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โœ“ Free
โœ“ Lots of escort profiles
โœ˜ So boring
โœ˜ Average quality escorts
โœ˜ Average site features
โœ˜ Crowded homepage design

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ย  ย  What I know about Spanish you could put on the head of a pin and still have enough space to build a condo with a golf course and a helicopter pad! That said, there's something erotic about Tus Amantes. It sounds like it could be Spanish for Big Testicles or something like that, right? All I know is that this escort Chile site has a name that I'm not comfortable yelling out in public.

ย  ย  So, here we are and I better dash out this TusAmantes.cl review before y'all start complaining of my laziness. Read and prosper, fellas!

O Sweet Rate

ย  ย  What kind of junk do you have and in what direction does your taste run? Regardless of what your answer might be, I'm highly sure you will see appealing stuff aplenty on TusAmantes. This site has trans, female escorts, gigolos, erotic masseurs, and more, which means it is highly positioned to make you happy regardless of the type of hole you like to stick your meat into!

ย  ย  Now, it's time to talk about escort Chile rates on this platform and that is the kind of talk your wallet likes hearing, right? There's a bit of a problem though in that escorts on this platform generally do not list their rates. What this means is that I'm forced to guess how much they charge and that's something I'm not always comfortable doing.

ย  ย  Still, I would say, you should expect to pay from $50 to $100 per hour for the escorts on TusAmantes. Of course, some will charge less, while others will charge more, but with $50 you should be guaranteed an hour's worth of hearty action that will deplete the entirety of your cum reservoirs.

ย  ย  $50 per hour is not much and is less than half the rate of almost every US escort on the market. As such, what you are getting is a bargain, so shut up and enjoy it!

Plain Escort Profiles

ย  ย  Impressive is not a word you can use to describe escort profiles on Tus Amantes, at least not if you don't want to be branded a liar! Profiles typically have a brief bio, multiple average quality images, and contact details. You can rate and report any profile, but there's no reason to do the latter unless the escort sat on your face in your dream and had a shat without your consent, or stole your money, picture, and stuff in real life!

ย  ย  Sorting options atop each main escort page permit filtering escorts by sex, location, and age. Tags can be found on the bottom of all pages too and these too have a sorting role.

ย  ย  Fancy a look into a few sample escort profiles? No problem then. One was of Camila, a tall and oval-faced trans escort with fake tits and an uncut cock that has to be thicker than my hand. She had just 4 photos on her profile and none showed her booty as much as I would have liked. This 27-year old slut says she's willing to fulfill any sexual fantasy you might have and wants nothing more than to please you in any way. Well, one way she could please me is by agreeing to exchange her cannon of a cock for my earthworm of a dick!

ย  ย  You don't like Camila? Then Suly is sure to impress. She is a 30-year old black woman with a booty even the Taliban would jerk off to, a thicc but toned body, and a very respectable pair of tits. Her bio mentions that she's both open-minded and crazy about sex and that's always an unbeatable combo!

ย  ย  Now, escort profile pages on this escorts Chile site simply do not impress, as I might have said a gazillion times before. They are average-looking and not as detailed as they should be and the escorts too are generally of average quality.

Set Up To Bore

ย  ย  In a world full of average escort sites, Tus Amantes does its best to stay average! The site follows familiar design elements and has a deep pink background color that does nothing good for it.

ย  ย  The tabs atop the page make it possible to check out your list of bookmarked escorts and modify your escort ad if you are an escort. Sufficient sorting options are made available, as is an option to adjust the number of escort profile thumbnails on the homepage.

ย  ย  Site features are firmly below average, while spam and ads are absent. But there are at least a lot of escort profiles from different Chilean cities featuring horny individuals eager to spread it and take it from cocks of every size! And by the way, Spanish is the only supported language here, which while disappointing for North Americans is as it should be.

What I Think of Tusamantes

ย  ย  With no flash, no bling, and no gimmick, Tus Amantes unsurprisingly gets more than a little boring after a few short minutes. Its sole redeeming feature has to be that there are loads of trans, male and female escorts here, possibly more than in other Chilean escort sites. Take that away though and it's very firmly average, with nothing in place to persuade folks to pay a second visit.

ย  ย  I would recommend visiting this site only if you've tried other escort sites in Chile and not found the perfect kind of asshole or cunt that your soul needs to fuck with!

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