useful features, Szexkapcsolat has a few qualities I could sure live without. The site design is simple enough, but the default language is Hungarian and that makes it hard as there is no other language that you can view this site in. There is the option to use google translate but that has a high error rate. There are also a few texts that do not get translated and can be tough to figure out.

    This site also has a ton of large image-based ads going down the right-hand side of the website. Luckily, they aren’t spamming you and aren’t obtrusive, but they are still plenty annoying.

    I would say that the site does has amazing utility, but you’ll have to put up with the ads and the translation issues. No way around it.

What I Think of Szexkapcsolat

     My thoughts on this website are that it’s an amazing tool for you to find an escort unique to your needs and requirements. I’d still reiterate and ask you to read the review for Rosszlanyok to find out if that website suits you too. If you like what you see, then using this site will definitely be a lifesaver. The pros of this site are much greater than its flaws making it at least worth a shot.

    So, what are you waiting for? Go check out!

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