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โœ“ Free to use
โœ“ Very large and active forum
โœ“ Impressive selection of escorts in Toronto
โœ“ Diverse range of forum topics
โœ˜ Ad's
โœ˜ Can be overwhelming to use

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#1. Terb Alternative


Welcome, all! We are gathered here today for the all-important cumming purpose of finding out if the escorts in Canada are as loving and pussy-blessed as some say they are. Ever banged a Canadian escort? Did your cock fall off and germinate or what? Or did her pussy and/or asshole prove to be the direct entryway to heaven you have been looking for all your life? Better speak up now or forever hold your silence!

Now, on to business! The escort site I will be putting under a microscope today is called Terb.CC. For sure it is not a catchy name and always seems to remind me of crabs. And the crabs I am talking about here are not those you eat at high-end restaurants, but those you unwittingly catch from skanky chicks who donโ€™t bath too often and think their pussy is an impeccable laundromat that never needs cleaning!

Anyway, hereโ€™s my Terb review. Read and prosper o ye mighty wanker of valor!

Paying For Heaven!

Hope you know that going to heaven is supposed to be free. Well, the escorts on Terb clearly havenโ€™t gotten the memo and can charge you a pretty penny for wanting to hit them between the legs with your woody and rough up their cervix something awful!

Prices for services rendered vary widely at this escort Canada site. Isabella Divine for example charges 250 for a half-hour, 400 for an hour, 600 for 90 minutes, 700 for 2 hours, and 900 for 3 hours. All prices are in Canadian Dollars of course and using the current exchange rate can be rounded up to $197, $315, $472, $551, and $709 respectively. Well, thatโ€™s very steep. But then, Isabella here is a pretty high-end escort, with the body of a goddess that just returned from a trip to her favorite plastic surgeon and that could explain why she charges an arm and a leg.

Skye on the other hand apparently understands that your cock needs somewhere wet, tight, and cheap to rest its aching head in! This baby-faced Toronto escort with the immensely soft bubble butt charges 160 CAD for a half-hour, 250 CAD for an hour, 400 CAD for an hour and a half, and 500 CAD for two hours. Translated to American dollars her fees are $126, $197, $315, and $394 respectively. Thatโ€™s cheap for a chick who looks like she feeds on roses and nectar! I would easily pay double that to sleep with my head on her fat butt, before stuffing her with a woody so stiff sheโ€™s bound to be constipated for days!

Then thereโ€™s a MILF who calls herself Cougar Nikki. She has a big ass and big boobs and looks just like the chick you could spend a weekend with, shortly after you down a carton-worth of Viagra of course! Anyway, she charges 100 CAD for 15 minutes, 160 CAD for 30 minutes, 240 CAD for 45 minutes, 300 CAD for an hour, 500 CAD for 2 hours, and 700 CAD for 3 hours. Thatโ€™s cheap.

Generally, escorts on this escort Canada site list their prices, but some do not and you are expected to call or email them first. The next thing to note here is that prices vary widely and are very competitive with what you can get back in the states. You can book chicks here for minutes, hours, and days and on average you can expect to spend from 250-350 CAD per hour, and ten times that if you want to run with a high-end escort Thatโ€™s fair enough.

Sweet Tidings Of Great Pussy Do I Bring!

Hey hey hey! I gotta say I am loving what this escorts Canada site is bringing to the table. That of course is chicks of all types and sizes, ranging from high-end ones that charge a liver and half your spleen for intimacy, to pretty normal ones that attach pretty reasonable rates to their cunts and assholes. In general, escorts on Terb com are quality and seem to know what they are doing. Their pictures are usually professionally taken and their profiles are most often detailed. But not all escort profiles here will come with images.

Talking about pictures, just about every Canadian escort here has multiple ones on her profile and these are big as brass and often worth wanking to. Better not do that though, unless you are willing to pay a wanking fee!

Now, escort profiles on this escorts Canada site are sorted according to geographical locales. You can click on the Greater Toronto Area link, the North York, Vaughan, and Richmond Hill link, the Downtown Toronto link, the Markham and Scarborough link, and the Mississauga, Airport, Brampton, Etobicoke, and Oakville link to get escorts working in these respective areas.

