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โœ“ No ad's
โœ“ Good site design
โœ“ Lots of detailed escort profiles
โœ“ Easy to use
โœ˜ Not free
โœ˜ Site features are lacking
โœ˜ Site design should be better optimized

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#1. Travesticomlocal Alternative

ย  ย  Been busy reading my escorts Brazil reviews? Well, this is like the 4th in the series and these sites all seem to have names that are certified by every dentist to get your mouth, teeth, and gums at war with each other!

ย  ย is the name and I am reviewing this today like the bad bitch I am. Better nicely drop that car key in your hand, sit down and read this review of mine, or you and I are gonna have problems this year!

Rating Pussy

ย  ย  I am a naturally suspicious person. But I donโ€™t think it is my paranoia talking when I tell you that Garotacomlocal and Travesticomlocal have enough resemblances to get me worried I might need to see my eye doctor afresh! The only real difference between the two is that instead of female escorts, every girl at Travesticomlocal has a dick and is a trans. Yeah, Travesti in Portuguese actually means transvestite.

ย  ย  Now, letโ€™s talk money. Or not. Before we start talking about what the trans escorts here charge for services rendered, I think I better mention that all these girls are equipped with the kind of massive truncheons that's guaranteed to kill an iron-skulled rhino. Where exactly are these girls getting these kinds of heavy artillery from, and what do they intend to do with them?

ย  ย  So, profiles in which rates are listed are the exception, not the norm here. Anyway, Sau Paulo resident Bruna Maia is the perfect example of what I was just talking about. Sheโ€™s a big-boned and rather beautiful trans with a cock that has to be at least 10 inches. Her chest is full and thereโ€™s enough meat on her backyard area to assure cuddles fit for the gods! Miss Maia is 24 years old and charges R$200 per hour for individuals and R$500 per hour for couples. That is $38 and $96 respectively.

ย  ย  Barbara Scrapenatt Amado, on the other hand, lives in San Jose Do Rio Preto and could pass for a MILF, except for that massive curved dick she totes around! She appears to charge R$150 per hour, which is just $19 USD at the current exchange rate.

ย  ย  Like I said before, rates are rarely seen on escort profiles in this trans escorts Brazil site. Still, in line with the usual, I would say you can pay less than $50 for an hour with most of the trans escorts featured here. And yes, that is cheap enough to make your eyes water and very much less than would be obtainable in America.

An Erotic Travesty

ย  ย  I think that and Garotacomlocal have an incestuous relationship. Or worse!

ย  ย  Just like on Garotacomlocal, escorts on Travesticomlocal can be sought and found on the homepage and are categorized by location. Rather than impersonal links, each category is marked by a sultry image thumbnail of a trans escort. If you fear cumming while checking out all these image thumbnails, you can opt to click a pull-down menu at the top right of the homepage and search for escorts by region.

ย  ย  Now, escort profile thumbnails in themselves are very nice looking. They are a perfect size, have a lot of color to them, and look good enough to eat. Featured on each are the image of the escort and her location. Some have video tags indicating that one or multiple videos can be found within.

ย  ย  Profiles are often very detailed, boasting contact information, info about the escort, and multiple oversized images. Comments are supported at the bottom of each escort page but donโ€™t bother with that if you are not logged in.

ย  ย  The trans escorts here are on the whole above average in quality. Most could easily pass for top-class models and all seem to have powerful bazookas swinging from their groin!

What A Looker!

ย  ย has a black background color, but all the same, looks less stylish and impressive when compared to Garotacomlocal. The website is a standard affair with little in the way of flash and dazzle.

ย  ย  There is a quartet of tabs at the left of the homepage and these let you advertise, enjoy a premium experience, or find particular cities and regions. Premium membership is of course not free and you can subscribe monthly, every 6 months, or yearly and pay via cash or Bitcoin. Plus thereโ€™s no evidence as to free membership here, which means you must cough up something to be regarded as a member, though there are loads of privileges members get to enjoy.

ย  ย  No search bar can be seen, and most of the homepage is taken up by image thumbnails advertising escorts in varied Brazilian cities, states, and towns. And lest I forget, Portuguese is the only language used in this trans escorts Brazil site, and site features are frankly below average. At least thereโ€™s no spam.

What I Think of Travesticomlocal

ย  ย  Travesticomlocal has its cons but delivers a potent impression overall.

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