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โœ“ Erotic ads
โœ“ Hot, sexy Bulgarian escorts
โœ“ Well-detailed escort profiles
โœ“ All provinces available
โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ˜ Limited sexual preferences
โœ˜ Registration needed for certain features

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#1. TopEscort Alternative

ย  ย  One thing Bulgarian escort sites, they never have to beat around the bush. They know you are not just coming to look for a girlfriend for marriage on their platform. So, they go straight at it. From the top of the homepage, you will find it written โ€œEscorts for sexโ€. Because why not state it as it is? And then they go ahead and bless you with an almost unending list of ads with sexy, yummy escorts that promise a good time.

ย  ย  But then should you take their word for it and entrust your boners in this siteโ€™s hands? Well, websites such as claim to have you covered when it comes to your sexual needs. And like the name implies, โ€œtop escortsโ€ it seems that is what you will get. I would like to think most of these escorts are โ€œsuper topโ€, because they are ready to go all out with you. Just maybe you can slut them out for as long as you need to be satisfied. Itโ€™s the stuff of dreams- youโ€™ll feel so from the homepage. But just before dreaming, stay awake over my Topescorts review and finds out whether or not your Willy will be happy in the end if you do your cunt hunt here.

Topnotch From The Top

ย  ย  Thereโ€™s every reason why getting it right from the start is really worth it, and whereโ€™s best to begin than with what these goddesses of the hips and tits charge as their going rates. First off, I found it pretty impressive that the profiles here are arranged in the easiest to peruse manner and really detailed, so finding escortsโ€™ prices is not at all a hitch. Their rates are literally written in bolded fonts and larger too.

ย  ย  So thereโ€™s Anastasia Black who is an ebony with green eyes. I guess nothing tells the tale of a goddess on the screen any better than this. Green eyes staring into your lustful soul. Well, her rate is set at 300 BGN/ 166 USD for an hour. Now thatโ€™s impressive, especially considering sheโ€™s really a stunner on two sexy legs.

ย  ย  Then again thereโ€™s Sofia. Sheโ€™s 25 years of age and a seductively crafted walking pair of boobs and ass. Sofia also charges 300 BGN/ 166 USD for an hour.

ย  ย  Well, these rates are just as good as the beauties on Topescorts. I guess even Zeus would not mind blazing across the skies with his pants all the way down to his feet to see these walking feminine wonders.

Simple And Simply Topnotch

ย  ย  Make no mistake in the typing of this website name. The URL is Anything more or less could redirect you to someplace else. Once the page opens, the first pop up that shows is to allow cookies on the website, which would help improve your use of the site. The next one is to confirm you are of legal age to surf the site, which I presume is not in question. These are the only two things that will pop up on your screen when you open the site at first.

ย  ย  It's a simple website, not much on the design, though. As found on the site, there are over 1,800 ads of escorts for sex. And on the left side of the homepage, you will find a โ€œFiltersโ€ section, where you can filter out your search in a way that is particular to your interest. There are lots of options on which you can filter on, based on age, hair color, eye color, languages spoken, and even the kind of services you want. You can also specify what area you are searching for.

ย  ย  Right next to the filters, are a list of erotic ads carrying hot, sexy photos of the escorts being advertised. Attached to the ads are brief information that may interest you, like their exact locations, what they charge per hour, their age, the kind of sex services they offer, their working time and a brief preview of their bio description. To be honest, itโ€™s almost like everything you need to know about the escort is already there on the ad itself, without even clicking on them.

ย  ย  At the bottom of the homepage, you will find a list of all the provinces where you can find escorts in Bulgaria. All provinces are accounted for. So, it does not matter where you are in Bulgaria, you can never be in want, because surely you will find an escort nearest to you.

Very Very Verified

ย  ย  Clicking on any of the ads of your choice will lead you to a page containing more detailed information about your escort of interest. You will find more photos of them on the left before their detailed profiles. I did find that not all of them share the same charges, so as you scroll through, you will surely find a budget that suits you.

ย  ย  Most of the ads and profiles are recently updated, and the pictures are hundred percent verified. Below the photos and info details are further information as penned by the escort, more like a summary. I found this in most of the ads I opened, so you will most definitely come across them as well.

ย  ย  To be able to message any of the escorts, you will have to register on the site. But I discovered some of the escorts turn off this feature for their profiles. To each their own, I guess. Some also prefer being contacted via WhatsApp. One thing is certain, their contact numbers are always available. You can always copy it out and make the call.

ย  ย  One good feature, I should point out, is that you can report any irregularities you find on any profile or ads on the website. And that cuts across fake profiles and all that shit.

What I Think About Topescorts

ย  ย  Do take their word for it, these bitches are not here for games. You sweeten the pot, and they spread it open and give you all the honey you want, for however long you want it. Itโ€™s really that simple. The website does not interfere in your business. In the end, everybody goes home smiling. Most especially you, the guest, who just had an absolutely swell time. And they will do you good, because a second patronage is always whatโ€™s expected.

ย  ย  Topescorts is missing out one thing, and that is the sexual preferences. There are no gays, or transgenders that I could find from my brief moment on the site. So, those looking to try new things might be left wanting. Notwithstanding, I think itโ€™s a pretty good site. You need to register to message the escort of your choice, and in some cases that feature might not be available. But you can still copy out the number being provided and make the call.

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