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#1. TopEscort Nederland Alternative

For an escort site to be named Topescort, then the escorts that live within it have to be more of a VIP escort because the standards cannot be reduced. Anyway, I believe the site owner wasnโ€™t drunk when he named this site, so he must have had a good reason to name this site the way he did.

I sure am in for some top services from these top escorts. I want you to have the same experience, so relax and follow this review to the end.

Set The Dining, Iโ€™m Home

This home page had better look luxurious and cool because VIPs are not supposed to live in any other type of home, and my cock, too, is a VIP, and standards must not be reduced. Back to business, the homepage of this site has got to be palatable, with escort profile thumbnails looking like a ten over ten minus nothing, so letโ€™s go.

Bad news: the homepage doesnโ€™t look fancy at all; in fact, it looks jampacked, especially with the tons of third-party ads. Navigating the site might look tricky and hard, but itโ€™s not so bad. Several control buttons exist here, and they all have their purposes, just as your cock serves the purpose of relieving a distressed cunt.

There are different categories of escorts here, as well as a list of popular cities where you can find these escorts. You can also filter these escorts based on different things like services, verified, etc. There is also a list of escort services in the Netherlands, like strip chat, local sex, etc.

After you have checked out the features of the site, you canโ€™t help but notice the long escort advertisement at the center of the page, and just as I had imagined, most of these escorts are VIP escorts; they are of good quality, others too. At the end of the list is a load more button. The bottom of the page carries articles and then a long post of third-party ads.

Behold The Trophy

The VIP escorts deserve to be called a trophy because why not? No offense to the non-VIPs, though. Moving on, escort ads here are divided into two: VIP ads and premium ads. Both of these categories have escorts that will leave you wanking without realizing that your arms are hurting. They are all so sexy and hot.

So, VIP ads have some details on their thumbnails like name, location, gender, a brief bio, and their tags showing if they are independent, VIPs, or have a video on their profiles. Thereโ€™s also a good-looking photo of them on their thumbnails too. Meanwhile, the thumbnails of premium ads only have their name, gender, location, photo, and tags.

The profiles of these escorts are quite good; they are very detailed, and most of them have reviews to back them up. The dates the escort ads were created are included in their profiles, and there is a bit of them, contact details, rates, services, and then reviews for those with one. Escorts here also have a gallery containing their hot and erotic photos for your eyes to see.

Overall, escorts here are of good quality. At least they didnโ€™t let the standards drop, but an annoying thing here is just the third-party ads that are everywhere.

Are These Trophies Made Of Gold Or Dust

These escorts can be said to be real because of the reviews on their profiles. I mean, blokes keep complimenting and praising them, not all, but most of them, on how good, clean, and experienced they are and all that story. So, if you are scared of falling victim to the bad ones, you might want to go through escort reviews and take a stance on the ones you find fancy.

Are The Rates High?

Since this is no philanthropic site, there sure are rates for these society services. Escorts would surely love to be tipped after a tedious activity; I guess it serves as some kind of immune booster for them. Just to keep their immune systems active so they can keep delivering quality services, check out their profiles and see if they have any requests.

Meet Jane. Sheโ€™s a 25-year-old blonde with a natural body and excellent service. She offers a wide range of services and only accepts WhatsApp messages. She charges $183 per hour for calls and $215 for outcalls. For half an hour, she charges $140 for incalls and $215 for outcalls.

Anyways, judging by escort sites in the region, youโ€™ll find rates on average between $150 to $200 per hour. On the low end, youโ€™ll find rates below $100, and on the high side, youโ€™ll get rates from $250 and above. Extra service might attract fees, though.

What I Think Of

You know what they say: Donโ€™t judge a book by its cover. Take heed of it because if you had backed out, seeing how poor the homepage of this site is, you would have missed out on premium enjoyment. The homepage looked discouraging, but the escorts were encouraging.

Navigation here is cool, and the escorts are of good quality. They have a detailed profile, and rates are fair and much more. So, I recommend this site.

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