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โœ“ Site loads fast and is easy to use
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โœ˜ Ad's
โœ˜ Very boring and dated site design
โœ˜ Not that many trans escort ads
โœ˜ Not that many supported countries

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Just in case you happen to be unaware, TS is shorthand for trans. Yeah, it refers to babes that usually have a rather impressive rack, plus a rather impressive anaconda that could get a mama elephant wailing as if struck with a spear! It might just be me, but most trans babes appear to have cocks that are bigger than normal and the sight of this gets me jealous and horny to no end!

So, there are loads of trans porn around, as well as sites on which trans escorts are free to advertise their cumming services. TSEscorts.com is one such site and focuses on shemales and trans escorts who need a man in their life to spread their asscheeks apart and teach their asshole some new tricks!

Hereโ€™s my TSEscorts com review. Read it, hold your woody and wish it was bigger!

Trans Escorts Take Over The World!

A single minute is all it takes to convince you that there are trans escorts from all over the galaxy on TSEscorts who have for years been plotting to get their hands on you and perform cumming deliverances of the sort you have never been exposed to! Just about every continent is covered here and there appears to be little limits to what these escorts can do and will do to paying clientele that wants to be shocked, fucked, and pounded out of their senses! Now, letโ€™s go see what these babes charge for a roll in the hay.

Nini Cockz is a trans escort in Pennsylvania who has a 10-inch cock, great ass, sweet legs, and boobs I would gladly pay 6 figures to see recreated on the chest of my significant other! Sheโ€™s an ebony-skinned VIP escort who fucks all races and charges $200 an hour for incalls and double that for outcalls.

Kate is in the same location and is a shemale with a rather fat ass who can shove her whole hand into her asshole. Congrats to her! This lass does incalls only, is amenable to sending you video evidence that she is who she says she is, and charges $200 per hour.

Samantha also lives in Pennsylvania and is a Puerto Rican chick with fair skin and long legs. Sheโ€™s 24-years old, slim, fucks men, couples, and groups alike, and charges $300 an hour for incalls. Outcalls are $450 an hour.

Apart from ogling the escorts in Pennsylvania, I also checked out those in other areas. I would say the average going rate for shemales in the US is $300 an hour. This applies to both the normal and VIP grade of trans escorts and is more than I thought it would be, especially considering that you can easily pay like $150-$200 to female escorts around your area and put your boner into an actual pussy. Oh well!

Shemale Games

So, there are two kinds of shemale escorts on TSEscorts. The first are VIPs, while the second are the normal kind. I am not all that sure as to what exactly differentiates these two kinds of escorts. Anyway, escorts here, VIP or not all have verified images. So while there are not all that many escorts on the site you can at least be sure that the escort whose images you are currently ogling actually has a more than passing resemblance to these images.

Like I said before, TSEscorts hosts trans escort ads from all over the planet. US trans escort ads dominate though, with US cities and states being the first thing you sight on the homepage.

Let me go with San Diego, CA from the homepage list and tell you all about the typical trans escort profile on this trans-filled site! So, when you click on any city, you get a page that is filled with VIP trans escorts ads at the top and non-VIP escorts on the other portion of the page. It is easy to know which are and which are not VIP escort ads because VIP escort ads are all labeled as such and are also like four times the size of the normal kind of escort ads.

Escort ad thumbnails here all have an image, with the name of the escort, her age, and location being stated. The time each particular ad was uploaded is also shown, but not always. Tabs at the top of each city page let you change the site language and your current location, plus let you post your own ads and login. Other options found beneath the VIP escort section lets you filter escorts by eye color, hair color, role, ethnicity, nationality, body size, languages spoken, services rendered, and whether they have or do not have a video in their profile. At the bottom of the city page is a text that pertains to the city of San Diego or whatever city page you are on and the kind of escorts to be found there.

Ready to have a look at trans escorts in San Diego? OK then, letโ€™s see what Rachel Diamond has to say for herself! Rachel here is an extremely pretty lady whoโ€™s also heavily tattooed. She has both images and a video on her profile and these images as always can be viewed in slideshow format. Sheโ€™s available all days of the week, has a cock thatโ€™s longer than any self-respecting Florida gator, gives massages, and offers discounts to both the military and students.

9 FF Ruth on the other hand has the sweetest looking bubble butt any girl has ever shaken with glee! Sheโ€™s curvy as sin, party-friendly, and can fist her ass, while being ready to cater to piss fetishes and use toys on both herself and her clients. This thicc Latina is open-minded, ever-horny, and looking for who to admit to the cumming paradise. Nice of her!

Then thereโ€™s Adrianna, a tall, thicc, and swell-looking babe with a dangling 7-inch anaconda she intends wounding someone with! She speaks both English and Spanish, has an Only Fans account, plus a short video on her profile that you can watch if you feel like jerking off the stress of the last few weeks!

Now, in general, trans escort profiles on the site are well-written and very informative. There is usually a short bio by the escort telling a little bit of herself and to the right of each profile is a long list of personal details like age, height, phone number, measurements, languages spoken, services rendered, and more. Apart from phone numbers, escorts here usually list their Flash ID, and if you are logged in you can easily add any escort profile to your list of favorites.

Escort quality seems to be slightly above average, but that could be because the sight of all the big cocks I have been seeing so far on the site got me shocked senseless!

A Shemale Escort A Day, Keeps An Apoplectic Boner Away!

Now, for an escort site TSEscorts is not half bad. It is colorless though, with white the homepage background color, and could be described as minimalistic.

The top left of the page hosts the site logo and at the middle can be found options to change the default site language and your current location. There are Feedback, Advertise, and Login tabs at the far right, with registration being free and speedy. Sure, being a member here grants you certain privileges, but you can wander around perfectly OK and have a great deal of fun without carrying a membership card.

A little way down from these tabs is a text that thanks you for visiting the site and tells you what it is all about. Opposite this is a shortlist of US cities and states and you can easily click any of these to see what escorts are in that locale. Scroll further down for an exhaustive list of every US state and city, followed by those in Canada and the rest of the world.

This list has the names of countries like Bahrain, Panama, Macau, and Lebanon, and seeing them can make a globe trotter feel like he just won the lottery! Actually though, some countries on this list have no featured escorts. Clicking on these countries will open a new tab to sites like TS-Dating, EscortsAffair, and Eros. If you are looking for countries with loads of shemale escorts on TSEscorts, the US, Philippines, and Thailand are what you need to focus on.

Generally, I would say the site is easy to use and intuitive. New trans escort ads are posted on the daily, and thereโ€™s little to no spam. The site design needs updating though and there are ads scattered on city pages that I found myself ignorantly clicking on, thinking they were genuine trans escort ads. Site features are average and more should be added to make the user experience more intuitive and enjoyable.

What I Think of TS Escorts

TSEscorts does a good job in most areas but could be so much better. My chief gripe is the very colorless and less-than-stylish site design, followed by the packing of the homepage with countries that actually feature no trans escorts.

Overall, I like it, but it can be so much better and sweeter and all thatโ€™s needed to make that happen is to bring a properly veined anaconda within spitting distance of the puckered assholes of the site admins!

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