TacosAltos Review

โœ“ Free with no registration required
โœ“ Has quality escorts
โœ“ Easy to use site
โœ˜ Flashy ads are very distracting
โœ˜ Escorts not verified
โœ˜ Escort profiles are lacking in detail

Score 68/100





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#1. TacosAltos Alternative


ย  ย  ย When the heavenly hosts were handing out Spanish speaking and listening skills, I was busy asking them the kind of lube they prefer wanking to! No wonder then that I canโ€™t speak Spanish to save my life and think that TacosAltos stands for salty tacos or something like that!

ย  ย  TacoSaltos.com is an escort site Argentina with enough escorts to make your woody so happy it will put you in its will! There are no alternate language options in place, but there sure are enough ardently-shaved, sweet-tasting, tender-cooked, sinfully-soft, and cum-questing cunts to get you sleeplessly wondering if you better be moving to Argentina by the end of the week!

ย  ย  Anyway, enough of the hyperbole. Tune in to my TacosAltos review and see if you have been eating enough salty tacos to qualify for a vacation on a mountain of good pussies!

A Fuckful Of Escort Tacos

ย  ย  TacosAltos might well be a copy of BairesGirls.net, complete with the homepage design and the numerous flashing ads. I wouldnโ€™t be in the least surprised to learn that one old fucker owns the two sites for the sole purpose of getting his pick of prime Argentinian escort snatch!

ย  ย  Just like in Baires Girls, escorts on TacoAltos do not list their prices. Yeah, I never came across a price list for once, which leads me to conclude that I better schedule that eye exam I have been putting off for long!

ย  ย  Anyway, if the Latina snatch here interests you, they are liable to be plucked and eaten for cheap. Like a hundred dollars should get you at least an hour of fun with a good escort, or most probably 2-3 hours. Do bear in mind that this site is oriented towards Argentinians and people in that country do not earn as much as Americans. That means escort pussy is gonna be really cheap if you are coming from the US and have loads of smackeroos in your carry-on.

Plentiful Pussy Ads

ย  ย  There are less than 200 escort ads on Tacos Saltos. Whether they have salty pussies is what I leave you to find out for yourself!

ย  ย  Escort image thumbnails are small and come with a name and location. The category -for example, woman, massage, and mature- that the escort falls into is also listed on each image thumbnail.

ย  ย  When you click on any escort thumbnail you get welcomed to the profile page of the escort which usually has multiple hi-res images that can be browsed in slideshow format, plus contact details, a map that displays her location, and a very brief bio. Videos are occasionally available in escort profiles. Colored buttons on each profile permit one-click Whatsapp chatting and phone calls.

ย  ย  Thereโ€™s another button next to the Whatsapp and Phone buttons that's for reviews and user experiences. I was unable to make this work for me and couldnโ€™t read reviews left behind by clients, with only the number of favorable ratings being in evidence. You can leave reviews and for that, you just need to input a site username or number, plus an email.

ย  ย  I liked the look of Paola, a 37-year old lady in very excellent shape who could easily pass for a babe a decade younger. Her ass is a curvy peach that has never been properly bitten into and she has the kind of long legs and sleek skin that begets madness in onlookers! This brunette works from Monday to Saturday, lives in Villa Urquiza and offers what she calls therapeutic massages. I guess you can go to her whenever your prostrate needs intense therapy and you need to put your woody through an intense workout!

ย  ย  If you are not too busy then put your hands together for Flopi. Sheโ€™s a thin 23-year old who looks 15 and describes herself as a fiery goddess whoโ€™s all curves. Flopi performs full service, will nearly kiss and pamper you to death and lives near Congress. Yeah, that is the Argentinean Congress, but if you are fantasizing about fornicating with her in the halls of the national congress of Argentina, perish the thought right now!

ย  ย  Then thereโ€™s Marianela and she has images plus a couple of videos on her profile page. This babe is plump, thick, and blessed with bountiful tits and ass. Sheโ€™s also 40-years old, fluent in both English and Spanish, works from Monday to Saturday, and calls Palermo home. Marianela is a masseuse and I would love to massage her fat ass before I slip my fat dick into whatever hole has the pinkest tint to it!

ย  ย  Now, letโ€™s get down to business. Escort quality on this escort site Argentina is slightly above average. These girls are all pros and it shows. Spam and repeat profiles are not in evidence and escort profiles while media-rich are lacking in detail.

You And Slutty Tacos!

ย  ย  TacoSaltos.com has a good-looking and reasonably colorful homepage that is filled with all manner of flashing, pesky and distracting ads. Escort image thumbnails divided into sections are on the homepage and there are search bars at the top of the page to let you search for escorts by name and location.

ย  ย  ย The homepage menu is arranged vertically at the extreme left of the page and mostly provides content sorting options. These options enable one-click access to mature escorts, video/cam escorts, fantasy escorts, masseurs, trans escorts, mature escorts, and the like. There were 6 trans escorts on the site the last time I visited and all have boners you can fuck a T-Rex with!

ย  ย  Site design here gets a pass mark at the best and site features are average.

What I Think of TacosAltos

ย  ย  For an Argentinian escort site, I would say that TacosAltos does well for itself. But I doubt it can compete in the global space unless the site admins clean up their act and put together a site that doesnโ€™t make you feel like you are marinating your eyeballs in cayenne pepper and begging for an epileptic seizure….. Would recommend this escort Argentina site, but stillโ€ฆ

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