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โœ“ Great looking site
โœ“ Easy to use
โœ“ Tons of hoes available
โœ“ Review section available
โœ“ Clear profile description with contact details
โœ˜ Annoying ads

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#1. TopEscort Alternative

ย  ย  A day in the presumed birthplace of the goddess of love and you havenโ€™t blown your load at least thrice? Thatโ€™s a fucking travesty! Dude this place is bursting with loads of beautiful women ready to make all your wet dreams come true for just a bit of cash. You and I would be damned if you donโ€™t take advantage of it. Now by the time youโ€™re done with this, you should be well-armed to have a wet cunt gripping your cock so hard your mind would literally blow.

ย  ย  Iโ€™m going to share my opinion on an escort site here in Cyprus, Itโ€™s a site where you can find escorts who look like escorts, escorts who donโ€™t look like escorts, shemales, and lots of other stuff you can get into and out of, literally. Letโ€™s jump into this Review.

Pussy per hour, Money is the power

ย  ย  Straight up with ya, these hotties on Top escort got some vibes in them. Iโ€™m talking about the vibes you need in the darkroom as you hang the necks around your neck for a nice time. But more than that, theyโ€™re freaking affordableโ€ฆ well, that depends on the size of your pocket. You should be willing to shell out cash within the range of $200 to about $500 to get the best hour of your life, no jokes.

ย  ย  Letโ€™s take a look at Sacha, a 24-year-old bisexual ebony hottie. This bombshell will let you do all sorts of kinky shit to her for $250 an hour. All I can say is sheโ€™s got that voodoo in her (or her pussy to be precise). Felt like I was being milked by a heavenly being.

ย  ย  Ana in her early 20s is European and blond with the best arse for miles. Sheโ€™s hot and very willing to get into a lot of things. Iโ€™m not kidding, her service list is practically a mile long and sheโ€™s a pro at them too. With $200 you can have her to yourself for an hour.

ย  ย  Another thing I love about TopEscorts is the fact that depending on which view I choose, I see different things. With the list view, I can see the escortโ€™s name, age, location, and a short description of her. Trust me, this is great for deciding if a hoe is worth your time or not, some escorts cut to the chase and include their rates in their descriptions, which helps too. For the rest, you click on their profiles to see what their rates are.

Mediterranean Hotties

ย  ย  Women on this part of the planet should come with a warning that says: Too Hot To Handleโ€ฆ they literally are! I like to believe that Top Escort handpicked the top of the top because these hoes are hot enough to claim your soul just by the pictures on their profiles. Imagine what happens when you meet them in person. I tell you youโ€™re going to be begging for your life in a good way.

ย  ย  On the homepage, youโ€™d find escorts sorted by their categories and even popular cities. Youโ€™d also find thumbnails of the escort showing a picture, her name, age, city, and a brief description of herself. When you check out her profile, you then see her rates and all the things sheโ€™s willing to do to you, and the things sheโ€™d be okay with being done to her.

ย  ย lists the contacts of their escorts alongside any other social media platform via which they can be reached. Some escorts specify which ones they prefer but thereโ€™s usually always a call or text option. The site also verifies escort pictures so thatโ€™s a huge plus.

Ads and Tits

ย  ย  While there are loads of talking points, I canโ€™t help but notice some signs that just piss the shit out of meโ€ฆ Iโ€™m sure youโ€™d understand. There are annoying ads flocking the streets of Theyโ€™ve got banner ads up in there flashing right at you and some redirection ads that take you to God knows where! Ugh!

ย  ย  Another thing I find annoying are the escorts, sure they look nice and amazing but I canโ€™t help but notice the same profiles on other reliable escort sites. Ultimate red flag right there my friend.

What I think about

ย  ย is a good-looking website haha, but thatโ€™s all I can say about it. Especially when the contents are aggregated from a more reliable escort site in Cyprus. So what do I think about it? I think you are better off slotting your shaft on a more reliable escort site to avoid stories.

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