The biggest number of escort ads are found in the GTA area and these fill 43 pages, with the earliest being from late October 2019 and the latest on the first week of March this year. These ads are vertically arranged, showing the name of the escort concerned, when she last posted on the site, plus the number of people who viewed her posts and replied. Options at the far right of the page let you sort the kind of escort you want to see. Thereโ€™s also a search bar at the top of each escort profile list. I entered terms like Teen Escort, Asian Escort, Montreal Escort, and Black escorts and got nothing in return. I guess itโ€™s broken or got shit for brains!

I clicked on quite a few escort profiles. Some did make me hard enough to strain the strength of my boxers! One was Iris, a beautiful blonde with great tits and legs, whoโ€™s however not willing to show her face. Another is Ezra Avery, a rather beautiful lady with a bio you could fall in love with. Sheโ€™s 25-years old, 5โ€™9โ€, vegan, holds dual Italian and Canadian passports, and can travel to wherever you want for fellas who want a chick like her cumming on their face! Avery performs both incalls and outcalls and charges up to $5,000 for 24 hours of fun. For that money her cunt better be flowing with all the milk and honey in the world or I am pressing charges!

If you are after BBW chicks, might I suggest Ivy Rose Quinn. Sheโ€™s tattooed but has flawless skin, wears size 38DD bras, and is the owner of the kind of big fat booty it would be a blessing to be suffocated by! Ivy welcomes fellas of all ages, races, and backgrounds and is intent on providing the kind of girlfriend experiences that gets your cock pumping out jism like mad!

Now, escort profiles here vary in detail and quality, but an impressive number of these escort Canada profiles have professionally written bios that are a delight to read and digest. More, for security purposes, some escorts require a deposit before they can meet up. Also, there are some you canโ€™t book unless you have been referred to them by someone or something they trust. I donโ€™t blame them though for these sort of precautions because it is a crazy world out there.

Additionally, there are user reviews on some escort profiles. Like from fellas that sampled what these chicks were selling and have something to say about that. And lest I forget, escort profiles here all have contact details of some sort. This can be a phone number, email, or links to varied websites. There are also Previous and Next thread links on each profile that lets you browse from escort to escort without having to go back to the original vertically-arranged escort ad list. Nice!

Fucking Terb!

In case you havenโ€™t figured it out by now, Terb com is actually a forum site, rather than an escort site. Yeah, it is a forum, one that seems to be oriented towards the hiring and eventual drilling of escorts in Canada, which makes it the kind of forum I can sign up for!

Once you enter the site address you get a cool and stylish page that is very filled with flashing ads. A sign near the top of the page warns you to get the hell out if you are not at least 18 years old, with an Enter Forum button being positioned near the top of the page. Click on this to enter the site, which has a pretty big homepage. At the top right of this page are the Login and Registration tabs, plus a search bar, while the opposite corner has the Forum, What's New, and Members tabs. The latter two have pull-down menus that let you search for specific content, while registration is free, with only your email and a password being required.

Further down the page are threads devoted to forum rules, how-to guides, and discussions on stuff like religion, sports, politics, gaming, tech, finance, and others. Scroll down further and you get to links to porn review sites, dating sites, and cam sites, plus escort reviews, escort ads, and the like. Thereโ€™s a lot of stuff here for sure and loads of stuff to talk about, which will interest you whether you are Canadian or not.

Escort-ads here can be seen in the Independent Escort and Escort Agency threads and these are right on the homepage. You can easily click on any one of these, or on other threads devoted to escorts that offer all sorts of massages.

I would assess the site as having an impressive feature set, which is not all that surprising given that it is a forum. Spam is not commonplace, but there sure are a lot of ads.

What I Think of Terb

If you are in Canada it sure is going to be hard not to love Terb! If you are not in Canada, itโ€™s still going to be hard not to love the site and what it offers. Yes, itโ€™s cluttered and ad-filled, but cannot be beat given the range of escorts, massage therapists, and forum topics on hand here.

I sure am recommending this escorts Canada site and with every cumming power in my possession no less!

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