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โœ“ Legible fonts
โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ“ Lots of filtering options
โœ“ A good number of escorts
โœ˜ Site is overwhelmingly filled with texts
โœ˜ Fake escort profiles

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ย  ย  Ever felt cum drip down, through your pants and your dick pops up so hard that everything becomes so freaky crazy at that moment? Yeah! Just your eyes on a freaky, great ass of an Indian slut, I bet you could spark up such an irresistible sensation. If you've been a pervert like myself, I mean pussy-hungry jerk all your life, you'll agree with me that boners feel all so lust at the sight of a tight meaty booty with sexy tits.

ย  ย  The Tanuberoi.com escort site parades a good number of classy assets. A flood of asses that are crafted so well by the gods who created cunts and ass so much that just the sight of them leaves your dick salivating all day. Believe me! Indians are naturally hot with tight pussies and fat curvy asses. I know they get covered in all those large clothes that look like curtains. But then, I mean these chicks are those your boner wouldn't say a no to. Sluts here could give you multiple sensations, while your dick head spills out cums owing to their sensual responses (i have wondered severally how these Indian Bhabhis moan, LOL).

ย  ย  Well, I don't know if you've ever had the desire of fucking an Indian slut, just how do you want it though? I mean sliding your dick deep into her tight pussy hole while she lies there just so helplessly without even giving a sexy pose and probably mumbling some chants through her lips, hah! So today, Iโ€™ll be writing a Tanuoberoi review. I must say this is a site for just the lustful boner who desires nothing but a deep sensual pussy fuck that sparks up multiple cums and erotic feelings. So hey! Thinking of giving your wild fantasies something to explore in the oh so spiritual India? Then strap my review to your boner.

What These Lovelies Are Made Of

ย  ย  Escorts here are just what I think perfectly describes classy assets. Right from their perfect shaped butt, sexy asses, tight pussies and the likes. They have a wide range of varieties, I mean pussies that hit just so differently. From the young sexy asses even to the more mature asses. A number of skinny, light skinned and chubby babes flood the site. That's why you need to be pussy specific once you are here. I've always said, if there were to be a game, the escorts here would win.

ย  ย  Still running my dick down the site, I couldn't help but cut short my scroll as my eyes hit a perfectly crafted ass. Oh! hitting it, it was Kavita Singh, a pretty charming 41 year old. I couldn't help but caress my gadget as I just couldn't take the lashes of my lust anymore. She's just a perfect slut. Like naturally endowed with what would give the pussy hungry soul a lifting. Her going rate is seen to be 6000RS/hour which is about 73 USD, 8000 RS/ 2 hours, about 102 USD and 15000 RS/6 hours equivalent to 193 USD. Way too cheap right? Yeah! Her services include, a 69, an oral, bathroom sex, an anal, the list is just so endless.

ย  ย  What about the light skinned Payal Kumani, a 28 years old, stunning and sexy. One that could give your erotic self a soothing relief. She's just so skilled in the art. This babe is just so hot I must confess. Her ass just hits so differently. Like sleek, classy, creamy even with exotic views. One that could leave your dick begging to have just a bite of her meaty pussy. The going rate for this slut matches almost with the former. She accepts about 6000 RS/hour which is about 73 usd, 8000 RS/ m2 hours, about 102 USD and 15000 RS/6 hours equivalent to 193 USD. She offers erotic services such as a mouth to mouth kissing, a blowjob with and without a condom, a nerdy 69 that'll and even more.

ย  ย  I don't know, but most times I'm tempted to think the sluts here were just created and crafted just to quench the ever hungry pussy seeking dick. Like arousing your cunt is just so simple for them.

ย  ย  That's just what it is. I'll say if you visit Manali, India, this would be just a perfect fit for your boner to get a relief. You really can't get this elsewhere!

Just As Perfect As Perfect Itself

ย  ย  Keying in the site's URL, I mean Tanuoberoi.com into your browser brings up a near-perfect homepage with impressive features. The escort site makes it just so easy to navigate through the featured options. It also has legible fonts, and an option to filter out unnecessary content which doesn't appeal to you.

ย  ย  The first time I got myself to slide into this escort site, I could feel my dick jerk deep inside my pants. Oh yeah! The site loads with a wild but sensual fuck video at the top of the homepage so you wouldn't blame me. The whole set up got my dick so hard as I glanced through the hot sluts that flooded the whole page. I wouldn't be mistaken if I should say these pussies got my boners dancing the samba in my panties. Thanks to the chubby, creamy sexy asses, tight pussies and even the soft but pointed nipples of the Indian lovelies on this site. Just the perfect sight for every pervert to behold. The escorts here are just so skilled in the art triggering multiple orgasms from the sex hungry fellas. I must confess here too, fucking this asses feels just so good as the bend over giving a pose to thrust.

ย  ย  Imagine getting your whole body licked down, deep-throating your dick as she drifts down there. Feels just so crazy right? The right sensation could only be gotten from sluts that know just how to do it.

What I Think About Tanuoberoi

ย  ย  This site is obviously fronted by some agency that doesnโ€™t have the girls they use in the pictures here. I noticed the WhatsApp contact is the same for all the escorts presented on this site and thatโ€™s just really fishy. Will you find a pussy to plow here? Definitely! But will it be what you hoped for? I canโ€™t guarantee you that. Plant your boner elsewhere unless youโ€™re prepared to fight the third world war with your testicles because chances are your dick could be running down some overgrown bushy pussy tunnel in India if you stick to doing your cunt hunt on this site.

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